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August 12, 2017 18:07

Your guiding a luminous sidewalk tile

Illuminated Pavement

Landscaping includes not only well-groomed flower beds and all the rules rassazhennye trees and shrubs, but also neatly paved garden paths.Moreover, your site lighting, hidden among the petunias ceiling, lights over the benches - they are also elements of landscaping.

In the garden sometimes you have to move around in the darkness, out of necessity, or if while walking suddenly turned off the light.When it is not visible to the eyes of even swipe the arm, does not cost anything to get off the track and trample favorite flowerbed, but promptly laid illuminated pavers saves you from wandering "blind".

the light of day it is quite common tile, well, maybe a little more brilliant than it should be in its roughness.And it was the glitter and glow sign there, almost imperceptible in the sun.But after sunset glow tracks becomes more intense, and in the darkness, each paving element generously shares gained for a day sunlight for about 8 hours.

course, most bright glow observed in the first hour

after dark.In general, the effectiveness of the luminous structure, which is made on the basis of luminescent tiles, is so great that there will be a short glow even after a five-second turn on a flashlight.

Illuminated tile goes out as a burned bulb

process of making a fluorescent tile is quite simple: it consists of two layers, obtained by semi-dry block-making, while the bottom - it's just a cement-sandy concrete and part of the top layer is presentluminous component.The luminescent substance permeates the upper decorative layer completely, sufficiently great depth, so there is no fear that after two or three rainy tile turns off, as happens when paint spraying with the same effect.

Lifetime luminous component phosphor estimated two hundred years, there is a tile, of which he is part, can fail long before that, however, it depends on the load on it.

Autumn, as expected, will be replaced in the winter, then thaw, and after start of spring thunderstorms with showers.But your stove will not cause any damage to frost or meter snow layer and its subsequent melting, no rain.Why, if we go to these tiles can be as much as necessary, without fear of abrasion of the luminous layer, which can make the water, but to wash the tracks, thereby ensuring even better them glow in the dark.By the way, about thunderstorms, accumulated in the air, static electricity may extend the period during which the luminous tiles will delight you with its soft glow, and 10 hours.

Paving, glowing in the dark - surprise guests detention

to put self-luminous tiles, no need to learn any special technology or hunt for the secrets of the masters.Sand bed and a rubber mallet, here's everything you need for a dense paving track.Do not be afraid to knock on the illuminated surface, the luminescent layer does not cleave even metal taps female heels, rubber mallet will not hurt him even more.

There is one rule: if paving slabs, glow in the dark, to be laid out some pattern - you first need to simply add the "mosaic" and highlight it in the dark flashlight.Only then, making sure that the pavement is laid as it should, you can proceed to compaction.Dimensions of tiles may be different, but thickness is rarely less than 4 and not more than 8 centimeters .

patterns are laid out not only the usual alternation and luminescent tiles, the variant of the acquisition of multi-colored paving.Intense pink glow, the base of green, blue, orange, yellow and red (the latter goes out faster than others colors) - all this beauty can turn into a track inexpressible beauty.

Imagine what a surprise it will be for the guests, which you purposely hold until nightfall fascinating conversation.The door opens, and under their feet lies the most genuine starry lights leading through the garden to the distant gate.And if we add the tiles interspersed with glowing stones and marble fragments (such variations also occur), in the dark, your garden will be the most romantic place in the universe.