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August 12, 2017 18:06

Green bathroom - think over design, a combination with other colors

Green bathroom
  • Influence of color on human
  • shades Variety
  • combination of green with other colors
  • Suitable styles
  • Spring and marine mood
  • Plumbing
  • Room Decorating
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Accessories
  • Tips

Green is well-suited for use in the interior of the bathroom.That green hues evoke the spring or summer, the coolness of the morning, and green leaves, their combination will give the bathroom a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.This room will always look fresh, even if outside the cold season.

Influence of color on human

Bathroom is most often associated with the place where you can relax, take a bath and relax after a hard day's work.Therefore, calm tones suitable for the creation of a suitable atmosphere, for example, the green color in a variety of its shades.

Green is a symbol of natural energy and positive emotions. Being in the room where the interior there are different shades of green, the person relaxes and calms.This color affects the nervous system is very positive, and even helps to relieve stress.

Dark green bathroom

The variety of shades

We used to use the word "green" for the many shades of this color, which in nature, there are many - this swamp, and lime, olive, emerald green, khaki, and many othersthis list could go on for very long.

Such a wide variety of colors will allow to combine several colors to create an interior that is who you want.

Moreover, it is not necessary to dwell on one shade, select a few, and they will all go perfectly, not only between themselves but also with other colors, giving the bathroom a harmonious and fresh look.

Green bathroom with patterns

combination of green with other colors

classic combination that is often found in the interior - it is a combination of green and white tones.This option is perfect for the bathroom, especially if you plan to install plumbing and white furniture.The color of the floor and ceiling in this case, too, is left white.

Green bathroom in combination with white

If the walls are made in white color, contrasting beautifully will look green paste.

White bathroom with a green insert

But not necessarily only use white color, you can choose other combination of options.For example, with silver, sand, dark brown, purple and other shades.

Green and purple bath

Black color is also used in the design of green bath.It should be a little bit.The combination of black (or other dark color) and green shades suggested to use only in the spacious bathroom.

Olive room with black

In general, this color is well adjusted to the different colors, so the interior in shades of green can be made to look like in the warm and cold options, depending on whether the combination will be done with any color.With these characteristics, this color can be used in a completely different design options.

Green and white bathroom

If the walls are made entirely in green, use plumbing and light shades of the furniture: because you can dilute the green and add contrasting accents.It will be interesting to look design in which all the walls are green, and one - white or vice versa.

Suitable styles

to bathroom looked not just a room with a set of furniture and accessories in shades of green, it is necessary to consider the basic idea or plan, from which you will push off during repairs.While using green as the core, you can create different styles depending on the preferences and fantasies.

If you close oriental theme, try using jade, olive and emerald shades.In combination with yellow or golden color, you can create a look of luxury and wealth, so common in the eastern countries.Accessories, decorated with stones and rhinestones or made in gold or bronze, perfectly complement the selected stylistic direction.

Turquoise bathroom with green
Olive bathroom
Bright green bathroom

In addition, green is perfect for creating a tropical atmosphere .In this case, you should use a combination of green with different shades of light yellow.To give a finished look to this style will help rattan accessories, wicker laundry basket and tropical potted plants.Going to the bathroom every time you will be immersed in the tropical world, reminiscent of summer.

For lovers of antiques fit vintage style , which has for privacy, comfort and memories.It would be appropriate all shades of green, and the interior can be supplemented with patterned furniture with carved legs, wrought iron lamps and chandeliers, which can be purchased at specialty stores.

Green with yellow bathroom
Green and yellow floral decorations bathroom
Bathroom - green tropics

Spring and marine mood

Pale green color reminiscent of early spring and uplifting.Floral motifs underlined spring notes in the bathroom.

Create a romantic atmosphere travel Sea very easily in the bathroom, while it will always cause only pleasant emotions and memories of an unforgettable holiday.

To create a marine style is to choose shades of aqua, combine them with a blue, green or blue.

Effectively will look like turquoise, and celadon, which can be supplemented with accessories, for example, shells, placing them on a shelf in the mirror or on the bath edge, round mirror, framed as a window or a steering wheel or view picturessea ​​and fish.

Turquoise bathroom
Green and turquoise bathroom
Bathroom in a marine style blue green


If there is a lot of green in the bathroom, you should choose the sanitary equipment is white, which is best combined with green hues, andin this case will not divert attention to himself.Generally, white sanitary ware is common in our country, and you will not have to spend a lot of time searching for a suitable option, as it can be when choosing plumbing unusual and rarely occurring colors.

When choosing a shower, it is best to opt for glass and transparent. This option, as opposed to a shower with frosted glass, it is best to fit the interior green.

Green bathroom with a glass shower

But if you want unusual solutions, try using a plumber is green, it is not necessary that the color is exactly the same one in which the walls are painted, you can choose any other color.For example, the original will look green bath.In this case, it is possible to make the focal point of the room, to attract attention.

Decorating rooms

For the walls, you can choose a solid color tile and mosaic, which gives the room a flickering effect, but laid it to be a bit more complicated.In addition to the tiles, you can use the wall panels, vinyl wallpaper, or even a combination of different materials.

not necessary to paint all the walls in one tone, you can make only one green wall, while the other paint in white or other neutral shade.This solution will give the room a very original and fresh look.

Green and brown tiled bathroom

floor can be tiled, glossy or matte, or, for example, use a heat-treated boards that perfectly withstand the high humidity in the bathroom.You can use a monochromatic design, and with bright elements, such as juicy bright green color.

ceiling can be painted with paint or use special tiles to the ceiling.In addition, no worse fit and suspended ceiling, which is not only able to last for a long time, but also protect you from sinking in when the neighbors above forgot to turn off the water.

Green bathroom with tension ceilings

Try to keep the walls darker shades than the floor and ceiling. best to paint the ceiling in the lightest tone.This is important, especially if the bathroom is small in size room as a darker color ceiling coating will visually put pressure on a person.

Green bathroom with a light floor


to greens did not look distorted when the light is to stop the choice on the light as close as possible to natural.For this fit the installation of small spotlights on the ceiling, and the sink can be placed additional sconces, which will be used if necessary.

Try to pick those fixtures that will fit in the interior of the selected style and its color scheme.For example, the ceiling design can be similar to the pattern on ceramic tile.But if the room and so overloaded with decor and different shades, it is necessary to use a more inconspicuous fixtures.

Green bathroom lighting

Depending on what colors predominate in the interior, warm or cold, you can choose the correct color of light, which, depending on the type of light bulbs, can be neutral, cold or warm.


Do not overload the extra bathroom furnishings, which will not only take up a lot of space, but also create the effect of disorder and chaos in the room.

is enough to make a list of the most needed items, such as a cabinet or a few shelves for cosmetics, dryer for towels, laundry baskets and clothes hangers.As designers emphasize, this list is a basic set of furniture for the bathroom.

Green and black bathroom

Effectively looks green furniture on a light background.It brings freshness to the interior and makes it special.

Green bathroom furniture

If the size of the room allows, do not be afraid to experiment with unusual things, such as a comfortable chair, bookcase with books and even a vintage chandelier.All these things only give the room a stylish and memorable look.


Green color is very versatile and create a fashionable bathroom in shades of green can be, and in the case where the neutral colors used in the painting.In this case, come to the aid accessories made in shades of green, such as curtains, towels, rugs, glasses for toothbrushes and so on.With a rich selection of options offered in stores, this is not so difficult.

If on the contrary, many have dominated green in the bathroom, choosing accessories do not necessarily have to buy towels, mats and other interior items are only shades of green.It is possible to use the color to be combined with good green.

Any flowers will decorate and refresh the interior. Try to put a vase on the floor with a bouquet or a small size at the sink, and may even set the shelf with the plants in the pots.All plants are usually green in color, and they are organically fit into the eco-friendly interior.

Do not forget about the mirror that you can pick up the tone of the main color in the bathroom or in the frame of a different color, which will emphasize the selected style.

Green bathroom with white towels
Green bathroom with fresh flowers
Green bathroom with yellow decor


If you decide to perform a bathroom in shades of green, is used with caution accessories and jewelry made of metal. Their large number may not look quite appropriate and destroy the freshness of green shades.

to visually increase the room, the green should be combined with light shades, and about dark colors, which can narrow the already small space, it is best to forget.

Green bathroom with metallic accessories

too dark swamp colors, especially in large quantities, can be perceived as a manifestation of mold or mildew, and generally produce a negative and depressing.It is therefore recommended to precision approach such shades.

To make the bathroom unusual, you can use this one option - to make the insertion of bright and juicy green color on the walls, and above the sink or bathtub, place the shelf in the same color.

Dark green bathroom

If the floor you will have a light, effective solution would be a green carpet on the floor to match the walls.

Green mat in the bathroom

Let your bathroom is the place where you can and relax and recharge your positive energy.

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Successful experiments you!