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August 12, 2017 18:05

Furniture country style

Fashion eco-friendly materials has led to the popularization of country style.This style is based on the elements in the style of a rustic interior made of natural materials.Country Style aims to recreate the atmosphere of the village house, the choice of furnishings and decor will correspond to the rural home of the people you have embodied.


  1. little history
  2. What rooms can be arranged in the style of the country?
  3. Features rustic furniture
  4. Photo furniture in country style

little history

first drag style country appeared at the beginning of the last century.Many have tried to beat the garden as well as the traditional home of the common people.The middle of the XX century made furniture in country style universally popular.Initially everyone equip a house in accordance with the traditions of their country.Subsequently, it has become fashionable to make out space in the tradition of other people.So there etnokantri.

What rooms can be arranged in the style of the country?

In most cases make out in the country-style holiday homes.Basically take the living room, bedrooms and kitchen and create a common space, the details of which are combined stylistic decision.Then the kitchen furniture and furniture for living room in country style are coordinated and combined overall concept.Cabinets, cupboards, tables made of natural wood.Often this takes the pine, ash, birch.When choosing furniture for all rooms should be to pick up copies of similar hue.Traditionally used bright colors.

Children's rooms should not furnish such things.After all, teenagers tend exclusively to the newfangled detail.It is difficult to draw in rustic bathrooms, but bathroom furniture in country style is designed by designers and is commercially available.Models of different simple forms having elaborate a rough surface.Welcome juicy bright colors of nature.Such furniture surrounds a standard bathroom spirit of country living.

in recent years has become urgent clearance of city apartments in a rustic style.At the same time in this style it is made just one room.Most often it is a kitchen or living room.

Features furniture

rustic furniture rustic style must have a minimum number of decorative elements.Should prevail straight lines, rough shape.Desirable usual coloring, polishing, varnishing excluded.You can use decorative elements, thread.Any wooden furniture in the style of the country must carry echoes of antiquity.But this does not mean that mandatory artificially aged.New and tidy cupboards, solid tables and benches, new simple bed will become an integral part of the interior.But from the effect of aged totally not refuse.Often used patina, brushing, painting.

often in country interiors can be found forged or wicker furniture, which are placed in hallways, living rooms, dining rooms.Sometimes standard cabinets and dressers replaced with baskets, boxes, large boxes.The photo of upholstered furniture in the style of the country can be traced to the basic trends that prompt should look like chairs and sofas.Elegant, majestic model there is no room.Stop the choice should be in a simple sofas, wicker chairs.You can purchase and massive models with light-colored upholstery fabric with a floral pattern.Armchairs and sofas can have different colors.

often for clearance space rustic take the old furniture, which often gathering dust in attics.Before use, it is subjected to restoration, giving it a nice look.

Photo Furniture country style