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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to conduct water from the well to the house

In a previous publication process of digging wells discussed in detail in the suburban area and primary preparation for the operation.However, consider it a ready source of drinking water still very early to be a lot of processing steps before the well starts to really justify fully their destination.It is clear that in the present conditions there few hunters to carry water for domestic or household purposes buckets - this is a full relic of the distant past .But even before hold water from the well to the house, it is necessary to solve a number of tasks aimed at ensuring purity water intake.

How to conduct water from the well to the house

How to conduct water from the well to the house

above fully applies to suburban areas, which have been acquired since the well prepared.That he is guaranteed to become a truly clean source of water, it is necessary to carry out its audit and perform, if necessary, the same set of operations on dgotovke organization and uninterrupted high-quality water supply.

So, as the initial conditions take dug well with an established sufficient debit correctly loaded bottom filter.To keep water out of it came into the house without interruption, at any time of the year, clean, drinkable, it is necessary to perform the waterproofing, insulation of the well, to hold a system of pipes, pumps and install a filtration system and after-treatment.

well Waterproofing

Article Contents

  • 1 well Waterproofing
  • 2 communications Laying of the well
    • 2.1 Video: easy connection HDPE-pipes kopressionnymi fittings
  • 3 Warming of the upper part and the completion of waterproofing works
  • 4 organization of water supply system
    • 4.1 Video: installation of home pumping station
  • 5 What is installed in the house
    • 5.1 Video: assembly of the pumping group forsubmersible pump

At first glance, it may even seem paradoxical, well but necessarily require reliable waterproofing.This is due to several reasons.

  • To the water was clean and suitable for food use, should be completely excluded from entering through the walls contaminated ground water located much closer to the ground than the water itself is the lens well.The soil water and vadose always considerable amounts of decaying organic matter, including fecal matter, fallen to the ground and absorb oil products, ground bases and salts, harmful bacteria, chemicals and agricultural purpose etc .If it is not possible to eliminate such leakage of moisture, the very well soon become unusable as a source of drinking water.
The absence or inadequacy of waterproofing - cause of water pollution in the well

absence or inadequacy of waterproofing - cause of water pollution in the well

  • Waterproofing require themselves reinforced concrete walls of the well bore.Concrete seems very durable and between , it residual activity can be destroyed by the action of soil salts and acids.Appears looseness of the material, it begins to crumble, it loses its strength and quality in the end - could not hold back the penetration of groundwater into the well shaft.

Thus, the waterproofing work will be aimed at creating a protection for the surface of the concrete rings themselves and to seal joints between them and the technological holes.

  • If a new well is constructed, then the solution is to spend most waterproof rings beforehand, even before they are installed in the excavated pit.This allows you to hold and the outer and inner surface of the concrete parts, which significantly raises their durability and prevent the slightest leakage of water through the thickness of the walls.
  • exterior waterproofing can be made of coating method, followed by sizing the web material - roofing material in several layers .However, the rings are coated with inconvenient to install, especially when digging a well closed method.The best way to apply the impregnating waterproofing.To this end, the outer surface of the walls of the rings greased special impregnating composition - Deep penetration primer.He fills the pores of the concrete, crystallized in them and creates high strength protective structure, which is not afraid of the chemical components of the soil.If you do not be lazy and not stingy, missed the wall of such a composition twice, the waterproofing will serve as much as themselves concrete structures.
  • When put in order the old well, for the external waterproofing walls have to discard the soil to a maximum depth of not less than 3 - 4 rings of the upper ring.Here, after drying and clean from dirt, can be applied obmazochnuyu isolation followed by sizing the walls several soyami roofing.never use pure bitumen for the initial wash - term of "life" is small, and it will soon dry up and crack.It is better to use special tar mastic.

External waterproofing means still and creating outdoor bedding, clay and concrete shutter blind area.However, it's probably best to do a little later, after the laying of water pipes and insulation of the upper part of the well.

  • next important issue - the sealing of the joints between the rings.In the course of the barrel assembly can be laid directly between the seal - for example, bentonite-rubber cord « flashing » or « barrier.It is itself flexible and provide good obturation, dance to it under the influence of moisture to increase in volumes several times and securely close all the possible space at the joints.
Bentonite - rubber cable has the property of expanding under the influence of moisture

bentonite-rubber cable has the property of expanding under the influence of moisture

If the well is old and obviously in need of repair joints between the rings, they should to cut to a depth of 30 mm at an angle and carefully cleaned iron brush.It happens that of the slots are already trickling water - flow can be eliminated «akvaprobkoy", for example, AQUAFIX - cement composition of ultra-rapid solidification in contact with water.

Aqua - plug for instant removal of active leakages

Aqua-plug for instant removal of active leakage

then formed cavity densely fill the repair composition (for example - MEGACRET-40) having a high adhesion even to a wet surface and do not shrink.

Repair compound for concrete rings

repair mortar for concrete rings

  • Likewise, it is necessary to repair any detected flaws on the inside of the well bore.

After drying repair mortar can move on to the waterproofing of the internal walls of the well over their entire area.As already mentioned, if the well is going to a new one, the ring is recommended to treat in advance, prior to their installation - then there will be only to fix the joints between them.

A two-component composition of coating for reliable waterproofing of walls

two-component composition of coating for reliable waterproofing

walls is best to apply obmazochnuyu insulation, for example, AQUAMAT-ELASTIC.This two-component cement-polymer composition is absolutely harmless, and does not adversely affect the quality of drinking water.

wall surface lightly moistened with water, and the composition is prepared with the expectation , to make it convenient to apply a broad brush.After applying the first layer may be further, the fresh solution, sticking waterproof tape on the joints and on the "weak" areas of the walls.After solidification of the entire surface is applied still one layer (wet wall is no longer required).and when the second layer will harden (it will take about a day), the well can be considered reliable waterproofed from the inside.

communications Laying of the well

Exemplary general scheme of running water from the well to the house

Estimated total water pipeline scheme from well to

home after sealing the inside of the well and the outside is not worth rushing to fill the soil in place - before it is necessary to lay the pipes and make them a frame through the wall.

  • pipe from the well to the house should bury below the level of soil freezing (this value can easily be specified in any of the local construction company). trench dug with into account the fact that the its bottom will be backfilled sand-gravel cushion of about 100 mm high.
The trench should be deep below the frost line

trench must be deep below the soil freezing

  • Probably no one in our time does not apply to these water pipes metal pipes. most optimal solution - polyethylene pipe (HDPE).To ensure the supply of the whole house is better to use a pipe with a diameter of 32 mm.Available to them is always a wide range of fittings - fittings, tees, elbows, reducers and etc .Compression fitting connection greatly simplifies the job - is not required at all any additional equipment.
HDPE - pipes and a variety of reinforcement products for them

HDPE-pipes and a variety of reinforcement products for them

  • Experienced masters advise: HDPE pipe is cheap, so it makes sense to put not one, but two lines for laying water pipeline from the well to the house.One of them is the main, and the second - just is held in reserve in case of any emergency.This prudent move will save in this case from labor-intensive work on the replacement published down line.
This will secure the insulated duct pipe from freezing

Such insulated channel will protect the pipe from freezing

  • unwise to spread the tube just to the ground - it is necessary to create an additional mechanical protection.You can use the technical polyethylene pipes of larger diameter , or plastic corrugated pipe , with or without insulation him.
It can be used for additional insulation polystyrene blocks

can be used for additional insulation polystyrene blocks

  • If the pipe is guaranteed to be located below the level of the ground freezing, the special insulation, and it does not require.However, better still before backfilling the trench to lay the pipe on top of a layer of expanded polystyrene - it will protect them in a particularly strong, anomalous frosts.
  • « weak" places can be lots lifting pipe to the surface, the passage of the cap or unheated basement.There should probably provide plumbing and heating it reinforced insulation of than described in detail in a special article of our portal .
  • Organized by the passage of the pipe through the wall of the well - the same level where the pipeline is laid .This node is in any case not be placed at the junction of rings - the ring of holes in the drilling edge may crack or even break. most optimal option would be to install a threaded spigot Ø 1 "to make holes.
Pass the pipe through the wall of the well

Pass the pipe through the wall of the well

space between him and the hole wall is filled with plastic sealing compound (eg, waterproofing mastic with reinforcing fibers).The same composition abundantly walls are coated on the inside and outside of the ring around the hole.Then dress up on both sides of a wide rubber pads, large diameter washers and then eviction is fixed with nuts.

  • On the threaded part outside Squeegee "is packed" fitting, joined delivered to the well-HDPE pipe.On the inside of the well to better secure the tee fitting.At the conclusion of its horizontal advised to install the valve, which will drain the water from the home water supply systems, if a house is a long time will not be operated.To exit the tee, looking down, "packed" fitting to which is attached segment of vertical pipes for diversion of water from the well or to connect to the submersible pump.

Now we can complete the waterproofing and insulation of the well.

Video: easy connection HDPE-pipes kopressionnymi fittings

Warming of the upper part and the completion of waterproofing works

  • between the well wall and dug under it mine always remains certain gap.It must be filled with a mixture of sand and gravel and the most densely its ram.
  • Starting from a point just below the pipe and tie up to the level of the soil surface to the ring on the outside of the narrow blocks mounted thermal insulation - polyurethane foam or polystyrene foam.This will prevent the walls from freezing in winter. scrapie these panels can be in any manner, for example, the wide adhesive tape.
Insulated upper part of the well before backfilling clay shutter

Insulated upper part of the well before backfilling clay shutter

  • Then this space is filled with soil, sand and gravel, as for example shown in the figure.Be sure to do a clay castle - compacted clay belt along the outer contour of the rings with a slope down to the sides.This will prevent the ingress of rainwater or melt water on the outer wall of the well.
The approximate scheme of gravel-sand and clay backfill pit gate

approximate scheme dumping gravel-sand and clay pit gate

  • desirable, it is not limited, and pour over the protruding portion of the well has and concrete blind area, which finalized process of waterproofing the building.
Never be superfluous and concreted blind area around the well

Never excess will be concreted and blind area around the well

organization of water supply system

First you need to decide which pump will be used for the water supply organization from the well to the house.

Differences in the circuits with the external intake or submersible pump

Differences in water intake circuits with an external or submersible pump

1. In case depth of the water layer does not exceed 7 meters, the best solution is to install a home pumping station.When choosing its necessarily pay attention to the height of the lifting water - technical specifications, which is indicated in the technical documentation of the product.This guided and vertical, and horizontal sections running water.The height of the water column created for calculations vertical sections taken 1 : 1. The horizontal sections are calculated from the ratio of 1 IU tr Art olba = 10 meters of pipe.

When selecting a pump is required to take into account both vertical and horizontal sections of the aqueduct

When selecting a pump is required to take into account both vertical and horizontal sections of the aqueduct

  • immediately going to land the intake pipe with calculation , so that it fell by about the middle of the thickness of the aquifer, otherwise it starts scooping sand andmud from the bottom.Mandatory requirement - the installation of a reverse valve , so that the pipeline was constantly filled with water.Air in the pump mechanism can cause overheating and failure.
Assembled Fence sections of the pipeline

assembled fence sections of the pipeline

  • not interfere, and the intake filter, which does not allow to enter the pipe large suspensions , what will prevent the pump station from premature wear.
  • As the intake pipe can be assembled unit (with filter and valve) from the same HDPE-32 and attach it to the tee fitting on the pipe entering the well.
  • Another option - the use of ready-made fence of corrugated pipes, which are structurally already equipped with a check valve.
Corrugated pipe for water intake

corrugated pipe for water intake

  • pipe can be fixed to the walls of the well clamps (clips) for better stability of the structure.

Disadvantages of such a scheme - high noise of the pumping station, for that would require a separate room in the house (eg in the basement).In addition, there are certain complexity of the organization control the water level in the well - have often visually inspect it to prevent air suction in the pipe.