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Bearing Structures

August 12, 2017 18:07

We provide the correct dismantling the walls of apartment: professional advice

General characteristics of the dismantling of the walls in the apartment

Demolition wall structure has the main goal - to increase the space of the apartment, to vacate the premises of unnecessary buildings.From "reconstruction" of the room, it is important to create a scheme for future planning of premises, to make an accurate calculation and determine the quality of the walls demolished.In drawing up the plan of the apartment will not be superfluous to consult a specialist.It helps calculate the weak structure of the site and prevent future destruction, collapses.

finished scheme should apply to specialized housing committee and obtain permission to redevelop.Each of the demolished structure shall be regulated by the highest municipal authority.This will help avoid future problems.

Demolition of walls - noisy processor should take care of a special documentary permission to redevelop

On a scale of classification consider two types of walls:

  • Bearing;
  • partitions.

first version of carrier construction - the main component of the house.Due to the supporting wall roofing system becomes a secure base.If it becomes probable dismantling oval roof.Not knowing the whereabouts of such a construction would be useful to call a competent builder, able to determine the type of separating the construction of the room.

Load-bearing walls are often constructed of brick

The second option - a simple partition.Common brick walls are considered.Removing the partitions does not entail the total or partial destruction of the house.Often, the demolition can be performed without additional skilled care.

material as the basis for construction of walls

When deciding to remove the fence rooms worth remembering designs categories undergoing dismantling:

  • Brick;
  • Stone;
  • On the basis of concrete;
  • Wood;
  • Penoblok;
  • Gypsum.

These types have their own characteristics.The quality of material effect on the complexity of repair.Learn "part of" the wall is often a difficult process.A great option would be to attract professionals, the ability to identify the material and to advise in respect of the composition of its properties.

To determine the quality of the wall material is necessary to attract specialist

Classical wall has a thickness of 38 centimeters - the building standard.

Where to begin dismantling the walls?

Getting partitions demolition, it is important to clean the room from furniture and disturbing details.An obligatory condition becomes disabling the electric power and other networks:

  • Heating communication;
  • Gas;
  • tap and drainage system;
  • Internet;
  • satellite signals.

Before the demolition of the walls is necessary to turn off all communication

necessary to think over every detail - down to the spacious shopping bags for excess garbage.According to the norms of public utility repairs in the apartment can be carried out at certain times - in the morning to 9:00 in the evening until 19:00 hours (Monday to Friday).The Saturday and Sunday are not allowed to engage in repair work.

Note: Start dismantling must be accompanied by gathering all the necessary documentation.It is important to take into account the consent of neighbors.They must sign the relevant papers.This eliminates conflicts in the future.

Repair work is performed in a strictly allotted time

Basic construction tools

Will be useful tools of the next sample:

  • Scrap;
  • Kirk;
  • Pluggers;
  • chisel;
  • wedges;
  • massive hammer, you can use a sledgehammer.

We recommend to stock up on the necessary number of instruments

above list is more suitable dismantling bathroom walls.They are often run by dense, poorly amenable to demolition.The relatively simple construction based on wood.They can be removed using a chainsaw.Special effort requires clutter on the basis of concrete - "break" it by means of grinders, punch.An additional instrument can become a jackhammer.According to building codes construction of concrete base involves the use of a metal frame in the indoor unit.It can be carried using a grinder.

Tool " The Bulgarian "

Required actions during the demolition of the wall: the main rules

With the necessary permits for the dismantling of the structure, it is necessary once again to take care of the entire structure of the building.It is important to understand the load walls and the main roof supports.This scheme will help house and drawing up a clear plan of self.Whenever possible, keep the walls of the room - it is better to leave it untouched.

Here are the basic tips on dismantling the classical wall made of bricks:

  1. a breakdown should be gradually - brick by brick.
  2. liquidation with doorways requires the removal of first smew.The move is away from the door.
  3. sure the presence of a sledgehammer.Under her weight is easier to break the wall.dismantling direction - downwards.
  4. Experts do not recommend to demolish the construction of large areas.Dismantling should take place gradually, in small portions.

To destroy the wall must be phased

partitions destruction

partitions are of particular structure.Their "liquidation" must be carried out in a specific pattern:

  1. Getting Started, will facilitate the process of marking in parts.You can use a pencil for this building.Parts cut grinder.Demolished elements can be impressive size.Raising them is not necessary for one person (in order to avoid disruption of the back).It is better to work in a mask.The process often becomes dusty.You can get poisoning of the respiratory tract.
  2. Application punch.It is saturated with the sounds of the process.In its implementation should follow the surrounding buildings, and try not to damage them.
  3. Spot method.In doing surface drill holes (closely spaced).The wall is divided into parts jackhammer.

Note: It is important to be careful to avoid the collapse of the brick on the person.Initially, you need to tap the place for future shocks.

Redesign apartments - it is noisy and dusty job.Before you start it is recommended to moisten the surface of the walls and floor with water.This will eliminate a further dust formation.It is important to hang the door and try to protect as much as possible from the other rooms out dust.

How to demolish a wall of foam blocks?

recent popularity is the use of the foam block in the construction.It is easy to installation, do not miss the noise and copes with heat preservation indoors.It is used in the construction of internal and external walls.

breakdown Foam concrete walls is easy.To make it possible to drill.The main snag is represented fittings of iron.Will be needed:

  1. Hammer Drill
  2. Bulgarka
  3. Saw.

begin the demolition is necessary to eliminate the top layer - the plaster.Gradually jackhammer removed components of the foam block.The collected dust are advised not to make a common place for garbage collection.He is transported to a special dumping ground for construction waste.

Plasterboard: from simple to complex

Plasterboard deserved respect.It is easy to use, economical, suitable for all types of buildings.Remove the construction of such a material will not make a huge effort.
Getting demolition:

  1. Clear the room of all things furniture.Tightly secure the passage to other rooms.
  2. lay on the floor a protective coating.The parquet can eat in or get clogged with dust pollution.
  3. Remove all electrical wires.Disconnect the power supply network.Remove lamps and other lighting products, decorative items.

advised to apply several methods.Their choice is determined by the type of wall, by the presence therein of the iron skeleton.Often the walls of plasterboard inserted gipsolitnye plate.

Consider three ways.

  1. Remove all metal elements.Find them with the help of a magnet.By removing the screws, remove the skin structure gypsum boards.Remove the frame consisting of metal sheets.Introduced version allows the use of components of the wall again.The disadvantages can be noted - the complexity, the need for professional assistance.
  2. Demolition of walls with a sledgehammer.It takes a lot of effort.It is the fastest way.The disadvantage is considered to be the inability to use drywall again.

    Working with a sledgehammer

  3. Application diamond cutter.Expensive method.By professional craftsmen.

    Trimming walls