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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to calculate the coefficient of water overruns ?

principle difference distribution

how - to calculate the coefficient - overrun - water - 1
Before we consider this question, it is worth noting that the amount needs obschedomovye still taken and calculated on the number of residents.Such needs - it's washing entrances, watering lawns near the house.The amount is not big, and from it can not escape.
The rest occurs so:

  • difference in water consumption will be charged on tenants without meter apartment, even if it is a single tenant.
  • If all the apartments equipped with meters, the calculation takes place on them, and not of the common (for him only calculated consumption "general" of water).
  • If there legal sites that do not have a counter, the only difference will go to them.

how - to calculate the coefficient - overrun - water - 2
It is therefore necessary to put in the apartments separate counters whose data is possible at any moment to see and check with accrued in housing.How to calculate the overrun of water factor, even if you have a separate meter, the amount is much greater than the one that was supposed to be?In order not to be deceived by fraudsters (including employees from utilities), you should know some formula by which we can calculate the expenditure of water.

how - to calculate the coefficient - overrun - water - 3

calculations factor overrun

formula is as follows:

    1. first step is to calculate the amount of obschedomovoy hot water - Vgvs = Vsch.gvs Ngvs + * n.

      Vsch.gvs - the sum of all readings of hot water meters in the house.

      Ngvs - consumption rate.

      n - The number of residents who pay according to the norm.Put simply - the registered residents in the flats where meters are not installed).

    2. The result is subtracted from the general building instrument.Thus, it becomes known as cold water was used.
    3. actual amount of water can be calculated using the same formula as follows:
      • calculations as in step one.
      • result obtained in the second paragraph to share the outcome of the third paragraph.
    4. The data obtained in the course of these calculations are multiplied by the personal testimony of cold water meter.In the absence of the counter, you can take the number multiplied by consumption rates.

how - to calculate the coefficient of water - overrun - 4

  1. Multiply the result by the current tariff.

how - to calculate the coefficient of water - overrun - 5
Thus, you can avoid problems with overpayments and no wonder - how to calculate the coefficient of water overruns.This precise control of all the information provided in the bill, will protect you from errors and overpayments, but to try to knock out the truth after payment and will be virtually impossible over time.