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August 12, 2017 18:07

Guidelines for the Development and plating metal door

How important is it to sheathe a metal door?

banal and unattractive appearance of the metal doors of concern to many.For this reason, the majority seeks to build its structure, to give artistic.The reasons for this decision are:

  • Eliminating flaws surface;
  • Improved thermal insulation of the door structure;
  • Giving appeal the front door;
  • Create a style doors and the front side of the house, giving the design of the appearance of the house and the iron door.

Finish metal doors

Classification of exterior trim door trim

is varied.When choosing from the classification of door trim should first define the main objectives doors, its function.Expect to need and financial capability.Less expensive is an artificial material - plastic.Natural - will require investment.When deciding simply to remove excess rust or wear, enough to paint the front door.

Quality metal door after painting

inexpensively options imply artificial materials require the following list:

  • Plastic sheets for cladding panels;
  • PVC material;
  • Veneer;
  • paint, coating agent for surface of the door;
  • MDF panels;
  • little laminate;
  • skin substitute;
  • Molded;
  • panels based on wood.

Door trim tree

to get acquainted with every kind:

  1. Processing handkerchief.Decorating the front door of a material often found in offices or various instances.Its main goal - to serve as a more or less accurate kind.This is a banal manner.It does not require large cash expenditures.It has a low strength.Plastic rarely used for apartments or houses.Often, plastic door set specific firms.
  2. A common choice is PVC film.Often associated with the veneer.The main value - to be a decoration, to create an attractive appearance.It is fragile.It does not bear the additional protective function.Veneer is wood-based, the film only gives the appearance of wood.Their cost is low.

    PVC film : colors

  3. Standard painting.Often referred to as a layer of powder.It features reliability.It protects against future corrosion.It has an attractive appearance.It does not have a high price.It has a relatively long life span.
  4. iron doors with special MDF trim.Perfect homes.Do not tolerate constant moisture and temperature extremes.Affected disproportionately corrosion.Ideal cope with their protective function.Durable.more than one decade may be (with proper care).
  5. iron door, which has a laminate finish.It is used if desired to increase the lifetime of the metal base door.The laminate protects against external stimuli.Plus adds aesthetic appearance of the door.

    Finishing doors laminate

  6. skin substitute.Used when you want to decorate the door of the house.Do not hit on the pocketbook.Impeccable quality and durability.It copes with moisture and dry air.Not sensitive to external factors.It has fire resistance.The main drawback is considered to be the ability to make the most of the scratches.

    Synthetic leather

  7. Lining.Cheap stuff.Adds soundproofing apartment.Presented in the form of wood strips, is sheathed door.It responds well to staining, sanding and other mechanical influences.When choosing the right wood it does not threaten the appearance of mold, mildew, and the destruction of the structure.
  8. Arrangement door expensive woods.Their choice depends on the financial capabilities and personal preferences.In any case, you will have to spend considerably.Wood retains heat inside the house, adding comfort and may have decorative thread or pattern.

    Door with wood paneling

Recommendations for the Development of a metal door

list of general rules finish metal front door will help to avoid many mistakes:

  • Deciding to sheathe a metal door with laminate, leather, MDV, iron surface is required to process solutions, preventscorrosion.
  • metal doors can be finished using a special plug-in body.It is made of hard materials (wood) and is fixed to the front corners of the door defined.Over time, this frame can be removed and replaced by a new one.
  • Soft trim is fixed with an adhesive agent.
  • before finishing building material is a detailed examination of its characteristics.

Process door trim

How to sheathe the door with his own hands?

popular option is a sheathing laminate.Consider the brief instructions of use:

  1. metal door removed from its hinges.Set it on a flat surface.
  2. Remove from the surface of the door trim prevent items: pens, number lock, a peephole.
  3. on liquid nails implant rack made of wood.This should be done on the door perimeter.
  4. prepare a laminate panel.Secure them through the castle Vodin solid shield.
  5. Define period rails.Apply to the board and cut a rectangle of the desired size by rail.
  6. Apply glue on the laminate surface and paste material into the gap produced strips.
  7. top lay anything heavy.Post a dry construction.
  8. After drying the mount in place all the components of the door.

Door lever laminate

final finishing slopes

completion can be obtained by solving the sheathing and soffits door.There are a number of finishes:

  1. With plaster.This is an easy and most budget option.It is important to observe all the rules and perform the slopes on the level.Produced thanks to gypsum-based or cement.Superimposed material and leveled with a spatula.The final touch will be a painting or whitewashing the slopes.
  2. Finishing plastic sheets or plasterboard.It is important to measure the slopes.
  3. Selection of material for the slopes at the main door material.This is in many ways complements the style of the door.

Finishing slopes

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