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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to make a mosquito door

Each of us knows what the summer heat, and how hard it is to feel the lack of oxygen in the room.It is simply intolerable, but also harmful to health.In addition, in the summer we bother flies, mosquitoes and other insects, which at the first opportunity to penetrate into the room to disturb sleep and bite owners.


to get rid of these unpleasant moments, there are mosquito nets, which are installed on the windows and doors.Mosquito doors in recent years have become in demand, not only in city apartments, but also in private homes.

Install a mosquito door on the balcony or in the door is not difficult, the main thing - to decide on the type of door.

What are the species of mosquito doors

doors with thin mesh that protects people from insects are of two types:

  1. Swing.
  2. sliding.

first can be installed on any door.The main thing - to decide where it should be protection: on the balcony or at the entrance.Due to the fact that the balcony door is smaller than the inlet, manufacturers make mosquito plastic doors.

to the front door is better to use a more robust material - aluminum or metal profiles.This rule must be strictly adhered to in the case, if the room has a double door.

In this case, both the balcony and the front door design with additional mosquito nets set in the opposite direction of opening the main door.It turns out that protects from insects door opens inwards, if the main door opens to the outside, and vice versa.The handle is located at the opening side.If you see a mosquito door construction, which are common loop (without latching), then the opposite side should be a small handle, allowing to close the door.

sliding doors mosquito models made directly under the very door of the same profile, but instead of glass installed a mosquito net.

design features

Install mosquito swing doors to the balcony and a loggia is especially true if they are not glazed.Perform assembling such constructs optionally only plastic doors, it can be any, as the door is a separate element with hinges, latch and handle.


profile doors can be both standard white and brown.If you choose a color profile, then the cost of a mosquito door will be slightly higher.

also mosquito door price will depend on the type of protective coating.If you select the grid treated against impregnation pet scratches ( "antikoshka") or smaller cells with protection from dust, then the door will be more expensive price.

Installation mosquito door will cost from 400 to 500 rubles, but if you have the tools you need, when you want it, you can put your own.

design of the sliding door is a movable element which is mounted on the rails.The door moves on rollers in a predetermined direction.

Sliding doors are made of the same material as the profile.Price will vary depending on the choice of mosquito nets, but in any case it will be significantly higher than the swing door.


How to Choose a mosquito net

In shops you can see a different grid, which will be a different color and the size of the cell.To door in harmony with the overall interior room, choose a transparent or white net.

If you are afraid that over time a light canvas will be visible spots (this is especially true in the village), then the net purchase of green or blue.

color mesh

When purchasing fabric take the material from the stock.This will save you if you are a bit miscalculated and did a rough calculation.Add to your measurements for another five or ten centimeters.

Now on sale you can see a grid with a different mesh size.Naturally, the canvas take the smallest hole to insects could not penetrate into the room.

in stores can be found and a special mosquito net, its price will be slightly higher than usual.It depends on how it is impregnated with the composition: protection from the claws of pets, or dust repelling coating antiallergenic.


How do mosquito door

If desired, you can make mosquito doors with their hands.Buy everything you need available in any hardware store.

What materials are needed:

  • Mosquito fabric the desired size;
  • wooden beam (four pieces, the size of thirty to forty millimeters);
  • hinges for doors (choose the right direction - left or right);
  • screws for wood (thirty or forty pieces);
  • doorknob;
  • screws sixty millimeters (twenty pieces);
  • hook and eyelet;
  • stapler for fastening mesh and staples (size eight millimeters);
  • nails two centimeters long (fifty pieces);
  • grease or machine oil;
  • cord for attaching mosquito cloth.


  • roulette;
  • hammer;
  • Area;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • hacksaw;
  • pencil or marker.

Attention!If you want to install the mosquito door in an old house, you will learn the doorway - it may have a non-standard form.Therefore, with the help of a construction meter, measure the width of the opening on all sides.

Before you get started, take a sheet and make a drawing of the door, note the size of the door leaf.Such training will help you avoid mistakes in the future.


How to make measurements

Before assembling the wooden frame, it is necessary to make accurate measurements.The standard width of the profile of the wooden frame - twenty-five millimeters.It turns out that when the shutter is opened, the profile will be seen, therefore, necessary to add another aperture fifty millimeters in the width and height.Make sure that the side (from the side wall of the house) there is a distance to install fasteners.From above, you must have forty-five millimeters, and at the bottom - forty.

If you see that the top frame "go" for a quarter (especially old windows in the "Stalinka"), in this case, fastening sets on each side.

How to make a wooden frame

  1. hacksaw on wood Saw wooden beam into four parts.For the upper slats have to subtract six millimeters on each side.If you do not, the door is difficult to open.
  2. Prepare vertical slats.On each side of three millimeters remove the top and bottom so that the cross-strap docked.
  3. Take the screw and dip it in engine oil.It must be easy to go into a tree.If you want, you can pre-drill the holes using a drill (drill size - two millimeters),
  4. Now you can assemble a wooden frame so that the screw "hit" in the doorway.
  5. With the construction corner, make sure that all four corners are equal to ninety degrees.
  6. Now you can insert the frame into the doorway and fix the corners of the wood chips to make sure that it is done correctly.
  7. important point after fitting - set hinges.Due to the fact that the thickness of the beam in this case is only eighteen centimeters - to attach the hinges with screws not work.Bruce may crack.So you need to accurately drill holes using a thin and long screws.


  1. If desired, you can paint the frame paint, lacquering or just sanded surface.


How to attach the mesh

Remove the frame with hinges and lay on the floor or on a table.Take mosquito cloth and apply it on the frame.Make allowances for the three centimeters on each side.Excess net then easily removed with scissors.

The resulting protruding edges inward bend the frame and secure them with a stapler frame.Attach the grid at the same distance.Make sure that the web bear a straight, and do not form distortions.

now finished mosquito door can be put to the doorway and screw hinges on a pre-planned a pencil mark.

Do not forget to fasten the hook from inside the ear and to the door no one was able to open outside in the dark.

Now we have to check mosquito door in action.

How to make a door with a mosquito net - a look at this video: