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August 12, 2017 18:07

Ask a question - laminate or linoleum, which is better?

do I choose laminate or linoleum, which is better for flooring?

Let's find out what the laminate and linoleum What is that you are offering manufacturers for your hard-earned money?Speaking of finances, there are these two materials is approximately the same.And the strength they have similar, if, of course, we are talking about quality laminate and the so-called "Commercial linoleum", which is natural, and not consumer PVC (this kind of crab sticks, raw material for which is far from crab meat).

Here is the choice of laminate or linoleum, which is better?Comparison of these two high-quality materials should be accented on only one criteria - longevity.No matter how hard you try to be careful, and laminate - it's just a fiberboard with a pattern on paper, hidden under a protective layer of acrylic resin, which cleared quickly enough.

But remove the image from a quality linoleum is possible only on one condition - wiping up through the hole.The fact that linoleum pattern is uniform and is included in its structure .

Now bitter pill to swallow for those who lit Commercial linoleum - it is sold only in bulk and buy one roll to cover a small area of ​​the floor in an apartment it is difficult, which is not the laminate.But if you are lucky - choose high-quality linoleum or laminate flooring, if love from time to time to change the surroundings areas.

Vinyl tile or laminate, for what advantage?

What exactly is vinyl tile?This fragmented PVC, which is also a conventional linoleum, one that is consumer and not commercial.Therefore, we again compare with laminate linoleum, only this time the tile.However, the analysis is always useful.

Vinyl tile or laminate, on what to choose from, though right?To start, decide if you like skating, if not, choose vinyl tile that is not so slippery as laminated flooring.

Standard laminate thickness - 8 mm, because of what is often necessary to raise the thresholds, and then by the door, while the two-millimeter vinyl tiles do not cause any inconvenience.

For many, an important role is played by the silent movement of the apartment, especially if the family has young children, for whom healthy dream - the first vital necessity.On a hot plate of barely audible PVC will your steps on the laminate will have to perform complex elements of figure skating, because every step is booming and audible at the other end of the apartment.

And as for stacking, for laminate requires a special substrate, but the vinyl tiles can be glued directly to concrete base or lined wooden flooring .The implications are clear.

most strange comparison - PVC tile or linoleum

How to compare quality oil of vegetable fats with cream?And then, and more tasty, both are useful, well smeared on bread.The difference, of course, there is, but just as small as the comparison, it is preferable, PVC tile or linoleum.However, when the convenience stake.

begin with transportation - that you prefer to smuggle in public transport if you do not want to spend too much, a roll of linoleum or vinyl tiles bag?You can not answer, the decision is usually taken not to roll.As in the case of stacking, because whole linoleum can pucker or prominaetsya at the slightest irregularities, while the tile is quite bearable their masks, especially one that has a size of 25x25 centimeters.

Stratification, that's what unites rolled linoleum and tile of polyvinyl chloride, and that it becomes a drawback of the first and last advantage.The fact that both materials design option provides a second layer of top coated with a patterned transparent protective coating.And it protects well, until the rub.

And it is here that emerges the lack of a roll, which is formed at the center of an ugly abrasion, it is only the carpet and can mask or change all the coverage needed.But if the tiles become damaged, do not worry, most importantly, to supply the same color was changing fragment and order, the floor as good as new.For the rest, the choice is yours.