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August 12, 2017 18:05

The design of the kitchen and dining area

Large and spacious kitchen, where you can hold noisy and funny evening with a group of friends - that this is the dream all owners of their own apartments.What do you do when the kitchen size 2 * 2, and in such a tiny space can not fit even the most modest of friends?Fortunately, the designers do not eat their bread for nothing and for those who want to increase the space of the kitchen area they propose to demolish the pier with an adjoining room and arrange to have a larger space, a kitchen-dining room!


  1. Preparatory moments
  2. basic rules of kitchen-dining room design
  3. Stage design
  4. Photo Design kitchen-dining

Modern kitchen and dining area, as in the photo,its beauty, functionality and luxury can conquer each user, and if the design project has been developed by professionals, it is possible for a long time to forget about the kitchen renovation.It is important to design a kitchen-dining room follows the internal outlook of all family members.Of course, there must be tracked echoes of fashion trends, but mostly welcome practicality.But first things first.

Preparatory moments

his vision with regards to the beautiful kitchen and dining area to display the design on paper to scale.For these purposes it is better to use tracing paper, they design the project better tracked.The very kitchen should be spacious and open, as in the photo.

It is recommended to carry hindering wall.Essential elements of each large kitchen, a wash basin and a stove, you need to move to less congested parts of the room.With the help of colored cardboard paper, you can create large-scale tables and chairs that can be moved, that allow to visualize the beautiful design kitchens combined with a dining room.

basic rules of kitchen-dining room design

If there are some rules and regulations which you should definitely stick to the modern design of a kitchen-dining room is not an area in which a deviation from the norm is punished severely.On the contrary, it encouraged individual and creative approach, the design must reflect the harmony and peace of mind, no storms and no flurry of emotions.

traced in all kitchens, so to speak, "the magic triangle" - a sink, refrigerator and stove.These three basic elements play in the design of the kitchen-dining room with a seating fundamental role.Everything here should be on hand and hostess should not have much room to move on from one to another important element.Place for the refrigerator also better equip a little distance from the main functional areas.When you open the doors must remain about 50 cm of free space.

Stage design

It's time to take your own sketches and call in a professional studio, which will help to collect all of your brilliant ideas and ideas into a single integrated project.This kind of "homework" will not only speed up delivery times, but also a little bit to keep the budget spent on equipping your own kitchen.Fortunately, on our site you can find an interesting gallery kitchen-design, where you can learn interesting motifs and ideas.

With regard to the acquisition of flooring, countertops and cabinets, then it must be material that will, at any time look elegant and refined at any time, even after a couple of years.

Bright and texture schemes can quickly get bored.Individual parts of the interior in the same motif - that's what will create a flawless and durable design.And if you are not happy imagination ingenious solutions, dynamic and original photo kitchen-dining room design inspiration awakened in you!

Photo Design kitchen-dining