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August 12, 2017 18:07

Cabling technology on a rope

There are situations when the electrification of when to conduct electricity in a detached building.In this lay the cable in the trench not possible, due to the complexity of the relief or architecture.Therefore, along with these types of outdoor installation as trays, Channels cable, pipe, corrugated, wall mounting, there is this kind of gasket, both rope wiring.In this article we will look at cable installation technology on a cable by hand.

  • Scope
  • Preparations
  • Mount Technology
  • Recommendation from practice


According to Chapter 2.1 of the SAE this method is applicable for networks of up to 1000 volts.The most common cable runs are used in places where the organization overhead line does not make sense, but rather prokinut cable attached to a cable, and this is enough for the electrification of the object.

In this way, the network carried out the lighting and wiring for outlets in warehouses, power cable manufacturing plants, as well as between two separate buildings.

Carrying power air photo

For DIY wiring, this method has a certain interest.All because with the help of simple technology has the ability to electrify the farm buildings in the country.Through wiring rope light can be carried out from the house to the bath, garage, shed, gazebo and other separated by a distance in the infield of construction and lighting devices.

Laying of the light from the house to the bath


First you need to decide on the wire and its cross-section.For information on how to calculate the cable section, we described in the relevant article.Then you need to measure the length, taking into account the entire route wiring, from the machine to the distribution panel.When choosing cable and suspension elements needed to take into account the weight of the wire at the site, with a triple safety factor.Because in difficult weather conditions the load on the suspension structure increases, can cause breakage and failures.Mainly used galvanized steel cable with a diameter from 4.6 to 6.8 mm.In those cases where the length of the suspension is small, and a weight that can be ignored, it is possible to use a string (stretched galvanized steel wire or varnished wire, hot-rolled from 5 to 10 mm) instead of the rope harness.

The device suspensions

mount technology first needs to be fixed in a selected area of ​​the anchor and rope fixing elements wiring.Most of these steel plates are tightened on both sides of the wall studs and rings welded to them for hanging rope.Tensioning is to enhance attachment and to avoid them falling out, the load weight distribution evenly over the wall, and not the points of fixture.

Set anchor

Next you need to fix the one hand special loop wire cable clamps, on the other hand the maximum pull and screw couplings reached from the strings of the state.


suspension height must not be lower than 2.75 meters above the pedestrian zone, and not less than 6 meters above the road passing through.All standards air wiring, including the distance between the supports are shown in the diagram:

Overhead power

After mounting the strings begin to be tied bandage cable.To hang the rope wiring in the street, you can use plastic clamps, galvanized steel strips, galvanized wire knitting.The distance between 50-80 cm bandage.

Recommendation of

practices when using binding wire to prevent plunging cores in isolation, this is the gasket between the shroud and the conductor of an insulating material.The area of ​​the winding band should be as distributed by stacking coils 7-10 shroud. When using plastic clamps, verify their performance data. Otherwise winter cold or very hot summer, find scattered clamps.

For outdoor laying cable on the cable must also be protected from the effects of the line on the isolation of the environment, so it is recommended to stretch it to ripple, as shown in the photo below.It then reduces the cost of maintenance and restoration of cable runs.

Feeding the cable line in ripple on the street

When a small length of flight, or the absence of the possibility of attaching the cable to the cable on site, there is a possibility of suspension assembly on the ground.Already prepared the design can be stretched and attached.

Following our instructions, you will be able to carry out the wiring in a separate building in the country.Also we recommend that you review helpful video that shows how to make a loop in the rope with his hands:

Preparing cable
YouTube Preview

That's all that I wanted to tell you how to perform the installation of a rope harness with your hands.As you can see, the cabling on the cable is quite time-consuming undertaking, but still under the power of handyman!

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