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August 12, 2017 18:08

The solution for plaster walls, master the cooking recipe

composition of the solution for plaster walls

Any mixture of wall plaster should consist of: water, binders components (cement, clay, gypsum, lime) and aggregates (slag, dust, sand, chips).In the case where no fillers, binders some components are not able to provide the necessary strength.Selected ingredients (aggregates and binders) depending on the type of surface.

All components are pre-should be screened.Clay and lime brought to the creamy state.The water in the mixture has a major role.It provides a high ductility, excellent setting and hardening of the material.Depending on the consistency of all the solutions may be "lean" and "fat".

«Oily 'and' skinny 'plaster, which is better?

«Fatty» means that the composition of the mixture over the binder ingredient than is necessary.As a result, the material for plaster walls get poor quality and coverage quickly crack.These cracks moisture begins to fall, which leads to eventual destruction of the material.

«Lean» means a small content of binder ingredient (eg, lime).The result is that the plaster provide rather weak and unreliable coverage.Also, they do not seize the base and give poor adhesion for the subsequent application of paint or wallpaper.

For quality finish is best to choose a mixture of medium density.Do not "fat" and "skinny."

How to prepare the solution for plaster?

Depending on the type of composition and method of preparation is different.Different mixtures necessary to maintain certain proportions and cooking rules.For information on how to make mortar for plastering, describe below.

  • Lime mixture is at a ratio of 1: 1-5, where 1 - slaked lime, sand 1-5.Lime is placed in a container and add 1 part of sand and water.The composition is thoroughly mixed to a liquid state (no lumps).Next, add more sand until the plaster will not work again and medium density mixed as follow.
  • Cement solution made from cement grade 400 and no higher than 1.5-5 parts of sand.Initially placed in a container for a quantity of sand, and then it is made of a funnel into which pour cement.Next, the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and then water is added in small portions.
  • cement-lime mixture made in the ratio of 1: 1.5: 0.3-1.5, where 1 - is cement, sand 1.5, 0.3-1.5 slaked lime.The sand is mixed with cement and water is further added to a liquid state.After pour the milk of lime.
  • Lime-clay material do in the ratio 3-6: 0.4: 1 (sand, slaked lime, clay, diluted in water).To begin stirred slaked lime and clay, and then added to the sand.
  • Lime plaster composition contains 1: 3-4 (gypsum and hydrated lime).First, the packaging is poured into water, then add lime plaster and then the dough.All components are properly mixed to obtain a viscous mass.
  • clay mixture , which has a low strength.When the question arises: how to plant plaster of clay, the difficulty does not arise, since it is the main component.Sometimes there is added such a material such as cement, lime or gypsum composition.

After formulations described above should not be the question arises - how to make plaster.Only and always an important point is that before applying any mixture you need to prepare the surface.To this end, it is important to remove the old plaster and choose the base mixture, and then textured plaster.

By the way, for interior decoration better to choose cement, gypsum or lime composition.Each one of them is selected depending on the substrate.