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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to install water meters

Steadily rising water tariffs and unreasonably high standards Vodokanal water consumption are pushing consumers to install water meters.Having made the decision to install a counter on the cold water, contact your water utility, where you will be given a technical requirement for water meters.It is advisable to purchase a counter current release, then after the acquisition of instrumentation calibration is not necessary.Vodokanal put a mark in the data sheet of the water meter, and assigned sealing date.It is important when installing the meter carefully refers to the seals.Install the counter is not prohibited on their own.Video meter installation process water at the end.


The main characteristics of water meters

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Acquire better water meters in licensed stores attached to the device datasheet and a 3-year warranty.There are three types of household appliances to take account of water:

  • counter cold water;
  • counter hot water;
  • water meter to be installed in the well.

most popular and inexpensive meters - Rotary, rarer turbine and ultrasonic meters newfangled found on sale very seldom.

standard internal wiring in houses and apartments of the mounted pipes ½ and ¾-inch or 16 and 20 mm.Household counters differ only in the diameter of the mounting issues.It would not be a violation of punch and installed using adapters counter ½ inch pipeline system with pipes ¾ inch or vice versa.Optimal purchase counter releases, related by the diameter of the water pipes.The design provides for the possibility of any counter mounting, as in horizontal and in vertical layout.

Tools and equipment for the counters of water

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For the installation of the water meter will need the following tools:

  • adjustable pipe wrench №1 or №2;
  • spanner number 14, 17, 19 and 30;
  • rubber gaskets or paronitovye ¾ or ½ inches;
  • flax tow (preroll);
  • waterproof silicone.

To build water meter assembly need to purchase accessories:

  • off valve;
  • strainer;
  • return valve;
  • counter for water.


  1. shut-off valve or a shut-off ball valve made of brass and purchased from a reliable manufacturer.In the event of a leak or accident this valve stops the flow of water into the room.
  2. purification filter prevents clogging of devices remnants of rust and dirt occurring in the feed water after repair networks.Acquired purifying filter made of brass or bronze.It is better to buy with reinforced walls, the thickness of the marking applied to the enclosure.Filters are available with direct or oblique sump.Auditing cover must have an ear for fillings.
  3. return valve is installed in case of a sudden the water off.In this case, it may be the reverse thrust, and the air flow will cause the meter to operate in the opposite direction.The check valve prevents reverse operation of the water meter.
  4. Satisfactory meters are produced domestically.Several best Czech or Polish water meters.The most popular domestic counters of German manufacture.When buying check the warranty card and certificate of quality.When deciding which set the counter to the water, note that the line between domestic and imported counters rather thin.Domestic meters are manufactured under foreign licenses to import equipment.In case of failure easier to make a claim by the manufacturer in the country.

Preparing for installation of the water meter

water meter installation scheme

place chosen for installation on the riser after intrahouse wiring to plumbing.

Important: the gap between the riser and the water meter should be gasketed joints or strains.The location should be convenient for installation and meter reading.


  1. parts water measuring unit are arranged in a single line: shut-off valve, filter cleaning, water metering counter, non-return valve.The main body parts has an arrow - pointer to the direction of the water pressure.They should all point in the same direction from the stopcock to the indoor wiring.
  2. In case you are when buying components make a mistake with a threaded connection or not in the presence of parts with the right thread, the situation is fixable by means of the pin n / p - n / p (male thread) or the clutch / p - a / p (internal thread).
  3. details without going dry hemp and gaskets.Dry assembly needed to count revolutions and parts installation protruding elements in position.Full details of turns in the standard of not more than five.Sometimes, to be installed in the lower direction of the settler or filter for easy position valve granbuksy required to make 4 or 4.5 turns.It is achieved by means of rolling the linen.
  4. of tow beam is separated strand of flax fibers.Combed fingers - leveling and removing litter and then twisted into a thin tow rope about 1 mm thick.From the edge of the twine threaded connection tightly wound in the side of the base clockwise.Near the base is a small seal.Preroll smeared a thin layer of water resistant silicone compound and delayed key.
  5. important not transmitting or nedozhat threaded connection.In the first case, the body parts may give microcrack, and the second produced the leak.After installing the water utility inspector seals, alterations or repairs very problematic.
  6. The meter kit includes water pipes with cap nuts (American) and gaskets.When installing the meter for hot water, it is desirable to replace the rubber gasket on paronitovye.For cold water meter can leave rubber.
  7. water meter block design assembly for the horizontal installation is as follows:
  • shut-off valve - the valve pointing upwards;
  • Cleaning Filter - sump up (when mounted vertically - down);
  • face filter - looking up;
  • impeller - down.


Box water meter in the pipeline

  1. assembled unit is measured with a tape measure on the extreme issues.The apartments are for installation of the counter is covered riser in private buildings - a main water supply.To set the two counters at the same time on the hot and cold water are overlapped, both the riser.The installation site is inset on the size of the collected water meter.In the case of metal pipes, cut the thread.Plastic pipe fittings are easily connected.
  2. for threading on pipes of metal applied tension chaser corresponding diameter.The edges of the pipe with a file processed - chamfered.The treated part is lubricated with grease or oil.Ljerka is placed on the edge of the pipe and fixed terminals.Special handles or wrench Lerke movable part rotated to the desired number of screw threads.
  3. For private homes Installation of a water meter is usually designed in the near to the well house.For this sold intended for use in a well counter.The installation method of such a counter is no different from the water meter installation in a room.
  4. After installation, check the efficiency and the absence of leaks in the system.Shut-off valve gradually opens to the gradual filling of the system.Water pressure is adjusted to the maximum, and connections are checked for leaks.Opening taps internal plumbing, checked the work counter.
  5. If problems are detected, invited the representative of the water utility for sealing.After sealing and recording the current readings in the passbook, the device is considered to be put into operation.

Installation water meter: Video