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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to make a wardrobe with his hands

problem space and orderly space exists in every home.Dressing room - the dream of every woman, and it is possible to carry out even in a small apartment.Make wardrobe with his hands is not difficult, it will require a little imagination and skilled hands.Positive moment of erection wardrobes - boring disposal of old furniture and the emergence of free space in the apartment.


materials for dressing,They used a variety.Required to build a partition in a suitable place to install door and shelves for clothes.Doing wardrobe compartment with your hands, you should consider the design and location so that it will naturally fit into the overall interior room.

Site selection and layout for wardrobe

Carefully examine and measure the likely locations for arranging wardrobes in the apartment.Pay attention to the pantry, dead-end part of the corridor, corner space in large rooms, etc.Scheme mark places for shelves and racks for clothes, the design should provide easy access to stored clothes.


  1. Sketch a rough drawing on paper and decide the materials.For dressing suitable drywall, chipboard, plastic siding wall panels MDF, OSB, or you can use other suitable materials.
  2. on the walls make the vertical layout of the future partition wardrobe, having verified with a plumb line or spirit level.Connect the line on the floor and the ceiling.An important feature are the doors, they can be made with standard or sliding.

Fitted wardrobes in the dead-end corridor space

impasse corridor space is ideal for arranging a dressing room.You already have three finished walls and ceiling.It is necessary to make the front partition and the door.Materials suitable for the partition varied.Even better, if you redo wardrobe closet.


  1. Make markings on the walls, ceiling and floor for partition installation.partition frame is made from a bar section not less than 4x4 cm, and a special profile is used for plasterboard.Doorway make based on 90 cm wide and 2 meters in height.The rest of the area is sutured square cell with a pitch from 75x75 cm up to 1x1 meters.
  2. advance slotted opening for the door.In the upper part of the opening at the corners, small drilled, a diameter of 8 - 10 mm hole.Longitudinal and transverse cuts, can make an electric jigsaw.Cut to the doorway sheets can be used for the manufacture of doors.The door to the closet dressing room, it can be glazed, sliding.This saves space and there is an additional source of light.
  3. sheet chipboard or OSB, is large enough around 2800h2070 mm.Two of the sheet will be enough that would completely block the opening, four - to seal it from both sides.On chipboard or OSB, easily glued wallpaper, drywall require putty and paint.
  4. important to properly plan and set the room shelves, racks and racks for hangers that are hung clothes.Mobile cabinets and shelves, much more convenient furniture.Any properly planned dressing room is divided into two parts.On the one hand attached to the hanger rod, and on the other hand a support area.

Construction straight cabinet dressing room

Direct closet in the dressing room to do a little more complicated in the room.It is best to place it in the corner, then you will have two fixed rear wall.Attached to them structure, it will be much more stable and stronger.


  1. If the apartment is not suitable for arranging corner cupboard with your hands, you can make a direct wardrobe in the room.To do this, fit the frame - base dressing and secure it with screws to the floor and wall.rear wall functions perform the wall itself.The side walls of the cabinet dressing can be made of chipboard.This will solve the issue of finishing works.
  2. front side - can be done with sliding doors.Get fittings and fixtures in the furniture store.These are the two rails, top and bottom, rollers fastened directly onto the canvas doors, handles and stops.Sami door panels, you can decorate mirrors.Sliding doors of the cabinet compartment, open full access to accommodate the things.

Arrangement corner cabinet plasterboard

Properly Equipped corner cabinet wardrobe save space and streamline space.Plasterboard, lightweight and easy to process material.To build a wardrobe with his hands is not difficult, and the material costs are minimal.


  1. A good solution would be equipping a corner cabinet with his own hands.This would require to build a facade wall and equip the entrance.For the arrangement of the front walls of drywall, you need two types of profile.Rack, it is used for the uprights and has a size - 50x50, 50x65.And the guide, you'll need it for the installation of the door opening and jumpers.Suitable profile size 50x40 or 65h40.
  2. standard size wall drywall 2.5 to 1.2 meters.For exterior wall drywall preferred thickness of 12.5 mm.Finer sizes are used for ceilings.Drywall is easy to cut with a knife Drywall screws and attached to the frame profile.
  3. Once produced markings, guiding profiles are fixed on the floor, ceiling and walls.At one meter profile uses three dowels.These are fixed vertical rack profiles and made cellular basis of the guide profiles, with the size of the part of 65 75 cm. In order to strengthen the doorway, you can start in the profile wooden beams.
  4. To begin, install and secure the entire sheets, which do not require adjustment.Screw the on the angle, self-tapping screws with a pitch of 250 mm.The heads of screws "imbedded" in the 1 - 2 mm.The starting putty, proshpaklyuyte joints sheets of drywall and place screwing screws.
  5. Corner joints and wall connection, sealed with plastic corner profile or reinforced with fiberglass mesh.Pier corner cabinet finishing putty puttied, sanded and painted.If desired, you can be wallpapered.