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August 12, 2017 18:06

3d floor with their hands

desire certain parts of the apartment owners make their homes room absolutely fantastic kind of forcing them to look for unexpected solutions.The range of parquet, laminate, linoleum or ceramic tiles offered in flooring stores salons them can not meet, and then comes to the aid of liquid polymer flooring technology with three-dimensional optical effect.This technology - a relative newcomer in the construction and maintenance practice, but it is rapidly gaining popularity and is growing demand.

3d floor with their hands

3d floor with their hands

This coating is usually performed brigade masters with appropriate qualifications as well as the process of gradual filling - quite complex and full of nuances.Is it possible to do it yourself?This article is written for the home handyman who wants to try to fill in polymer floors with a pattern, or as often referred to colloquially, 3d floor with his hands.

It is worth to warn that due to the specific characteristics of this casting, the need for the utmost accuracy and meticulous

, to the smallest detail, following all technological recommendations to ensure success in the first experiment, no one will undertake. Any bobble can be "fatal", as used quickly curable compositions, and to eliminate the consequences of error - is extremely difficult.Therefore , before taking a final decision, and run to the store for materials, carefully read this publication, to realistically assess their strength and ability.Perhaps someone will understand , that still more expedient to turn to professionals.

What 3 D- floors and basic dignity

Article Contents

  • 1 What is 3D-floors and their main advantages
  • 2 important question -graphics choice for 3D-floor
    • 2.1 Video: materials for application images for 3D-floor
  • 3 What will it take to fill 3D-floor with their hands
    • 3.1 Basic materials for
    • 3.2 Required tools and accessories
  • 4 Stages of work
    • 4.1 Prepare floor surface
    • 4.2 Conduct priming and surface repair
    • 4.3 Fill the base layer
    • 4.4 Laying decorating layer
    • 4.5 fill topcoat
    • 4.6 Video: one example fill 3D-floor
    • 4.7 Video: 3D-floor - work of professionals

3D- floor is coated with a durabletransparent polymeric top layer several millimeters thick, which has a different degree of graphics complexity or material objects.Taken together, such a structure has a spatial optical effect, completely transforming the interior of the room.

3D- floors completely transform the interior of the premises

3D-floors completely transform the interior of the premises

bold experiments on such designer jewelery flooring began held in the West several decades ago, mainly , in large public institutions - supermarkets, concert halls, exhibition sites and etc .Over time, these technologies are "moved" and in homes - like the floors were decorated kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and living rooms later.

What advantages have such floors:

  • First , of course, it is worth noting the decorative qualities. is always possible to perform a completely exclusive design of the room.
  • Equally important are the quality and performance of the coating.This, if done correctly, has a pronounced resistance to abrasion and impact resistance that determines the longevity of the sexes.
  • quality coating is chemically inert and is not afraid of exposure to harsh chemicals from among all those that can be applied in everyday life.
  • This polymer coating is absolutely harmless for the environment, and can not cause any harm was human or domestic animal health.
  • polymer floor floor of "seals" the concrete, at the same time not allowing dusting and gidroizoliruya basis.
  • Yet another important quality - the majority of compositions, used to create 3 D floors in a residential area belong to the group G1 - they absolutely no flammable .
  • Care of such a coating does not pose any difficulty - easy enough periodic wet cleaning, because the floor does not absorb dirt and dust.

The disadvantages are the complexity of the technology of installation of such a coating, a sufficiently high price for it.And, of course, the material is not natural, and definitely plays the same timber in matters of "natural" heat.

important issue - the choice of graphics for 3 D- floor

How does created decorative effect, or, in other words that can be used as graphic objects , creating volume image.

  • One option - on a concrete base or underlying layer are performed using cutting tools or, the contrary, application of mortar, embossed labels, invoices or primitive drawings.After pouring the clear coat will effect bulk .This approach is appropriate if the room is made from the point of minimalism, for example, in a loft style.
  • interesting effect is given laid on the floor and filled a transparent layer of small items.So, you can use the beautiful sea pebbles, seashells, coins, and even dried leaves of the trees.
Volumetric floor can be performed using small objects

Surround floor can be performed using small objects

  • Sometimes, if artistic talents on the underlying layer is patterned acrylic paints.It can , for example, be a screen packing.
The floor can be executed only in two colors, a method of screen printing on

Sex can be executed only two colors, by the method of screen printing

More complex versions made by technique bulk painting are available, of course, exclusively professional artists.Similar works are worth a lot of money, so it resorted to very rarely and only very wealthy homeowners.

alia, drawing - drawing discord, and someone will fall like the simplest patterns or images on their own or in conjunction with a child .The memory of this children's creativity will remain for years to come.

Some will fall to taste their own painted ornaments, to which the application you can even attract children

Some will fall to taste their own painted ornaments, to which the application you can even attract children

  • More often resorted to placing a transparent layer of the selected graphic image, executed by special technology printing method.Independently make it without special expensive equipment is impossible, so have to seek the services of printers or companies specialized in the field of outdoor advertising.
Volumetric image printed in printing on special equipment

volumetric image is printed in printing on

special equipment Typically, such companies will be happy to offer considerable range of ready-made solutions.However, it is possible to pick up, and its own version - the number of images on the Internet does not lend itself calculus.

Drawing can be performed on a vinyl film (self-adhesive or not) or on banner cloth.There should be some caution - for example, a manufacturer of self-leveling floors « Elakor », the company « Teoh » (filling technology is that sex and will be considered below) immediately warns that the use of a banner fabric is not allowed.It is necessary to specify in advance the compatibility of a graphic object with the components of the floor.

Video: materials for drawing pictures for

3D-floors should never be in a hurry to make a decision on choosing a particular pattern.It is better to see dozens, can, and hundreds of options to pinpoint one of them:

  • Firstly, is the production of the panels is very expensive , prices are calculated not less than 1,000 rubles per square meter (and with a high print quality with a resolution of more than 1,400 p, may be significantly higher).
  • Secondly, such a coating is usually done for decades.It is necessary to carefully weigh whether the pattern will not make any discomfort after the first feeling of novelty pass .The desire to surprise the guests clear, but friends admire and go, and you live with it for years to come.In addition, any unusual, "Vintage» plot pattern which today seems original and "cool" through year - two starts perceived as ridiculous or frankly stupid, cause irritation and unnecessary experience.
  • Thirdly, probably should be a consensus of opinion of all members of the family.That image, which one enthralls may negatively perceived by others.It happens that some drawings or "flashy" colors even lead to certain health disorders.
  • Fourth , do not forget about the fact that the figure should be consistent with the overall design style of the room.It is necessary to assess whether it will be easy to pick up for him a suitable furniture, decoration of walls and ceiling , other elements of the interior.
Казалось бы, красиво. Но не "приестся" ли такой яркий цвет в комнате, и как к нему подобрать обстановку?

It would seem beautiful.But "pall" whether such a bright color in the room, and how to pick up his situation?

as fields for bold experiments are allowed only small, isolated areas, such as a bathroom, hallway, bathroom, in some way - the kitchen.It allowed the bright colors and large, to the smallest detail detailed graphics.

These dolphins are appropriate , perhaps, only in the bathroom

These dolphins would be appropriate, perhaps, only in the bathroom

But in the living room is better to restrict the soft natural colors, discreet patterns.This is especially true of bedrooms and offices.In the nursery, if the child wills are appropriate heroes of popular cartoons and fairy-tale characters. But also everything should be in moderation, without aggressive or frightening images.

The original decision on the design of the entrance to the apartment

original decision on the design of the entrance to the apartment

When ordering print pattern certain size must take into account a small margin - it will be easier to adjust the canvas size of the room, having cut its edges as needed.

So, with a view of decoration and the specific pattern defined.You can move on to building materials that will be used to fill the 3D- floor.

What will it take to fill the 3 D- floor his hands

Basic materials for

Currently on sale presented many varieties of liquid polymer flooring systems, which can be usedincluding, for creating 3D-compositions.They can be epoxy, polyurethane, methyl methacrylate basis.In terms of usability, durability of the coating, the full environmental, including during of technological operations, preference should be given to epoxy compounds.In contrast, for example, from polyurethane, they do odorless Original diluted or condition.

In principle, filling technology 3D-floor variety systems are generally similar.Thus, the device is a schematic of such a coating can be portray following way :

Approximate floor diagram of the device with 3D- effect

Approximate floor diagram of the device with 3D-effect

1 - concrete foundation floor.The inlet floor, in principle, it is possible to arrange and wooden base, but only if the state of its components ( lag and flooring) does not cause any concern, and there is a guarantee that it will be stable for many years.

2 - primer, providing strengthening, waterproofing foundations and enhancing adhesion to pour it on compositions.

3 - Sealing and base layer.Provides reflux rebuemuyu perfect flatness, complete closure of the concrete base.

4 - decorative layer using graphical objects or material inclusions.

5 - Face transparent layer, which, along with the functions of the topcoat will serve as a sort of "lens" for decorative compositions.

The diagram is not shown, but it is always recommended still one layer - a protective lacquer coating, which warn abrasion of the surface to prevent the formation of scratches or scuffs , can spoil the visual effect of 3D- floor.

self-leveling floor systems from different manufacturers, of course, have their own casting technology.About all the talk does not work, and in order not to get rid platitudes will be considered gradually everything 3D technology with the use of sex "Elakor-ED" system.

Продукции российской компании "ТеоХим" вполне можно доверять

Products "Teoh" Russian companies can be trusted completely

It - development Russian company « Teoh ».The quality and durability of the use of it, anyway, is not inferior to the products of leading European manufacturers, but at a cost looks much more attractive.

The table below shows the calculation of the required amount of materials and cost.For added convenience, the data calculated for 10 square meters of space with the surface layer thickness of 3 mm.If necessary, it is easy to carry out its own calculation , based real space of the room in which the floor will be poured.

Technological operation material used price for 1 kg consumption per 1 sq required amount cost for 10 sq price for 1 sq.m
Priming concrete surfaces Primer "Elakor-ED 2K / 100 360 0.4 4 1440 144
Fill underlayment epoxy self-leveling floor" Elakor ED" 325 1.1 11 3575 357.5
purified quartz sand 8 3 30 240 24
Finishing filler layer epoxy self-leveling floor"Elakor ED" transparent 515 1.8 18 9270 927
protective polyurethane coating Lac "Elakor-PU Suite" transparent glossy 505 0.2 2 1010 101
TOTAL: 15535 1553.5

Note that calculation was conducted their maximum permissible thickness of finishing layer - 3 mm.Here it is possible to save money by reducing its even up to 2 mm.But more than the thickness - absolutely unnecessary activity.First, it will give a serious overruns material.Secondly, too thick transparent layer leads to light refraction, distortion or deterioration of picture quality.And thirdly, in terms of the performance of this not not set absolutely no benefit - from the floor strength did not increase, it is subject to the technology already abundantly sufficient at 2 ÷ 3 mm.

Prices in the table are listed retail (up to 40 kg) at the end of February 2015.The cost of materials - from the manufacturer that is in commercial networks, it may be somewhat higher.