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August 12, 2017 18:06

Pavilions of wood with their hands

To build a wooden pergola is necessary to select the optimum size of the construction, the type of foundation, the shape of the design and materials for walls and roofs.A further process consists of several stages: preparation of the drawing, pouring the foundation, frame assembly and plating.In the absence of experience should start with small size buildings and the correct form, which greatly simplifies the task.With this approach, pergola of wood with their hands produced the first time.

Pavilions of wood with their hands

Pergolas wood with their hands

kinds of wooden arbors

Article Contents

  • 1 kinds of wooden arbors
  • 2 Building foundations for gazebos
    • 2.1 pier foundation for the gazebo
    • 2.2 slab foundation
    • 2.3 Melkozaglublenny strip foundation
  • 3 device floor gazebos
  • 4 Walling of logs
  • 5 Arbour made of beams and rails
  • 6 Mounting roofpergola
    • 6.1 Video - Pavilions of wood with their hands

Firstly, wooden gazebos are divided into open and closed.The first option - it's light, seasonal buildings not intended for use in cold weather.Closed gazebos are more permanent structures, with a solid roof, often glazed or with a blank wall.Secondly, garden arbors of wood may have a square, rectangular, circular, and be octagonal or hexagonal.

outdoor gazebo

outdoor gazebo

Hexagonal gazebo

hexagonal gazebo

The base fits any kind of foundation: melkozaglublenny belt, slab, columnar.You can install the gazebo even on cinder block or laid flat on a log.The larger the size of the structure, the stronger must be the foundation under it.Another difference is the material for the walls: it can be wooden beams, rails and board, as well as whole logs.

Garden of timber

Garden of timber

Gazebo in the Japanese style

Gazebo in

Japanese style So, to choose the right kind of design, you first need to determine the destination.If you need a gazebo for a family holiday in the summer, open-fit version of the small sizes.As the base, you can use a cinder block, brick columns, pier foundation of the pipe or timber.If the gazebo is planned gatherings with friends or celebrating family events in a wide range, it is necessary to pay attention to the spacious design of the closed type of plate or tape base.

Gazebo in the Japanese style

Gazebo in the Japanese style

Construct a square or rectangular gazebo is much easier than a round or hexagonal.Using logs and planks for walls also simplifies the construction process, but figured lattice walls look more elegant.All of this should be taken into account in the choice of materials and the preparation of the drawing.In addition, elements of the pergola must be combined with a portion of the landscape and the residential house.

Wooden garden furniture in oriental style

Wooden garden furniture in oriental style

Building foundations for gazebos

Once the design drawing is selected a suitable place for its construction.This area must be flat, open enough removed from the barns and country toilet.It is desirable to place in the gazebo located on a hill, then the foundation will be protected from flooding and dampness.Removing vegetation and large rocks, make a layout for the foundation.

Area under the gazebo

Area under the gazebo

pier foundation for the gazebo

This is the easiest option and the budget of the foundation.For its production need:

  • shovel or garden auger;
  • level;
  • roulette;
  • supporting columns;
  • mortar;
  • fittings;
  • roofing material.

    Columnar foundations for gazebos , the circuit

    pier foundation for the gazebo, the scheme

supporting columns should be placed at the corners of the gazebo and under the bearing walls at every 2 m. If the supports are selected metal pipes or cutting logs, holes are prepared by manualdrill.The diameter of the holes is 10 cm more than the post diameter, and its depth is approximately 70 cm. For the pillars of brick or cinder block holes dug with a shovel, giving them a square shape.The depth of these holes must not be smaller than 50 cm

Foundations columnar brick

columnar foundations of brick

poured sand on the bottom, and then gravel.;the thickness of each layer is about 10 cm. Metal tubes are cut into equal pieces so that after they are installed in the well to rise above the surface of 15-20 cm. The metal anticorrosive composition is treated and dried.Lowered into the hole and aligned vertically.Inside each tube is inserted into the valve segment with a length of 10 cm more than the length of the column.Now, concrete is poured into the tubes and the space between the walls of the hole with soil and stones are sacrificed and tamped.

The process of device pier foundation

process device pier foundation

Instead pipes can take dry tight timber.They are treated with antiseptic, and then coated with mastic asphalt and dry.After that dipped into the prepared hole of support, tamped and poured concrete solution.

Construction of pier foundation

construction pier foundation

If the pillars are used blocks or bricks, the bottom of the pits closed a pillow of sand and gravel, drive in the center section of the valve 70-80 cm long and fill the hole with concrete to the top of the solution.When dwell concrete, its surface is covered with roofing material, and spread on top of brick or cinder block.The valve must be in the center of the column and to act on its surface by 10 cm.

Reinforcement of the foundation of the asbestos-cement pipes

foundation reinforcement of asbestos-cement pipes

slab foundation

This type of foundation is perfect for a small arbor circular or square shape.Mark out the border area, and then choose the soil to a depth of 40-50 cm. Align and tamped bottom of the pit, covered it with sand to a height of 10-15 cm, shedding water and tamp again.Then poured a layer of gravel 15 cm and laid reinforcing mesh of twigs, wired.

slab foundation

slab foundation

The device solid foundation

solid foundation device

slab foundation

slab foundation

Stepping back from the edge of 10 cm, at the corners of securing the vertical segments of reinforcement so that they protrude above the base of 15 cm. Set along the perimeter oflow shuttering plywood, strengthen its struts, pour concrete solution.

Melkozaglublenny strip foundation

Melkozaglublenny strip foundation

Melkozaglublenny strip foundation

This option is best suited for large arbor closed.The area mark out the boundaries of the base, indicating they hammered pegs with a tight rope between them.The width of the belt should be slightly larger than the thickness of the walls, usually 25-30 cm. The depth of the trenches is equal to 50-70 cm, depending on the density of the soil.The bottom of the trench is filled with sand, then gravel or crushed stone, reinforced with a grid of metal rods.Formwork made low enough to foundation towered above the ground is 10 cm.

device floor gazebos

The unit floor arbor

device floor gazebos

When the foundation will stand and hardened, you can proceed to the installation of floor slabs.This will require:

  • dry bar section 10x10 mm;
  • edged board thickness of 2 cm ;;
  • nails;
  • hammer;
  • drill;
  • level;
  • jigsaw.

If gazebo rectangular floor installation should not take long.Timber treated with antiseptic, air dried and cut by the width of the arbor.First rails laid on the foundation perimeter for attachment using protruding from the concrete reinforcement.For this drilled holes in the tree, through the threaded rods are folded and hammer them.

Garden arbor with their hands - drawing

gazebo own hands - drawing

Driving garden gazebo

scheme gazebos

Next stack intermediate logs at a distance of 30-40 cm;be sure to check them out side by side, to eliminate gender bias.Between themselves, lags fastened with nails or screws.After that sheathe timber vsploshnuyu boards pretreated with a primer.For round and hexagonal pavilions, this method is not suitable;bars there are mounted either in the form of rays diverging from the center, in the form of cells or trapezoidal.

Assembling the frame gazebo

carcass gazebo

Walling of logs

To log gazebo does not need a frame made of timber, immediately begin construction of a stacking wall.On the foundation laid roofing and secure the top first row of logs.Logs should be placed along the perimeter, excluding only the doorway.At the ends of the logs are cut out grooves and produce mounting angles.Logs desirable to join only at the corners, so the appearance of the gazebo will be more attractive.

Walling of logs

Walling of logs

Stacked logs 3-4 rows around the perimeter, go to the corners of the structure.Sawing logs into pieces of about half a meter in length, the grooves are cut and placed at the junctions of the walls.It is possible to make the angles of the trapezoid form, using different lengths and reducing them as building walls.When the structure attains the desired height, again placed the logs around the perimeter of the upper crown reinforcing metal straps or braces.The space between adjacent angles can be closed curly wooden lattice, wrought-iron grille or leave it.It now remains to mount the roof, and a gazebo will be ready.

Install handrails

Installing handrails

Arbour made of beams and rails

To build an open wooden gazebo frame type required:

  • bar section 80x80 mm;
  • slats 20x40 mm;
  • plummet;
  • screws and nails;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • antiseptic primer.

When the device floor gazebos waistrail of the timber has already been laid.Now you need to set the vertical supports and to sheathe the walls of buildings.For vertical poles used dry flat bar 80x80 mm.First mounted corner posts, fix their temporary struts and put strictly vertically.By the bottom plate rack nailed or fastened with metal plates and screws.Bearings mounted between the corner intermediate, 1-1.25 m distance from each other.

Frame with hipped roof

frame with a hipped roof

Wooden garden furniture

wooden gazebo

When all the vertical supports are mounted, must be secured their top strapping.As the strapping is used all the same timber 80x80 mm;is laid on top of the corner posts are aligned horizontally and nailed.All the elements of the upper trim must be in the same horizontal plane.At the end of the installation clean temporary struts and wall slats sheathe.

Post Connection and piping

Connection column and strapping

Laga , laid flush with strapping

Laga, laid flush with strapping

Garden of timber

Garden of timber

How to make an arbor made ​​of wood

How to make an arbor made of wood

The upper side of the rack rail

upper rail side of the rack

racks can fill horizontally, leaving gaps between them from 3 to 7 cm, make them vertical panels, secured diagonally between the uprights.But the best look of the walls of wooden lattices with diamond-shaped mesh.For the manufacture of these gratings rack stuffed at an angle of 45 degrees.This grating must not be continuous: over a doorway in each wall is recommended to leave a space in the form of an arch or semicircular cut.

Mounting roof gazebo

Assembling the frame gazebo

frame assembly gazebos

roof for pergola can make a pent, saddle or in a tent.The easiest option - lean-to roof, but is most common pyramidal hipped roof.For everything it takes 4 bar section 80x80cm or 10x10 cm, on the ground knock them so that they form a regular pyramid, and lift up.To fix the rafters to the top of the trim is recommended to use metal plates and screws.Also, using plates fixed beams in the center of the roof.

Simple arbor of timber

simple gazebo from a bar

To strengthen the truss system between the rafters packed horizontal struts of lumber smaller section.If the gazebo is very large and has a rectangular shape, it is better to mount the gable roof.To do this, from bars 80x80 cm knock triangular truss and set them on top of the harness.The distance between farms is equal to 1 m, they are fastened by a tie-in the horizontal beams and struts are fixed.At the upper edge of a farm connected to the ridge beam.

When the truss system is installed, its waterproof cover film, top film stuffed rack 2 cm thick and fastened roofing.To arbor harmoniously into the landscape, roofing should be the same as in an apartment building.After installation of the roof is to equip the interior space to connect electricity, painted or varnished walls.

Hexagonal gazebo scheme

hexagonal gazebo scheme

Video - Pavilions of wood with their hands