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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose and install the stained-glass window on the door

beautiful, aesthetically decorated door in artistic style - the card home.The most elegant and aristocratic look spectacular interior doors with glass stained glass inserts.Such decoration frosted, color, gloss or bulk glass gives the room a visual scope of, and enhance the attractiveness of the space.Stained glass doors allow for finely divided transitions between rooms and highlight the special features of the interior.


  • Appointment of stained glass in the interior
  • Choice stained-glass window on the technique
  • performance Choice of stained glass style
  • Choice stained glass, depending on the destination
  • installation of stained glass in the door
    • Fixing stained glass using glazing beads
    • fixing stained glass through the "groove»
    • Other methods of fixing the glass
  • Rules for the installation of stained glass designs

Appointment of stained glass in the interior

interior doors with stained glass perfectly divide the space in the living room, deprived of its closurewithout interfering with the isolation rooms.At the same time, the stained-glass doors filled with color flat, light and give the room an individual uniqueness.

use of such decorating interior doors allows for a variety of purposes.Stained glass in harmony with any area of ​​residential premises, and therefore can be mounted perfectly to any room.Stained glass design can be used for such purposes:

  • decor children's room - is recommended to use multi-color variations of drawings made by photographic or film stained-glass window on the tempered glass;
  • privacy in the bedroom - to provide the required comfort, privacy and security of the owners, it is desirable to put the stained glass windows made by applying sand blasting, painting or etching;
  • allocation lounge style - is relevant expensive stained glass compositions in the classical style or Tiffany;
  • underscore kitchen interior - the optimal solution will be durable, heat resistant to moisture fotopechatnye, fyuzingovye and sandblasting stained glass;
  • decorating the balcony - appropriate translucent peskosruynye flood contour drawings or stained.


Choice stained glass in technique

Each stained glass composition generates its own unique unique design thanks to the use of different production methods.Thus, the basic techniques in the art of stained glass are:

  • classical technology;
  • fyuzingovoe execution;
  • Tiffany technique;
  • stained glass filler.

Classical stained glass technique, or also called "full set", is the basis for the creation of composition, the compound of glass fragments cut through the lead profile.Some also use copper or brass.Choose stained , created by this technique is not difficult, because such compositions are very popular today.This technology allows you to create images of large area with high aesthetic component.


Fusing technology, also called "sintering" glass.It is based on the principle of thermal combination of glass fragments into a single composition.Exactly matched thermal environment in an oven for baking the glass allows this technique to create unusual and decorative trim products distinct durable glass.Today fusing used in stained glass art to create lampshades, window inserts, furniture, tableware, interior doors with stained-glass windows for photos and even jewelry.


Tiffany technology - the standard stained execution.It implies the creation of pictures from colored glass with full detail drawings, taking into account the smallest details and fragments.These stained glass windows are the most expensive and are ideal for creating the visual volume of residential space, as well as to emphasize the interior of the room.Such products differ among peers lack of iron frame, because Tiffany stained-glass paintings look easy and graceful.


most modern technology implementation of the stained glass design is a loop or a stained glass filler.Stained glass by this method are handmade, and therefore require a certain skill, experience and artistic talent of its master.

The method is based on the application of paint stained glass in fragments that are pre-applied to the glass fabric by a polymeric relief circuit.It serves as an imitation metal broach.Thus, a sufficiently diverse and neat stained glass composition.Today, stained glass contour - the most relevant for decorating doorways, decorative walls and built-in niches, because the method allows you to create three-dimensional shape of the product.


choosing technology and designs for stained glass, it is also important to understand that the classical technique and Tiffany encouraged to collect on a solid profile.If possible, you need to carefully design the design of future products.Stained Glass by Tiffany technique can be fixed in the design of the bathroom door, but it is desirable to avoid direct contact with water.

Choice stained glass style by

light coming through the colored pieces of stained glass compositions, it creates a special atmosphere in the room, which gives the room a unique style.Depending on the climate zone in which there is room, stained-glass windows of various colors and designs to help create the optical illusion of coolness or warmth in the room.It is therefore important to decorating interior door was in line with the interior styling.According to this criterion, the following styles of stained glass windows stand out:

  1. classic stained glass.
  2. Stained glass in the Art Nouveau style.
  3. Stained glass in high-tech style.
  4. Stained glass in the oriental style.
  5. Stained glass in fusion.
  6. Stained glass in the style of the country.
  7. Stained Glass in Art Deco style.

Stained clearance door - a sophisticated design solution, which is designed to emphasize the style of interior the entire premises.They give the exclusivity and individuality of the room, because it is important to respect the unity of style.


Choice stained glass, depending on the destination

Purpose room where you want to put a stained glass door - not less important criterion for selecting a glass composition.It is worth to take into account parameters such as:

  • room lighting;
  • colors of the interior;
  • room area;
  • purpose room.

For example, if the windows in the room facing south and during the day sunlight hits in excess, then it will be rational to install stained glass windows of dark shades.And if the room is facing north, it is desirable to put a bright stained glass composition.This is due to the possibility of stained glass to absorb part of the light output (20%) and darken the room.Not a bad solution would be the use of frosted glass, but it is important to adhere to the design concept and the unity of style interior.

should also pay attention to the preparation of a preliminary design for a future stained glass window.The process of creating stained fabric and its installation has its own characteristics that require accurate locking.Decorative glass sheet should not simply conform to the interior space, the proportions of the door, but also to be safe and easy to use.


installation of stained glass in the door

Fixing stained glass compositions in the door - quite delicate and important process.Working with glass cloth always requires the utmost accuracy and experience of those involved in the installation.However, on their own to carry out such work is possible if treats her with extreme caution.

Fixing stained glass using glazing beads

most common method of installing the door stained cloth, like any other window, a door assembly by bead.It is a narrow bar made of wood, which is attached along the perimeter of the stained glass and keeps it inside.Modern solutions do not shtapiki less aesthetically appealing, because they are also a decorative frame.

Initially should prepare door.For this purpose it is necessary to make the frame groove, reaching 3-5 mm in thickness.The framework itself is pre-sawed to size corresponding to the shape and dimensions of stained glass.Then inserted into the groove of the glass, and the top fixed glazing beads.

is important to remember the following installation rules:

  • taken into account when fixing the stained glass thickness and make the groove slightly wider to allow for all sorts of projections and deformations;
  • wooden bezel framing the stained fabric, should have a width of more than 15 cm, to design more stable.


Fixing stained glass through the "groove»

installation of stained glass in the door structure often are top notch.In general, the method of fixing will depend not only on the shape of the glass composition, and its type, but also on the parameters of the door.For example, if the door structure is made of solid wood, glass installation will then take place through the slot in the door propylene.This method allows to fix the decorative element without excessive fasteners that provides reliable construction.


Other methods of fixing the glass

Sometimes installation technology involves the use of stained glass in the opening between the door and door gasket composition of silicone or smaller studs instead of the bead.In some cases, it permitted the use of fasteners as zinc, copper and brass profiles Y-shaped.They tighter fix the glass to the door.


Rules for the installation of stained glass designs

  1. Move glass construction must be in an upright position.
  2. is desirable to raise the stained cloth from a horizontal to a vertical position, leaning on the end of the glass and distributing the weight evenly on both sides.Similarly produced and stained glass in the door lock.
  3. saves stained glass must be in an upright position.It is also recommended to use a planar fixed stop, wall or vertical surface with a slight slope.

Installing stained glass compositions in the door requires experience and skill.If this procedure is performed for the first time, it is advisable to turn to professional help.