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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose high-quality wallpapers for home

How to choose high-quality wallpapers for home

How to choose a high-quality wallpapers for home

One of the best and most realistic way to update the interior of his house - to replace the old wallpaper with new ones.A huge variety of colors and textures of wallpaper, presented in today's market of construction materials, can make you think seriously.To choose not only beautiful, but also high-quality wallpaper for the home.

1 When choosing a wallpaper for the home note the density of the material from which they are made.Too thin fabric often rumpled and torn by applying glue on them.In addition, under the thin wallpaper is often clearly visible all the bumps, cracks and roughness present on the walls.Dense wallpaper is able to hide many of the shortcomings of a pasted surface.

2 Look carefully at the rolls favorite paintings.At the edges of wallpaper quality no cracks or chipping.These shortcomings show, as a rule, on duty or improperly stored material.

3 Before buying a selected wallpaper do not forget to deploy each roll and to consider drawing attention.Paint it must lie evenly ornament should be without scuffs and stains.

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4 When choosing wallpaper, and pay attention to the weight of the roll.What it is, the thicker the material, and consequently, better wallpaper.

5 for pasting different types of rooms and make better use of different types of wallpaper.If you plan to change the wallpaper in the kitchen or in the hallway, rooms with high degree of contamination, look at vinyl wallpaper or wallpaper for painting.Thanks to their special formulation, such paintings are very easy to clean.

6 to living the ideal option is very attractive textile wallpaper.Children's room okleyte vinyl canvases, which are easily washed clean by creative young artist sculpting.For the bedroom, the room with the lowest levels of contamination, will suit absolutely any wallpaper, even paper.

7 Color Wallpaper selected in accordance with the colors of curtains, blinds, carpets, furniture and fixtures.Try to keep all parts of your home interior form a harmonious ensemble of coloristic.

8 Imagine before you buy, how you will look like your favorite wallpaper after papering the walls of their home.If arisen in your mind a picture you like - feel free to buy the selected fabric.