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August 12, 2017 18:06

Interior finish balconies with their hands

time has passed when the balcony or loggia performed pantry role in a small apartment.With the advent of modern construction and finishing materials and insulation is a room can dramatically transform using bold design techniques.Options finish today so that to select the appropriate is not so difficult for yourself.Let's try to decide which of the existing finishing materials selected to meet the repair estimate compiled.

circumstances requiring attention in the balcony or loggia finish

Finishing balconies with their hands made already at the final stage of repair work.Before you implement it, you need to thoroughly prepare the room to ensure that it will be almost living.For this purpose, the loggia was warm.In this regard, the first insulated walls, floor and ceiling, modern windows are inserted.Not bad will spend a floor heating system.This will allow the plant on the balcony, even a greenhouse.

Modern loggia can enjoy the beauty and comfort , comparable to other rooms of the apartment.

modern loggia can enjoy the beauty and comfort, comparable to other rooms of the apartment.

However, during the warming, the main thing is not to overdo it.After all, there are certain rules load than that is simply dangerous.Posted (console) balcony allows for the presence of the load of 12 kN, equivalent to 1170 kg of weight.For balconies, equipped with plates and side pylons and loggias, the load should not exceed 18 kN (1766 kg).For this reason, it is necessary very carefully calculate the weight of the material used.The easier it is, the more reserves will remain at the very finishing material.Save on weight glazing does not work, because the windows have a relatively large mass.

Requirements for materials for finishing works on balconies

choice of finishing materials for arrangement of a balcony or loggia - a responsible and serious business.They must meet many requirements:

  • have increased moisture resistance.
  • be absolutely convenient for maintenance.
  • Assume 20 - 30 years of service life.
  • not succumb to the effects of bright sunlight and sharp fluctuations in air temperature.
  • retain heat and allow to penetrate into the room extraneous sounds.
  • not affect human health.
  • material price should optimally correspond with its quality.

In addition, the goal of any repairs - the creation of aesthetic and beautiful appearance, which is a long time to please the eye.Consider the need and the fact there is an exit to the balcony of a room.Does not be combined padded lining loggia with living room, which is decorated in the style of hi-tech.Stylin 'bedroom in the Baroque style, too, can not coexist with a balcony, decorated with plastic.Moreover, it should be taken into account if the adjoining room in any way combined with a balcony.

Wooden Floor

For a long time people were decorated balconies tree.Today, this option becomes less popular.The most convenient of wood material for the walls is a lining.It is made of different wood: linden, pine, oak, larch and others.If we talk about the advantages of this material, we can distinguish:

  • possession of good qualities for thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • long enough operation with appropriate antiseptic treatment rails.
  • Maintaining a stable microclimate.
  • Lovely presentable appearance.
  • Environmental cleanliness and fragrance of wood.
  • Finish this material can be made by anyone.

material does not have significant drawbacks.Just remember that any wood requires care: treatment of antiseptic compositions and protection from the sun's rays by applying a special impregnation and lacquer.

Finished modern clapboard balcony looks very chic .

Finished modern clapboard balcony looks very chic.

Modern Lining has strict geometric dimensions.Its thickness of 12.5 mm, width - 96 mm from a working surface of 88 mm.Work with it - a pleasure.On the walls of this stuff it looks very natural and presentable.

trim plastic panels

Plastic can be attributed to the most budget materials.The easiest and cheapest way is to use it for finishing the loggia or balcony.After all, he has an infinite number of advantages:

  • Prolonged operation.
  • Selection of any color or pattern.
  • easiest care.
  • Heat and sounds of this material holds at an acceptable level.
  • installation simple.I cope with it even a beginner in construction.
  • panel Price size 3000 × 250 × 8 mm starts at 2 US dollars, which allows revet middle balcony for only $ 30

Has this material and certain disadvantages, which somewhat reduces its popularity.He is too fragile, and it can seriously damage even at low exposure.PVC panels are not recommended for use in interior decoration, which are often children.Do not use plastic on the balcony is not insulated as the temperature drops by more than 20 degrees have a destructive effect on him.It is unacceptable to use a bright panel for finishing balconies on the sunny side, as they burn instantly.

Balcony , decorated with plastic panels , looks nice , but it requires careful treatment .

Balcony, decorated with plastic panels, looks nice, but it requires careful treatment.

Wall decoration stone balcony

For a long time the use of stone for finishing balconies considered the prerogative of the wealthy citizens.With the advent of artificial products that mimic the way natural material, such a possibility has appeared at all.To finish, you can use acrylic, plaster and artificial stone quartz.They cost is not expensive, and you can make a plaster version of its own, pouring plaster into molds.Here are the advantages of such a finish:

  • Large selection of plates of sizes, colors and texture of the material.
  • excellent fire performance.
  • Noise ideal.
  • The material is very durable.
  • resistant to mechanical damage and exposure to the environment.

cost of this material depends on the components used.Gypsum is from 10 USDper m2, and quartz from 12 USDacrylic stone plate size 3680 × 760 × 12.7 mm up to 120 USDTherefore, balcony decoration can cost from $ 40and higher.

It looks gorgeous decorated artificial stone balcony.

It looks gorgeous decorated artificial stone balcony.

Application of siding for finishing balconies

siding trim, both external and internal walls of balconies and loggias.Outside is better to use the ground or metal siding and vinyl inside the suit.They can be not only to sheathe the walls, and ceiling.In saydingovyh panels a lot of positive qualities:

  • long time service.
  • No need for special care.
  • Easy installation.
  • The low price tag.
  • Fire safety.

cost of one standard panel 3000 × 100 × 8 mm starts from 0.5 USD, so the siding trim can be considered one of the most cost design options balconies.

Among the shortcomings can only indicate that the choice of colors and textures are not very rich, as the siding is in the first place, facade materials and not really ideal for the interior.

Finishing balcony blockhouse

This material is essentially siding that mimics a wooden frame.It is used for the construction of ventilated facades.However, facing the balconies of these products is also possible.Make a block house made of wood, vinyl and galvanized metal.Loggia best vinyl sheathing blockhouse, as it is the easiest.This material is quite harmless, and looks attractive and interesting.The unusual design and excellent technical features make it possible to successfully use the material in the decoration of balconies and loggias.Price depends on the material from which made the block house.Vinyl panels are the cheapest.Their price starts from $ 5per 1 m2.

So naturally it looks loggia, finished blockhouse .

So naturally looks loggia, finished blockhouse.


Today drywall finishing is the most common option.It does not surprise anyone, so as soon as the material allows to embody any design ideas.From it you can create any kind of even curved forms of relief.On the surface of the drywall sheets can be applied to any finishing of the painting to the artificial stone.Among the advantages of drywall finishing the balcony can be distinguished:

  • Easy installation.
  • low cost.
  • flexibility.

disadvantage is poor resistance to moisture.For this reason, for the finishing of balconies and loggias is better to use a moisture-proof gypsum board.By itself, an inexpensive material - from 3 USDfor a sheet size of 2500 × 1200 × 9,5 the same time it requires also finishing that increases the price tag of repairs.

Finishing drywall balcony for painting .

plasterboard Finishing balcony for painting.

Laminate - interesting option of finishing the loggia

This floor covering is ideal for finishing balconies.The material has a number of qualities that allow it to safely be used in these areas:

  • absolute flatness.
  • large number of colors and texture of the material.
  • Environmental cleanliness.
  • easy installation, as the walls and the floor.
  • Long service life under such conditions.
  • Choice budget option laminate.

However, laminate panels do not like high humidity and temperature drop.Their top layer can come off.Therefore, balcony or loggia need to be insulated necessary.

The finished laminate loggia looks quite presentable .

The finished laminate loggia looks quite presentable.

Decorating the walls with decorative plaster balcony

use decorative plaster mixtures for finishing the balcony is the best option.This material is very easy to apply, it is practical and stylish.They stand ready mixes is relatively inexpensive, which, given the small amount of work, making repairs balcony with decorative plaster is quite budget.They look the wall, coated with their Venetian plaster is very rich.Due to the plasticity of this material allows you to create on the walls of any ornaments and patterns to dry mixture.This is done using a variety of design techniques.

Advantages of this material are that it:

  • Lets get a unique pattern on the balcony, which is exactly no one.
  • easy to apply on any surface.
  • resistant to shocks and scratches.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • easy to mask minor irregularities on the walls.
  • acceptable cost.

The only thing that is not convenient, so is that under the application of the plaster layer is required to prepare the wall on purpose.To do this, they thoroughly cleaned and primed.You can still take advantage of plasterboard, but that entails additional costs.Mixtures sold in dry form, most frequently in 25 kg bags.the cost varies from 8 to 50 USDFor registration wall 1 m2 may require from 3 to 10 kg of the mixture.

Sample finishing with decorative plaster imitation brick.

finishing Example decorative stucco with imitation brick.

procedure for finishing the balcony or balconies with their hands

Before proceeding to finish a balcony or loggia, all you need to correctly calculate and select material.If you suspect that the room will be warm, then the pre-made replacement windows with modern double-glazed windows, and the walls and floors are insulated.This can be done with mineral wool, foam or Penoplex.If required, mount the floor heating system.Warming should ensure the maintenance of the room temperature on the balcony.

Then make the walls of lath metal profiles corresponding to one or other finishing materials.They should not be too hard to move away from the walls, as the balcony area so limited.lathing strips direction and the distance between them is doing what is necessary for the proper installation of the selected material.Installing laminate lining and convenient to carry on a wooden crate, as can be nailed rail nails or staples.To finish artificial stone veneer will need pre-drywall.

It is important to close the gender.Use better dry screed of expanded clay and plywood.This will do little weight.Plywood can be laid on top of the laminate or linoleum.

modernly decorated balcony or loggia can radically change the interior space of your apartment.This room can become a favorite vacation spot for your family members.