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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shower cabin with deep tray : 120x80 , 80x80 , 90x90 , 120h90 , 150h80

Deep pan in the shower
  • high shower trays - the pros and cons
  • sizes and shapes
  • Features selection and installation
  • Prices for cabins with high pallet

Shower - demanded product in the market of sanitary ware.It is ergonomic and compact normal bath, so buyers often buy showers with deep pan than a bath.The main reason is to save space should be allocated in the corner of the bathroom just 90x90 cm. Current models of shower stalls have huge variety of additional features that will make the time spent in them unforgettable.

Small shower

high shower trays - the pros and cons

Depth of shower stall is very important, so you should definitely take the time to this feature when choosing plumbing.Shower with a deep tray rim has a height of 25 cm to 35 cm

Dushkabinki deep tray has many advantages:.

  • Deep pan retains heat longer than the model of low or medium.
  • pallet depth affects the heating of the internal space of the shower.
  • models with high pallets can be used as a mini-bath for children.
  • In a deep pan washable marker things that do not fit in the washing machine.
  • water savings when filling high pallet compared to the standard bathroom.
  • often in deep trays can adjust the seat and then the water treatment will be more comfortable.
  • High pallets allow us to communications service, which is hidden beneath them, it is easier thanks to the metal frame.
Shower with a very deep tray
Large shower with shower tray

Showers High pan only have the only drawback, which is the height of a side.Elderly or disabled persons is difficult to go into a stall, so the best solution is to lower the tray for this category of people.Although this problem can be solved by additional steps in front of the dushkabinku.

sizes and shapes

Dushkabinki high tray can be of various forms:

  • oval;
  • quadrant;
  • round;
  • square;
  • unusual.
Asymmetric shower with a deep tray
Corner shower cubicle with high board
Square high tray shower

most popular sizes showers with deep tray:

  • Small - 80x80 and 90x90;
  • Average - 120x80, 120h90;
  • Large (gidroboksom) - 150h80.

should start from the booth size when choosing the form of sanitary equipment. For example, when choosing a circular stall its length and width must not be less than 90 cm, otherwise it will be cramped and uncomfortable in such a model.

optimal size shower cubicles with high pallet models are 100x100 cm or 110x110 cm. The most popular models are the triangular shape of the pallet, called angular.The pallet is easily installed in the corner of the bathroom, and then thereto are mounted polystyrene or glass doors.

Shower with high shower tray in the corner

Features selection and installation

Depending on the degree of closeness of all models with a deep tray divided into:

  • outdoor shower without a roof;
  • model of closed type in the form of a monoblock (four walls and a roof);
  • model with built-in shower cabin.

When installing the shower with a high tray should be remembered that this model operates in accordance with the general principle:

  1. necessary to connect the hot and cold water to the mixer, which is responsible for regulation of the water temperature and its pressure.
  2. should carry out water drainage to the sewer pipe by installing the drain in the shower.

nuances of installing shower tray with high:

  • need to produce a metal base unit under the pallet;
  • to the bottom of the pallet should be attached square tube;
  • way of fastening pipe depends on the shape of the pan;
  • a pallet frame need to set a few bricks to avoid the bottom of the trough.

practical rules shower with a high tray:

  • tray should be cleaned only with special detergents;
  • can not be heated above 80 degrees the cockpit;
  • a pallet is prohibited to move after installation.
Sound-absorbing pallet base
Installation of low shower tray

Prices for cabins with high pallet

Dushkabinki deep tray produced by manufacturers from different countries of Europe and Asia. most popular brands in Europe are:

  • Germany - Pauli;
  • Italy - Art-x;
  • Czech Republic - Luxus;
  • Finland - Timo.

among Chinese manufacturers of sanitary equipment first place on the quality of Victoria and Serena took the company.

Prices for high shower trays

first place in quality and design belongs to the Italian masters.But the showers with a high tray of Italian production are the most expensive.Further down the scale of reduction of price policy are cabins of American manufacturing, the German model and the Finnish Cabin.All these manufacturers have been producing high quality, functional and comfortable equipment.Modern showers Chinese production, contrary to popular belief - a quality and technically equipped to the maximum at an affordable price and the term of the warranty to 10 years.