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August 12, 2017 18:06

Outdoor faucets : types, manufacturers , installation and selection .outdoor column

Example floor mixer
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Everybody wants to make his private island of cosiness and comfort, but at the same timeadd originality to it.And because often when repairing the bathrooms are moving away from traditional plumbing installation options, the usual standard styles or a room.This directly applies to the mixers.We consider in detail one of the modern and unusual types of equipment for a bath - outdoor faucets.

This type of plumbing as outdoor faucet is different:

  1. high altitude.
  2. durability.
  3. stylish look.
  4. usability.

often buy the floor model mixer in addition to the non-standard bath, different from traditional options for the size or shape of the original.

Bath original oval


Thanks concealed installation all pipes and unsightly compounds suitable to the mixer, masked, which is a plus to the aesthetics and beauty of the interior bathroom. If your intention is to move away from the standard layouts and set the bath away from the wall, outdoor faucet to help out in this case and will leave the room attractive and not cluttered pipes.

Floor-standing bathtub mixer
Beautiful outdoor faucet
Mixer floor


models of floor mixers are divided by the number of "feet" on:

  • legged (they use a control by means of aarm);
  • bipedal (in which management is often a traditional dvuhventilnye).
legged mixer
Types of floor mixers
Floor model mixer

If you buy a one-legged model, the hole in the floor will need to do one thing, and, respectively, for the two-legged models require two holes.The shape of the mixer can be rectangular or round.

Biped mixer

Depending on the design performance of outdoor faucets are completely different - from cutting edge to the elegant retro models.

Mixer retro typically trim so as to make it look like bronze, and at the same time ancient.Such floor mixer is well suited for the classic interior, for example, as a complement to the retro bath with legs in the form of lions' paws or to the oval marble bath on the podium.


surface of the mixer can be glossy and matte.

For manufacturing floor mixer typically use high-quality steel, which is complemented by specific types of coatings that protect against dirt and corrosion processes.

Most often, chrome surface, so that the mixer is not only protected, but also becomes an elegant look.

addition to chrome, the surface can be colored or decorated with a gold or bronze.

Gold outdoor faucet
Outdoor Column tap
Mod style floor mixer

Floor column mixer

main element of the floor of the mixer is represented by a solid column, which is fixed to the floor next to the sink or tub.She is represented by 1-2 uprights ending spout.To the upper part of the structure are fixed shower heads with a hose.

The main advantage of the floor of the column is a high strength due to the reliability of the materials for its production. Technology is constantly improving, so these santehpriborov currently have good hardening, resistance to moisture and low level of wear.

outdoor column


pipes to the outdoor faucet type are fed from under the floor, so before installing it, make sure that you can afford the underground laying of pipelines in their bathroom. When mounting the mixer, follow the instructions and pay more attention to sealing joints.

Installation of floor mixer

Before finally fix the equipment on the floor, test design for leaks.So you will avoid problems with the operation and the need to breakdown.When the work floor of the mixer is checked, it can be attached to the floor (for this use a special fixture).


Different models of floor mixers are produced by companies:

  • Migliore;
  • Hansgrohe;
  • Oras;
  • Grohe;
  • Gessi;
  • Nicolazzi and others.
Model Oras
Design floor mixer

The German manufacturer Grohe faucets, floor types are formally incorporated in the author's series and match the style of other products.It is functional and attractive high faucets.For example, selecting the model Ondus, you get minimal mixer with moderately curved spout.

Model Ondus

Veris model is simple and emotional.The Allure mixer series has a built-in hand shower.All mixers from Grohe trimmed covering StarLight Chrome, so they shine and sparkle, steadfastly maintained long service, less polluted and more resistant to scratches.

Series Mixer Allure

If you are looking for your white floor bath mixer PuraVida look at the model from the German manufacturer Hansgrohe. This mixer combines the new technology and refined form.Lovers of vintage like Axor Montreux series mixer and fans naturalness - a series of Axor Massaud.

Model PuraVida
Series Mixer Axor Montreux
Series Mixer Axor Massaud


  • Since the outdoor faucet mounted hidden, then plan to install it in your bathroom better before there were repaired. best time for the installation of the mixer - for overhaul bathroom.There will be no problems with the installation of the special equipment and the new property owner, in which the decoration is not yet completed.
  • choosing a place for outdoor faucet, be aware of its dimensions, as well as the service area. When planning to install a mixer in the wall, it will not interfere with, and in the case of installation in the middle of the room, consider the possible inconvenience for future use.