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August 12, 2017 18:06

The wooden floor in the bathroom - features and installation

Wood flooring in the bathroom
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Choice of wood
  • preparatory work before laying the floor covering
  • Waterproofing
  • floor alignment, flooring, marking
  • floor installation
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everyone who is engaged in repair in the bathroom, sooner or later asks, "What floor do in the bathroom?".Waterproof is the main requirements that apply to the floor covering in this part of the house.For this reason, the use of ordinary ceramic tiles become.But today, there is an excellent replacement for traditional ceramic floor in the bathroom.


Argued that the wooden floor is not suitable for the bathroom.But this is misleading.Properly mounted, it is not only not inferior ceramics on water resistance, but also has a number of advantages :

  • Heat .Wood has low thermal conductivity.Therefore, the wooden floor in the bathroom - a warm coat without the cost of installation of heating systems.
  • Sustainability and comfort.Using a wooden floor allows you to get away from the cold chamber music in the bathroom.The natural texture and color of natural material is filled room of calm atmosphere of warmth and comfort.
  • Creative space .Bathroom, where the floor is not finished by tiles, and wood - this is a step beyond the stereotypes.A combination of wood with other materials for decoration and decor - a great opportunity to show individuality.
Wood flooring in the bathroom


The disadvantages of a wooden floor in the bathroom include possible deformation under the influence of moisture.Although the flooring production technology to successfully cope with this problem.

If the choice is made, and the wood floor will be installed in the bathroom, it is necessary to determine the material.Consider a few of the most common.

Waterproofing wooden house was considered in detail by us in another article.

Choice of wood

teak. Shipbuilders use this material is not one hundred years.The dense fiber structure makes it not only waterproof, but also allows you to store heat.Teak wood is resistant to abrasion and chemicals.A light natural surface roughness makes the floor slip, and thus safer.Deep dark hue and distinctive wood pattern will add a bathroom nobility and luxury.Perhaps the only drawback of the floor of teak is its high cost (per 1 Blocks. Meter from 3000 to 10000 rubles).

Thermowood. modern material that deserves attention.Thermowood prepared by treating wood with steam having high temperature (240 C) without oxygen.In this way several times increased moisture resistance, resistance to developing timber fungal decay and deformation.

Wood flooring in the bathroom

How to save? larch, oak, ash, elm.These types of wood at a lower cost and high technical characteristics are a good alternative to tick.

They also allow to obtain water-resistant and sturdy flooring, create a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom.

Wood flooring in the bathroom

preparatory work before laying the floor covering

Base for installation of all types of flooring, including wood floor, requires high-quality preparation.It must be geometrically stable, durable and smooth.

Leveling the floor in the bathroom

If this cement:

  • not allowed cracks and chips in the pouring corners;
  • surface must be flat;deviation along the horizontal axis in the range of 2 mm to 2 m in length;
  • sand and cement casting should be uniform to ensure better distribution of the maximum load on all the layers of the structure.

In addition, mounting the finishing coat surface can be leveled using sheet materials: waterproof plywood, gipsovolokna, DSP or OSB.The sheets are attached to the exposed by the level of the joists.

Wood flooring in the bathroom


Base prepared.The next required step - heat insulation and waterproofing.

Increase the thermal insulation characteristics of the wooden floor, especially when it is laying on a cement screed, allow cellular materials with zero water absorption and minimum thermal conductivity.To do this more often used foil insulation based on polyethylene foam, technical cork, polystyrene, or pour a layer of crumb rubber or expanded clay.

If you do not want the floors rotted for a few years, do waterproofing.There are 3 main types: cast, paint and waterproofing roll.

cast waterproofing .This is the surest way to protect the surface from unwanted moisture.There are two main ways: cold and hot (asphalt-polymer).It is running only on hard, solid substrates.Used bituminous mastic solutions and with the application of several layers of a thickness of 5 to 15 cm. Waterproofing layer can be reinforced by fiberglass, foams or reinforcing meshes.On top of cement is applied.

Cast asphalt waterproofing bathroom

roll waterproofing .Produced by laminating the primed surface of the roll of sheet material or in several layers.When the device of floors in the bathroom is preferable to use the roll isolator based on a non-woven polyester fiber or glass fiber, covered with a layer of modified bitumen.For example, Uniflex, Izoplast, stekloelast, gidrostekloizol, Technoelast.Insulator layer is applied on the floor and give birth to the wall "with reserve" to end protrudes above the floor of the future.

More about waterproofing types, their advantages and disadvantages, you can learn by reading our article on waterproofing bath room.It also reviewed the procedure works in stages.

Waterproofing of the wooden floor in the bathroom

Paint waterproofing .Special waterproofing mixture applied to the surface of a roller or brush.This method of sealing is the easiest and least durable.

Paint waterproofing bathroom

floor alignment, flooring, marking

After the waterproofing surface level. best to use self-leveling mixture.To do this, using gidrouroven, on the walls of the same height makes the mark.Them with a cord installed beacons.According to the instructions of a mixture of products, prepare a solution and poured surface.For uniform distribution of the solution and remove air bubbles using a needle roller.Bloodthirsty base is kept for several days.To the solution scored the declared strength, it is necessary to strictly observe the manufacturer's recommendations.

Leveling the floor self-leveling compounds

next stage - laying floors. This process will require maximum precision and care.The rule of "measure twice, cut once" is more relevant than ever.The accuracy of marking and designation of communications will not only affect the quality of work, but also on its velocity.

you will need: a tape measure, a pencil, a rubber mallet, wedges, stationery knife, nails.A set of tools may vary slightly, depending on the type of material you choose.

Laying a wooden floor in the bathroom

floor installation

Before you get started, it is recommended to sustain the material within a few days in the bathroom for acclimatization.

Floor Laying begin from the door.Elements customize tightly with a rubber mallet and fixed according to the instructions.

After laying the final surface of the board is tested for the presence of errors.Minor defects are eliminated with a special wax or putty, then gently rub clean surface.

Wood flooring in the bathroom

last stage of work - protection wooden floor. For this surface once cleaned of any dirt and dust, dried and applied to a special varnish, strictly observing the instructions.

For use in the bathroom there is a special type of laminate, features and characteristics that you can learn by reading our article on water-resistant laminate bathroom.


wooden floor in the bathroom - a good alternative to the already rather boring ceramics.Modern materials allow to receive not less than reliable coverage and realize the most daring design decisions.The main rule - is patience and accuracy at each stage of the work.Do not rush and break the recommendations of experts.Ultimately, the money spent, time and effort will be rewarded by many years of operation.

Wood flooring in the bathroom