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August 12, 2017 18:06

Shed your own hands

build a shed with their hands - not such a difficult task, but without such buildings on the plot can not do, especially if the new site, and the construction of the house only has planned.At this time, the barn becomes a haven for artists, the repository for their tools , and later will be a good workshop or warehouse for firewood and garden utensils.Therefore to begin to equip fenced land is needed to install this economic structure.

Shed your own hands

barn with their hands

Site Selection

Article Contents

  • 1 Site Selection
  • 2 Site preparation
    • 2.1 Monolithic foundation
    • 2.2 Strip foundation
    • 2.3 pier foundation
    • 2.4 Video: shed on the pier foundation
    • 2.5 foundation of concrete blocks
    • 2.6 Video: construction of a barn on the basis of concrete blocks
  • 3 Installation frame, roofing and cladding
  • 4 Video: the erection of a wooden barn on a solid foundation

not install the shed where have - to start to carry out zoning, since it must be remembered that serve as the building is more than one year andIt can become a hindrance to other buildings, or spoil the landscape design conceived territory.Therefore, it is necessary to take place which would not be suitable for agricultural or ornamental plantings, device gazebo, garage, baths, toilets and other buildings.If you set the barn on the far corner of the site, he not only will not prevent the worker process, but will be protected from prying eyes.

It is important to think in advance the optimal location for this farm building

It is important to think in advance the optimal location for this farm building

But if in the future it planned to arrange a woodshed, it should not be too much to remove the shed from the main buildings, as in the winter before it will be difficult to reach, andwood should always be at hand.

selecting a suitable area for installation, you can proceed to the next steps.

Site preparation

The first thing to do after you have selected the place - is to spend the layout area.It usually is marked pegs are placed at the corners of the future structure.On the pegs pulled twine - it will be easier to control the level of the foundation satisfied.

Marking and tracing platform for the future barn

marking and tracing platform for the future shed

Foundation for the barn can be done in different ways, and the choice will depend on what material general structure will be erected.Most often, the barn is built on frame type, but some owners prefer to build a farm building and brick.

Mesh structure is much easier brick, so it is possible to choose a monolithic, columnar or strip foundation, but you can install it on concrete blocks are relatively large in size.

Under the same brick structure is well suited tape and solid foundation option.You can of course adapt to it and columnar, making a jumper between the posts, but it is quite troublesome.To select the appropriate funda I conceived structure nt to , you need to know what they look like.

Monolithic foundation

Monolithic foundation although the most expensive and time-consuming to install, but it has several advantages over other types of foundations.

Monolithic foundation

Monolithic foundation

  • It is durable and strong, so even when the wooden structure come into disrepair, on the old foundation will be to build a new one.
  • Arranging such a foundation, the owner receives not only the foundation for the walls but also the floor of the barn ready .
  • If the concrete harden topping , the floor does not require additional floor.But if you want it, you can put linoleum or tile, ie .concrete base gives full right to choose its decoration.

The construction of such a framework is as follows:

  • on the marked site dug too deep a pit as a barn - it's easy non-residential premises, not requiring insulation base.Therefore, the total thickness of it can be 300 ÷ 350 mm, ie .Underground part of it will be 200 ÷ -250 mm, and elevated 100 ÷ 150. Even if the walls are built of brick, in a half-brick (and more to the barn is usually not required) thick, so the height of the basis for it is enough.
  • the prepared area need to loosen and remove soil at 400 ÷ 550 mm in depth.
  • Then at the bottom of the pit is necessary to arrange the 100-millimeter sandy base, which will seal the funda nt CH studied.Sand is necessary, pouring water carefully compacted.
  • laid on the sand gravel same layer.It is also the maximum compacted.Rubble will make the foundation more solid and will not allow her to sag.
  • around the pit formwork set, height 100 ÷ 150 mm above ground level.
  • Next kneaded rough concrete solution, which is placed on the rubble in 7 layer thickness - 10 cm and evenly distributed throughout the trench - it will be a rough screed.
  • then immediately laid reinforcing grille with a mesh of 60 ÷ 100 mm. It is possible to fix a wire staples, sticking them in several places in the rough screed.
  • If the barn floor area is large enough, then after roughing screed seize, should be set flush with the height of the formwork beacons.They will be needed for the convenience of the surface alignment.
  • Next, pour a thin cement-sand mortar, made in the ratio of 1: 3, and leveled rule for guiding beacons.
  • designs need to give a few hours for the setting, and then cover it top polyethylene film for hardening uniformity.
  • If you plan to spend the strengthening of the surface topping , then this proce ss etc. gadfly to just grab, but still wet surface.

Strip foundation

Strip foundation requires less cost, but arranging it, have still make floor boards, plywood or also to fill the screed, but more subtle, since this type of foundation isonly for the base wall structures.It can be done , like a brick wall and a wooden frame.

Ready strip foundation

Ready strip foundation

  • for strip foundation around the perimeter of the marked area dug a trench width of about 100 ÷ 120 mm longer than the thickness of the walls of the future.The depth of the trench, as well as in-situ foundation should be 400 ÷ 550 mm.
  • laying sand cushion and strengthen rubble also produced in the same manner as in the monolith device.
  • Next trench enclose the external and internal sides of the formwork, which should be height 200 ÷ 350 mm.
  • on crushed stone layer install welded construction of steel framework, it is desirable that it has a height of 50 ÷ 70 mm below the top edge formwork.
  • Next poured into the formwork concrete mix and rattles bayonet shovel to remove air that may form inside the cavity of the concrete, which would weaken the structure.
  • Top flooded basement is leveled at the top edge formwork and construction is left to harden.
  • When the concrete hardens, formwork is removed from the base.
  • Inside the basement is best to fill expanded clay fines, he is insulated, and waterproofs the floor, and do not allow rodents to be got, as they it simply does not live.

pier foundation

Supports pier foundation can be made ​​of brick or cast concrete

supports pier foundation can be made of brick or cast concrete

pier foundation is used for the construction of the frame structure.Install it as follows:

  • allocated to the barn area to mark out exactly pier foundation as a support to stand on a certain distance from each other it is usually from one to one and a half meters.
  • By marking the required number of wells dug deep 350 ÷ 450 mm, width on top approximately 400 × 400 mm.
  • At the bottom of the excavated pit pour a layer of sand in 100 mm and the same - the rubble.Each of the layers well compacted.
  • next step is waterproofing flooring plastic film, it should pave the pit and out to the surface to a height of future columns, plus 70 ÷ 100 mm.
Formwork for pouring the foundation columnar support

formwork for pouring the foundation support columnar

  • Each pit is set formwork - a box without a bottom.Inside it crushes waterproofing film and fixed braces on his top.At the height of the box and it will be raised from the ground barn design.
  • Each box set formwork reinforcement welded or wired design.
  • Thereafter is pouring concrete solution.Above, formwork, it is leveled and left to harden.
  • While until is freezing columns, if desired, can carry out the following activities, which will reduce the moisture in the room of the barn.To do this, the entire area around the columns removed 50 ÷ 70 mm of topsoil, and in its place is filled and compacted sand, and on top of it is filled with fine gravel.
  • After hardening concrete formwork with columns removed, then it is desirable to cover the waterproofing material, such as mastic asphalt or liquid rubber.

Video: Shed on the pier foundation

foundation of concrete blocks

This kind foundation approach only for frame construction, and installation - easiestof all the above.

  • first cleared a marked deck, her withdrawn fertile soil for 50 ÷ 70 mm.
  • Instead extracted soil poured a layer of sand, watered and compacted.
  • Top it fits layer of fine gravel, which also need to ram.
  • Next, to the prepared site on the perimeter of the laid concrete blocks desired height.The distance between them should be not more than one and a half meters.Blocks need to be aligned with a spirit level.

After foundation of any type will be ready on the surface is necessary to lay the waterproofing of the roofing 2 - 3 layers.

Video: construction of a barn on the basis of concrete blocks

Installation frame, roofing and cladding

The frame of the wooden barn

frame wooden barn

Since most common method of construction of the barn - itframe structure, it is worth considering its .This design is popular because of its installation carried out quickly and simply.Home - keep under review the evenness installed and stacked bars.Properly collected and processed securely construction will last 10 ÷ 15 years.Work is carried out in stages.

  • All wooden parts is recommended to treat with antiseptic to prevent the processes of decomposition of wood, to prevent the appearance of mold on it or foci fungus, nests insects.
  • First we need to take a four-piece timber, a section of about 150 × 150 mm, two of which are of equal length and two - width of the future structure.According to them the ends of the slots are selected for fastening wooden parts together.Furthermore, these beams are placed on hydroisolated foundation.
Installing coronary beams on foundation support

Installation coronary beams on foundation support

  • support beams fastened together at the corners with metal corners. Next they need to fix to the base through-mount or metal area.
  • frame Walling can be done in two ways:

- each of the walls with regard windows and doors assembled in a horizontal position and set the shelf vertically.But in this case, can not do without assistants;

The construction of the frame separate parts

structure erected separate parts

- in the second embodiment, each of the bars is set separately according to a predetermined drawing, and then they are held together already at the place of installation.This method of connection of frame elements is much more difficult.

  • All construction must be rigid , so if you need framed walls, floor and ceiling are installed perpendicular to the bridge.
Slot connection of wooden parts

slot connection of wooden parts

  • All items are interconnected with the sample in a quarter or in «-wood floor » , held together by special metal parts.
Fixing compounds metal corners

Fixing compounds metal corners

  • must be remembered that the front wall of the shed should be above 200 ÷ 300 mm in the rear, so that the roof had a ramp.
It should immediately provide roof slope

should immediately provide roof slope

  • After the erection of frame walls and connecting them to each other, arranged crate roof.
  • Bars battens mounted on certain distance - it will depend on what material is selected for the roof.For example, under the soft roof or shingles have to lay plywood sheets.But, mainly , to cover the outbuildings used corrugated board, metal tiles or slate.Sheets of these materials - wide enough, so they are fixed directly on the crate roof.In this step of laying parallel bars in a horizontal orientation (perpendicular to the slope) should be about 500 - 600 mm.
Simple device crate under the flooring slate

Simple device crate under the flooring slate

  • When a frame structure is covered with a roof, you can proceed to the floor and wall paneling.The floorboards (if you plan on a wooden floor) are laid on the joists and fasten them with screws.
  • walls are sheathed with in two ways: only the outside or both inside and out.

1. If you want to structure look neat and well fit into the landscape design, its top sheathe modern vinyl clapboard.Inside the casing is used for plywood.

Boarding barn boards

Boarding barn boards

If the barn will serve as a workshop in which you plan to work to the very cold weather, the structure of the walls can be further warmed with mineral wool.To this end, a heater mats are laid in the frame batten walls between the lining and plywood.

2. If the inside of the barn was not planned to sheathe, the outside it is possible to issue a more dense or thick enough plywood boards with grooves in the skin that has not been slit.However, it looks quite original and lining board with overlapping upper elements at the bottom (on the shingle type).

Сарай, обшитый досками по принципу "дранки"

Shed, steering boards on the principle of "shingles»

  • When the building is clad in her install windows, if provided for windows, door frame and the door itself.If
  • barn was set on pier foundation or concrete slab, the lower part of the cross-cutting structures (cellar) also need to sheathe.Trim fix on posts or concrete slabs.As the skin can be used flat slate, conventional boards or vinyl siding.
  • The rear part of the roof is fixed gutter to drain rainwater, or water can seep under the shed, and this is not desirable for any built.