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August 12, 2017 18:07

Stretch ceilings in the nursery : a step by step installation instructions

Children's room is a space that clearly needs to be cozy and warm.It should be borne in mind and the fact that the room is often a lot of details that allow the child to develop faster.It can be different patterns on the walls, fitness equipment, ladders, weights.However, most attention in the room should be given to design it.For children's rooms are most appropriate ceilings.


  • Features of suspended ceilings in the nursery
  • Use of suspended ceilings in the nursery
  • Options stretch ceilings for a child's room
  • process suspended ceilings installation in children's
    • Tools for mounting
    • Stepinstallation process
    • Other details

These wall elements not only look great, but can significantly transform the entire room.With the proper approach, children's room will be a real area for the child's creativity.The younger generation will enjoy the captivating bright surface tension ceiling, from which develops imagination and thirst for creativity.

It should be borne in mind that the installation of stretch ceiling in the children's room has some specific details.Accordingly, the need to use more imagination that the result turned out just excellent.In this article we will try to analyze the installation of suspended ceilings, as well as all the details associated with these repairs.


Features of suspended ceilings in the nursery

first thing that comes to mind in this regard, is the installation of suspended ceilings with original drawings.And this is true, and it is necessary to take care of first.Interesting and colorful images on the ceiling of a positive impact on the outlook of the child, despite the fact that the drawings, for example, can be quite a bit.

In our case, the most important thing is to use a colorful image that would not only have a meaning, but also surprised child with bright colors, tints and patterns and other drawing techniques.

course, often parents choose the figures, which show the favorite cartoon heroes baby.However, at the same time it is to try and complete the composition and other important elements that will allow the younger generation as quickly as possible to begin to explore the world.It may be clouds, flowers, trees, leaves, whole landscapes, as well as numerous articles.

Most often the companies that produce the ceilings for the order, there are already a lot of ready-made options from which you can make the most appropriate ceiling.Either it is already possible to use the ready-made achievements as a background image, which is complemented by all the other necessary images.

And most importantly - the color of the background.Obviously, white ceilings for a child's room - is not the best option.At the same time to the basic color should also be approached responsibly.Most often, in children's rooms is operated blue or blue background of the tension material.However, in some cases it may be light pink, green, purple color.It is necessary to treat the maximum carefully to all the bright colors, as these options may be very irritable and vision, and for the human psyche.Accordingly, it is best to opt for a pleasant eye shades.


Use of suspended ceilings in the nursery

Recently ceilings are increasingly set it in children's rooms.In this case we are talking about a number of advantages of the material:

  • complete safety.Modern ceilings - it's safe materials that are non-flammable and does not emit any harmful substances.This is the most important thing is what should worry parents, took the decision to install the suspended ceiling.Unfortunately, many modern materials that are commercially available, have the opposite properties, so to make a mistake is easy enough.It is advisable to find out from the manufacturer, where the purchase of material security.Often companies have special certificates and certificates that confirm those or other characteristics of the material.It is obvious that believe the simple words are not worth it.
  • Appearance.As we have said, only the ceilings are so eye-catching colors and options, and even in a huge range.Moreover, if necessary, you can use their ideas and sketches to implement the most successful design.In recent years, such services are distinguished by low prices, so that afford such a pleasure can all comers.It is also worth bearing in mind that the images printed on stretched canvas, clear like children.Self-made designs that are created on the whitewashed surface, often do not look very attractive.
  • Easy installation and high quality.As is known, the ceilings are installed quickly and with proper approach we get a perfectly flat surface that will remain so for many years.If necessary, the web can be easily removed and replaced.In addition, any contamination, which appear on the ceiling, can be quickly removed with ordinary cloth.The elasticity of the material - is also a strong point of the material, since the accidental release of various subjects on the ceiling cloth does not deform and remains in excellent condition.
  • use of thermal and acoustic insulation.Free space that is available between the main ceiling and stretched canvas, can be used with advantage.Often owners acquire and equip insulation material on the surface.Accordingly, the room becomes much warmer in winter.You can also install the soundproofing, but for excellent efficiency should be covered with an insulating material surrounding walls.

At the same time, we should not forget about the negative aspects of suspended ceilings in the nursery.It is necessary to bear in mind the fact that the web is really easy to damage, but it is only about the use of sharp objects.Active Child is uniquely easy to damage the ceiling, so the parents in such a situation it is necessary to exercise the utmost care to avoid this.At the same time it is necessary to bear in mind that any damage due to stretch ceiling, can be easily removed.

In addition, you should pay attention to the fact that the installation of the tension is often performed by specialists.It should be borne in mind that in the nursery often installs the multi-level ceilings, and even with additional spotlights.Accordingly, without the help of professionals will be very difficult at least something to change or fix.

ceiling - to - child - 0002

options for suspended ceilings

  • children's room most often in children's rooms creates a ceiling version called "starry sky".Such a stretch ceiling has a really attractive appearance, which is simply fascinating.For children is such a surface would be a miracle.In the "starry sky" can be viewed for a long time, and at whatever angle the surface will look in their own original way.With specific regard to such ceiling, it consists of LEDs that are arranged uniformly across the surface.In the same situation, the tension fabric should be black and dark blue, the surface looked really like a starry sky.Specialists are often carried out the installation of the LED system with a variety of filters that shimmer in a certain mode.In such circumstances, the ceiling will not be able to look away.
  • Experts recommend the use of the most common color palettes that would feature simple, but it would look bright and attractive for children.In this case it is sufficient to divide the ceiling into several sectors (using drywall), and for each of them to set color paintings.It is advisable to choose a completely different color, giving up shades.Thus it is necessary to see to it that the colors were bright, as this may adversely affect the concentration of the child and his perception.
  • In that case, if the ceiling is installed in the room where the child is having fun, and doing lessons and other serious things, you should choose neutral options surfaces, so they do not distract the attention of Chad.Obviously, a variety of colors and a variety of LED systems are not the best way affect the emotional state of the child, especially if he has to concentrate on the learning process.
  • Another great option - it is the surface tension ceiling that resembles a blue sky.It is a good idea for a children's room, which only learn about the world.Together with the air at the surface and must be arranged some other elements.The lamp can perform the function of the sun, and nearby you can hang, for example, butterflies or birds.For such purposes can be found in stores cardboard figures, which are suspended on thin ropes.If done tastefully, the appearance of a room does not leave anyone indifferent.

installation process suspended ceilings in the nursery

Tools for mounting

Often when mounting tension ceiling you need a few tools, but under certain conditions may expand the list:

  • heat gun;
  • roulette;
  • hammer;
  • screwdriver;
  • miter box;
  • stationery knife;
  • flat and angled blades;
  • otbivochnogo cord;
  • water level.

stepwise assembly process

  1. With gidrourovnya made markings on the base ceiling.It should be noted the places where fixing baguettes will occur (these elements are necessary to secure the tension cloth).
  2. Next you need to unzip the canvas and expose it to heat.For these purposes often use heat gun.The heating temperature is often specified in the documentation.
  3. With clip-clamp tension fabric attached to the baguette.The first corner of the web you need to fill in a baguette using a harpoon.
  4. The web is heated on a diagonal, and the heating temperature should be around 70 degrees Celsius.
  5. Then you need to make a harpoon in the ceiling profile groove, directing to the opposite corner.This procedure is carried out from all angles and diagonals.After cooling, the film is ready for full operation.

stretch - ceiling - beautiful - and - practical solutions

Other details

It should be noted that the process becomes much more complicated in the case, if we have a multi-level ceiling.As already mentioned, in the nursery makes sense to implement such a project.To do this, you need to create the design of the metal profile, all sheathe plasterboard.In this case, you need to spend a lot of time to correctly position the fasteners for mounting the tension of the web.

In addition, the children's rooms are often used spotlights.To do this, you need to be in possession of the reinforcing ring.On the light, of course, you need to think long before going on the installation of the web.The essence of the process is that we need to know about where will be located the wire for lighting, and to these places to carry out all the necessary communications.Accordingly, it is necessary to attach the main ceiling lamp stand and legs, to bring the wires (so that they extend from the rack).Further, when the suspended ceiling is installed, you need to find a place where the lights will be located.In these places fasten reinforcing rings.If you are confident that their position is correct, then the inside of the ring can be cut with a knife or office building.Then simply remove the wire and output so that you can easily attach to the light source.After that, it remains only to fix the lamp in the rack.

should also keep in mind that if you placed a colorful pattern on the surface of the stretch ceiling, it will cost quite expensive.Accordingly, in such circumstances, the installation process should be carried out by experts.If you buy enough fabric in a successful company, it should provide a full range of services, right up to installation of spotlights.This option is most safe for the hosts, who are not confident in their abilities.