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August 12, 2017 18:07

Recommendations for installing solar panels in your home

Today we tell you how to install solar panels for the house with his own hands.In fact, the steps for installing work panels or collectors, which are used in modern private homes for autonomous heating, not too time consuming.The problem is that it is necessary to correctly position the device on the roof, so that they can operate with high efficiency.Next we to you the step by step instructions for installation, as well as illustrative examples of photos and video!

  • existing mounting options
  • Stages of installation work

Existing options

fastening First let's talk about how it is possible to install solar panels at home.There are several installation methods, namely:

  1. on the roof with slope less than 40 degrees.In this case, you can either make a special load-bearing structure of the profiles, or if the angle of inclination of the roof more than 30 degrees, to install solar panels without the bracket, as shown in the photo below (Option 2).Installation on the frame Independent electricity cottages
  2. On the flat roof of the building.Under such special conditions necessary to make a metal frame with an inclined plane for mounting solar panels at an angle relative to the roof.
    Installation of panels on a flat surface
  3. on the wall.In practice there is a way to install solar panels on the roof is extremely rare.As in other cases, you first create a reliable frame structure, to which the attachment is carried out.In this case, the battery also be set at an angle.Wall mount option
  4. in the ground on a special support in the form of rods.This installation option can be used in regions with heavy snowfall or if other mounting options, except on poles, are not suitable.The power supply system on the masts
  5. On the balcony or loggia.If you decide to install solar panels on their own in an apartment, then you can place them on the roof terrace or on the outside, as shown in the pictures below.Alternative accommodation for balcony Installation on the visor

most often at home using the first and second installation option.Now we look at how to perform the installation of solar panels with your own hands and what nuances you need to consider in order to make things right.

Stages of installation work

So, before you install your own panels on the roof of an apartment house, you should ensure the following:

  • The roof can withstand the load of the weight of the frame structure and the battery itself, which you are about to install.
  • near objects will not tilt the shadow on the surface of cells.First, an insufficient number of devices reduce the solar energy efficiency, secondly, some of the panels will not work at all, if at least a small portion of the surface will drop shadow.And, thirdly, the solar battery can even be damaged in such a case, because of the so-called "stray currents".
  • Wind gusts will not be threatened autonomous system (set design should not be a sailboat).
  • you can easily take care of the surface of the solar panels (to wash them from the dirt, clean off the snow, etc.).Cleaning system of snow Cleaning mop

Based on all these points need first of all to choose the right, where it is better to install the system on the roof.Now it should be noted that the system should be built on the south side, since it is necessary in this area the maximum amount of solar energy in day light.

Once you determine where the panel will be placed (or collectors), you must proceed to the assembly of the frame structure and its installation on the roof.Be sure to use only metal corners and profiles.They are made of timber frame does not, as recommendedit will quickly lose its strength properties.It is best to use a square profile 25 * 25 mm or corner, but at this stage all especially individually - if you decide to install solar panels large area, the profile section must be an order of magnitude greater.
complete overview of installation work
YouTube Preview
installation mounts on the roof

YouTube Preview
Special attention should be paid to the slope of the panels to the horizontal plane, and in other words - the earth's surface.For each region, the conditions are a little different, but usually in the spring it is recommended to perform the installation of solar panels at an angle of 45 degrees, and the closer to fall 70-75.That is why you need to think through in advance of the frame structure, so that you can manually choose the angle at which to install the system under the sun.Typically, the frame is made in the form of a triangular prism and secured to the roof with bolts.

immediately draw your attention to the fact that on a flat roof or on the ground do not need to perform the installation of horizontal panels.In the winter, you have to constantly clean the snow from the surface, otherwise the system will not work.

Another no less important requirement - between the roof and solar panels have to be an air space (important in the event that you decide to install the panel without a frame or on a flexible metal roofing).If the air space is missing, impaired heat dissipation, which may in the future for a short period of time to bring the system down!The exceptions are the roof of slate or Ondulin, which, thanks to the wavy structure of the roofing material, will provide their own air approach.

And the last important point installation - solar panels should be fastened in a horizontal position (along the long side of the house).If we ignore this rule can occur uneven heating of the top and bottom of the panel, which significantly reduce the efficiency of use of the autonomous power supply system or a private home heating.

Mounting section of the power supply system in the mast and the wall you can on this video:

How to set the structure on poles?
YouTube Preview
mount panels on the wall
YouTube Preview

That's all that I wanted to tell you how to install solar panels for the house with their hands!We hope that the instructions provided with the photo report and video tutorials for you was interesting and useful!

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