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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design a small bathroom : change the size of the combined design, choice of tiles

Design a small bathroom
  • bathroom planning
  • Redevelopment
  • Plumbing
  • Hiding washing machine
  • use the space above the doorway
  • choice of colors
  • finishing (walls, floor, ceiling)
  • Lighting
  • Furniture Accessories
  • How to create comfort

If the area of ​​the bathroom does not exceed 4 square meters.m., it can be confidently called small. And, often cherished meters is even smaller - 3, and even just 2. And the majority of urban high-rise buildings forced to settle for such a tiny plumbing "happiness."Repairing such a small space causes a lot of difficulties. In fact, the design of a small bathroom - easily solvable problem. main thing - to approach this question correctly.

About design bathroom area of ​​3 square meters.m., read another article.

bathroom planning

Want to make a good design in the bathroom modest size - start with a plan. Carefully consider the location of the plumbing, interior details and colors.Do not be afraid to pick up the tape measure and pencil, to make a few calculations and drawings.The reward for this work will be the most comfortable and functional bathroom, albeit small.

Small bathroom


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Redesign improves the efficiency of the room.Several techniques can help increase the useful area of ​​the small bathroom.

door should open outwards. a standard installation door opening into a small room could lose one third of the free space and much to lose in functionality.You can also install door coupe.

Move bath. If the room has a rectangular shape, it is possible to rearrange the bath to the short wall.You may have to buy a new, shortened version.Costs will be negligible, but the advantages of such a rotation tangible.You can also buy a bath, not greater in length.Then it will be a place for the sink or washing machine.

The door to the outside in a small room
Design a small bathroom
Not long bath in a small bathroom

Discard the bath in favor of the soul. Replacing cumbersome plumbing in the compact shower can be a good idea to unload space.With the current market diversity it is possible to choose a model to suit every taste, color and budget.

Place the sink in the corner. Corner sinks allow a good idea to save space.There are models with a bedside table and hanging.Nightstand hide communication and mounted sink add to the interior of weightlessness.

Get rid of the washing machine. Not literally, of course.Appliance can be transferred to the kitchen or the hallway.And you can hide under the sink.

Washing machine under the sink in the small bathroom
Corner sink in the small bathroom
Shower instead of a bath in a small bathroom

Read our article on the design of combined bathroom.You will find a lot of interesting ideas!

In some cases, possible global changes, and the total area of ​​the small bathroom is increased.Someone decided to cut the pantry, to sacrifice a part of the corridor, and even food. Someone breaks down the wall between the bathroom and toilet, combining the bathroom and making it combined. Anyway, remodeling - is a serious step that requires deliberation and consultation with all members of the family.

In this case, be sure to get permission to perplanirovku apartment from the state.authorities.Unauthorized alterations regarding the demolition of the walls is not allowed.


If you desire to have a spacious bathroom you have more than the love of many hours of lying down in the bath, do not hesitate to give up on her. in very small areas it can be replaced by a shower with a drain in the floor and a screen. main nuance - a thorough waterproofing, to avoid trouble with the neighbors.This is what we have already told in the article about waterproofing bathroom.

Shower with a drain in the floor

Instead of boring bath can be installed shower.Minimum size -. 90 to 90 cm Shower cabin can be equipped with a deep pan (25-35 cm), flat (10-18 cm) and superflat (6-10 cm).To conserve space cab work best with a sliding door.

interesting alternative for the failure of the bath can be ofuro.This is a Japanese bath in the form of barrels of hardwood or ceramic.One ofuro solves two problems at once: saving space in a small room and the opportunity to soak in warm water.However, only sitting.To this end, the ofuro is equipped with a bench.Significantly saves space and vertical bath.

Vertical bath in the bathroom as the ofuro

Hiding washing machine

To free space in the bathroom can be hidden under the sink washing machine. The sale is intended for this purpose tandem sink-washing machine.In some cases, render the machine in the kitchen.In this case the transfer of the necessary communications are not too difficult, because in the kitchen there is a water supply and sewerage.

particularly inventive owners manage to install the washer between the bathroom and toilet. For this part of the hollow partitions and the washing machine is firmly fixed in the doorway.

Washing machine in the wall between the bathroom and toilet , and a room with a sink

use the space above the doorway

place above the doorway - a trump card up his sleeve a skilled designer.It is possible to organize additional storage.If you plan to publish here a small locker, the competent lights transform it into a creative interior zest.

Shelf will look simple and easy, bright accessories will add a stylish note in the interior.

Shelf above the doorway bathroom

choice of colors

In creating a design small bathroom should not use dark colors. They visually reduce the already small-sized room.

better to abandon the complex combinations of colors, accent strips or tiles with ornament.

optimal color scheme of the bathroom a small area of ​​the room - it's bright colors.This palette is not limited to white, although white bathroom is competent decision.You can use a gentle olive, beige, light shades of lilac or pink.

to add emotions to the interior will be quite a few bright accents.

A small bathroom with bright accents
Small bathroom in bright colors
A small bathroom with bright orange tile

finishing (walls, floor, ceiling)

Correct finishing of walls, ceiling and floor will enable visually expand the space and make it cozy and interesting.Carefully think over design in every detail and always draw everything on the plane.


terms of hygiene and safety wall bathrooms best finish ceramic tiles.For a bathroom with a small area it is not necessary to use large tiles.She "steal" space.

tiles with large geometric patterns are also contraindicated.

To visually expand the wall, well suited glossy glazed pottery. better to abandon the color separation space with vertical or horizontal stripes.The maximum that you can afford - this zoning by non-contrast colors.


Elegant looks in a small bathroom floor made of mosaic.Small elements of the "dissolved" in the space of a mosaic, harmoniously complementing it.

Suitable and medium-sized tiles, possibly under the patterned mosaic.

But the biggest ceramics is banned.It is necessary to abandon the contrasting grout for joints.

Mosaic in a small bathroom
A small bathroom with contrasting accents
A small bathroom with a bathtub


In a small bathroom design need to use even use the ceiling.No, nailed to the shelf is not necessary.But competently beat with light and color will not be superfluous.Bright ceiling with gloss fits perfectly.

Glossy ceilings

permitting the height of the walls, then we can make a vaulted ceiling.Fold the corners, you can get rid of the effect of the box.

Light clouds painted on the ceiling, add air feeling of mild euphoria and relaxation.But they should byuyt barely noticeable, or ceiling can "push".

Consider make a mirrored ceiling - it will increase the visual space.More details you can find out about it in our article on the mirrored ceiling.

Mirrored ceiling in the small bathroom


right light in a small room plays a big role.Do not use heavy central fixtures and too intense light.To get rid of the dark areas and avoid irritating the optic nerve, it is best to mount a soft spot lighting on the ceiling and a small wall sconces.

Lighting in the bathroom - lights and lamps

Mirrors and other little tricks

Embodying the design in the bathroom with an area of ​​no more than 4 square meters, a special place is given to the mirror.This inherent bathroom attribute allows visually enlarge the space.A good choice for the bathroom will close cabinet with mirror facade, located above the sink.The mirror can be built on the door leaf.If the bathroom has a window, if possible, place it in front of a large mirror.But do not unduly exploit the mirror in the interior: multiple reflections create a labyrinth effect.

A large mirror in the bathroom


bathroom Little Square - furniture minimalism!Cupboard under the sink, cupboard above it and a couple of shelves above the toilet - that's all.If you need a place to be able to sit down, folding chair suitable for mounting in the wall.The color of the furniture in the bathroom should be gently stands out without sharp contrasts.The original can be the use of glass in addressing the issue of small furniture bathroom.Shelves of glass will add light and air.The main thing - to choose a quality material.

Bathroom with a minimum of furniture


Do not burden the design of a small bathroom, plenty of accessories.Use only what you need: towel holders and toilet paper and mirrors.Holders can be placed in a pre-equipped with niches.By the way, in small niches can be hidden and scented candles.

Accessories in a small bathroom

Can you make a special rim of the tile and use it as a shelf.

Rack of tiles in the bathroom

How to create comfort

comfort Pawn in a small bathroom - Proper location of plumbing and furniture, carefully thought-out color scheme.Using the angular plumbing will allow to beat the space in a new way and will add comfort.

Plumbing in the bathroom is small in size

Feel-good factor depends on the details: holders, carpet and even the number of tubes and bottles on the shelves. main rule - do not satiate the interior of such trifles.

small bathroom

Scented candles, hidden in small niches, not only will add a sense of comfort, but also help create a unique relaxation area on a few square meters.

Candles in the bathroom

And, of course, an important role is played by lighting.

Do not be afraid to repair a small bathroom.Create a design in it - rather, a challenge of imagination, rather than an impossible task.For example, a sink can be hidden in the wall and hang the toilet above the floor.Decorate one wall of the landscape, and thus expand the space.The main rule - to stick to the minimalist design of the bathroom in a modest-sized room.