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August 12, 2017 18:06

Corner kitchen : design and interior elements .A photo

Corner kitchen

Corner kitchen universal: they are suitable for both small and large spaces, and fit into any design.Since such a plan is simple in design and easy to use from a practical point of view, it is equally loved and professional designers, and ordinary townsfolk and is often used in the design of kitchens.Angular layout is particularly relevant for small apartments and studios, as it saves square footage and, if necessary, helps to divide the room into zones.

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Corner kitchen: planning principle

Any corner kitchen - is, in fact, a triangle.Such planning of kitchen appliances and furniture are arranged perpendicular to each other along the adjacent walls, forming the center of space to work.As a rule, the kitchen corner elements alternate: first there is a refrigerator, then the working surface, after washing, the surface again, stove, etc.

Design kitchen corner

Design kitchen corner

If the size of the room allows, in a large corner kitchen workspace moves to the center - is the so-called "island".

Corner kitchen with

Corner kitchen with 'island'

variety of styles

kitchen design can be kept completely in any of the existing styles - it all depends on the taste of the owners andgeneral surroundings of an apartment or house.Here is a small list of popular design styles.

Classic kitchen corner

decades does not lose relevance and fit almost any decor.This style is characterized by wooden elements, quality materials and noble color palette.The classic style kitchen angular acceptance are medium or large in size.

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is considered the most practical style.It is characterized by brevity, the use of built-in appliances, restrained colors and an emphasis on lighting.Furniture can be of various materials, including relatively inexpensive.It is in an Art Nouveau style often make out a small corner kitchen, where you will find the photo below.

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corner kitchen in the style of Provence which year remains in the trend.This style - the embodiment of women's dreams of a chalet in France.Features: bright palette (from pistachio to ivory), an abundance of floral motifs, artificially aged furniture, usually white or light blue, pottery and textiles with frivolous ornaments.

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Perfect for those who want to be close to nature, but is not yet ready to Provence.Almost always, this style is chosen, owners of private homes, but he can harmoniously fit into the space and apartments.Key attributes: natural color, as much wood, textiles made of natural fabrics, wicker and pottery.

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Corner kitchen in this style decorate turns reputable design magazines, as high-tech - a selection of modern self-confident people.It is characterized by the predominance of metal and glass, good lighting, the latest technical developments and strict lines.The high-tech naturally exist and small corner kitchen - photos show it clearly.

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Corner kitchen in a Scandinavian style

Every second modern corner kitchen is made in the Scandinavian style, even if the owners are not aware of it.Its obvious advantages - laconic, economical and practical.For Scandinavian style characterized by bright, muted colors, the most functional furniture, lots of light (preferably natural) and white walls.

Corner Scandinavian cuisine .A photo

Corner Scandinavian cuisine.Photo

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Corner kitchen white Scandinavian style .A photo

Corner kitchen white Scandinavian style.Photo

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Decorative elements in design

design corner kitchen can be customized with the help of some decorative elements.Regardless of the overall design style, they give the room a finished look and interesting.


great idea for those who love home parties or are tired of the traditional dining tables.In the large kitchen you can build separate the bar, in a small - to make it an extension of the working surface or window sill.

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Glass apron

In our country stekljanyj apron (skinali) is increasingly gaining popularity.With the help of a glassed kitchen apron for a corner, you can create your own label, pattern, or select a preset pattern.And you can make a transparent tempered glass.These aprons are made of special glass, so it is very durable.

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Additional lights

perfect solution for small rooms with a lack of natural light.Backlight LED lamps give a cozy kitchen and make cooking more comfortable.

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Making corner kitchen

Corner suites are of three types:

  • L-shaped (furniture and appliances are located along 2 walls);
  • U-shaped, or - a U-shaped (furniture and appliances are arranged along three walls);
  • «insular" form (the working area is moved to the center).
  • U-shaped or "island" form of the headset is more suitable owners of medium-sized and large kitchens, because between the parallel sides should be at least a few meters of free space.

key moment of registration of such kitchen - corner.Equip it in several ways.

  • Use a corner sink.It can be built in the center, to the right or to the left wing.This washing is particularly relevant in the apartment with corner pipes.
  • Dock two thumbs up and use the work surface to your liking.In the corner you can put a coffee maker, toaster, double boiler or a bowl of fruit.
  • Install corner sofa - it will make your kitchen a comfortable and relaxing.

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small corner kitchen: design features

Not all are happy owners of a spacious kitchen.Sometimes space for design of experiments to do, and in such cases very angular kitchen help out.They allow the effective use of every square meter, and fit in a tiny room with all the necessary equipment.

But it would be desirable that the kitchen was not only functional, but also comfortable.Several small tricks will help to combine these two qualities.

  • Light colors will make the room visually larger and juicy color accents add brightness kitchen.
  • mirrored surface - a classic way to "add" a small room a few extra square meters.
  • Open shelves add space depth.
  • abundance of light will also be in your favor, especially when combined with previous ideas.
  • With the proper approach to the functional beauty and small corner kitchen (photo below) is not inferior to large.

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