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August 12, 2017 18:06

6 ideas for the children's room Interior of a young child .Photo children's bedrooms

Nursery for girls 5-10 years

Design a child

Design a child's room for a girl

Given the fact that the room is sufficient natural light, the designers rather successfully beat children's room with the help ofcolors, unusual chandeliers and lamps, as well as more vivid detail.Dark purple wallpaper, delicate pastel shades curtains and bedspreads, closet with mirrored doors create a warm and cozy atmosphere, which is so nice to dream a little princess.

Interior nursery for girls 7 , 10 years old

Photo 2 Interior nursery for girls 7, 10 years

Decorating children

Photo 3 Decorating children's bedrooms

Children's room for a newborn baby

Modern bright room for a child

Photo4 Modern bright room for a child

interior of the room is more like a decoration to a fairy tale, but it is easy and very relaxed at the same time.Given that the room is designed for a newborn baby or toddler, the designers used the light wallpaper, but diluted with bright and pleasing to the eye parts.Pale green, unobtrusive blue in combination with white and pastel shades look very organic and suitable for both girls and boys.Cot for the newborn white, next place for moms.

Room for a small child with a crib and toys

Picture 5 Bedroom for a young child with a crib and toys

Design children

Photo 6 Design a nursery in the attic.Blue wardrobe

Children's bedroom for a child 7, 8, 9 years


Photo 7 Child's bedroom 8, 9, 10 years

This room is a magical housethat will allow the child to plunge into a real fairy tale.Functional and very comfortable furniture will allow your child to hold comfortably is not only free time, but also to deal with.The main accents in the room - a wall with a bright image and a fantastic window on the ceiling.Riot of colors successfully diluted with natural daylight, which allows the room to look at ease.

Children's bedroom for the girls


11 Photo Children's bedroom design project

In this room, the designers managed to create a cozy bedroom, underlining its passion ballet mistress.Delicate shades of wallpaper, curtains and furniture combined with colorful cushions and thematic paintings on the wall, as well as the image of a ballerina on the cabinet doors probably will like the little dancer.All of this will feel comfortable here.

Bedroom for girls 6-8let .Closet

12 Photo Bedroom for girls 6-8 years.Wardrobe compartment

A small children

Photo 13 small children's room with workplace

Design small child's bedroom for the girls

Princess Room

Photo 14 Princess Room

This room- the dream of every little princess.Everything here is like a real fairy-tale beauty room: and exquisite miniature furniture and elegant curtains on the windows and an unusual chandelier.At the same time, the designers have not forgotten about the enthusiasm the girls love music and animals.Soft light, pastel shades, soft pink color - is not it the dream of every girl.

Interior room for the girls in the Khrushchev

Picture 15 Interior of a room for the girls in the Khrushchev

Design a child

Photo 16 Design a child's room for a girl in Khrushchev

Bright design a child's room


Photo 17children's room decor

unusual and original design is the choice in favor of the puzzle on the wall in the nursery.In such a child will be comfortable, and boy and girl.Warm neutral shades will configure not only rest, but also a working mood and fun games.There used zoning successful reception rooms: a comfortable sofa suitable for sleeping and for fun games with your friends, compact cabinets can hold clothes, books, toys, and sports a small wall will maintain health, without leaving the room.Green and brown shades in combination with white color used in the wallpaper and ceiling light curtains on the windows and plenty of natural light create a pleasant relaxed atmosphere.

House Repair for boy 6-8 years

18 Photo Repair for boy's room 6-8 years