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Living Room

August 12, 2017 18:06

Budget option design a living room with kitchen and decorative fireplace

From the threshold viewed the idea of ​​the designer - clean lines and simplicity of form.The apartment is difficult to attribute to any particular style.As present in the atmosphere and decoration decorations different directions.One thing is certain, the interior is designed for young and danamichnyh.

combined living room and kitchen in a small apartment

From the threshold, you find yourself in a modern room, accommodating everything you need.Convenient wardrobe, chest of drawers for shoes and stool, it was convenient to sit down and put on shoes.What else does?

Corridor is in the combination of white with blue ceiling painted with white paint.A wall decorated with decorative stone, goes into the living room.On this wall there are elements of decor, namely, affordable paintings, and in the center of the composition round wooden clock with roman numerals.Beneath them is located console table in white for details.

living design with artificial fireplace

In the living room you get out of the corridor, but there is the usual boundaries.Visually, it emits only half of the dark-colored laminate.At the same time, the wall of the corridor - a case - compartment, a little advanced into the room and spectacularly decorated paper wallpaper with floral ornaments.Even more distracting from this forced measure, finishing wall portal and stylized as a decorative fireplace.A beautiful candle in it, the evening will create a unique romantic atmosphere.

Interior living room with open plan kitchen .A budget option

Photo 1 - Interior living room with open plan kitchen.Budget option

On another wall is not located expensive furniture group.The cabinets are made specifically for this apartment, underlined color walls and contain everything you need for training and entertainment.The central part decorated of the laminate so that the impression is created that the floor went to the wall.

Living room with decorative fireplace budget option in 2014

Photo 2 - Living room with decorative fireplace budget option in 2014

Due to the abundance of white, the interior looks easy, but is not "sick".A combined living room with kitchen creates an even more powerful functionality.There is a kind of interior partitions only a huge comfy sofa natural light brown color with lots of decorative pillows.Minimalistic interior complemented by a comfortable armchair and coffee table.

Budget interior living room with kitchen .Combined wallpaper

Photo 3 - Budget interior living room with kitchen.Combined wallpaper

room illuminated by a lamp and a central point in the form of lamps and lamp.Split - system maintains a pleasant climate in the room.Textiles on the discreet windows.

little room corner kitchen

Furniture Group white kitchen combined with light wood inserts takes two walls in the kitchen.The room has a custom form designer and successfully defeated it by putting all the necessary equipment for cooking. In a small kitchen area designer sought to save space, so use built-in appliances.

Kitchen combined with living in a small apartment .

Photo 4 - Kitchen combined with living in a small apartment.

The dining area is a small round table, a regular store bought, and the chairs are dressed in colorful covers.This technique a little diluted with plenty of white in the interior.A low lighting in the style of hi-tech zone is further identified as a decorative and functional.

Built-in appliances in the small kitchen .Roman blinds on windows

Photo 5 - Built-in appliances in the small kitchen.Roman blinds on windows

What happened in the end.

And as a result we see a budget version of the living room with a kitchen for a young family.In my opinion it is right that the interior is not expensive, because young families often can not afford the luxury of classical design.In the living room there is a sofa, where you can relax and watch TV, decorative fireplace to create a romantic atmosphere.Special attention should be light, it represents a large number of point lights, some of which are movable.