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August 12, 2017 18:06

The apartment is in the style of Provence - photo of two interiors of apartments .

Article Contents:

  • 1 Characteristic features Mediterranean style Provence
  • 2 apartment in high-rise building in the style of Provence.Photos of the finished interior
  • 3 Mediterranean interior with a modern twist.The apartment is in the style of Provence

Characteristic features Mediterranean style Provence

Features and Benefits of the interior design trends:

  • apartment in the style of Provence is full of sun and light;
  • is an illusion of fresh sea air in the room;
  • there is a feeling of warmth and home, living, man-made comfort;
  • used natural materials in the spirit before the industrial era - wood, stone, metal, cotton and linen fabrics, pottery and porcelain;
  • dominated by bright colors close to natural - white, beige, light brown, sea, muted gray, rough whitewashed colors, no bright, flashy colors and causes;
  • decor fit in all the cute family stuff brought from travel trinkets and old trinkets found at a flea market;
  • are played rustic floral motifs, cell, strip, folk ornaments.

pleasant family atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to create original ideas made everything flat design in the style of Provence relevant and popular.But the general concept may be quite different in the two examples discussed below.

apartment in high-rise building in the style of Provence.Photos of the finished interior

This is a classic apartment in the style of Provence.Photo bedroom, a living room, a nursery, a hall with floor-to-ceiling windows are made in the traditional palette: dominated by white, beige, blue and gray.Boudoir girls are a little different.He is closer to the traditional English country country while maintaining the overall style of Provence.


apartment in the style of Provence.Photo project kvartira_v_stile_provans20 kvartira_v_stile_provans21 kvartira_v_stile_provans22 kvartira_v_stile_provans23 kvartira_v_stile_provans24 Balcony in the style of Provence.Photo

In both projects, to expand the space allocated for the working area of ​​the kitchen and living room, creating a feeling of a seaside cottage, made alterations and combining them into a single room.In order to increase the total area in this embodiment additionally attached balcony and in the dining room and in the parental room.Due to this, as well as the dominant white small-sized apartment in Provence style seems voluminous.


Bright bedroom in the style of Provence .. Photo kvartira_v_stile_provans26 kvartira_v_stile_provans27 kvartira_v_stile_provans28

All rooms have floor has natural texture and color of light wood - a characteristic detail of the south of France.Space small adult bedrooms and attached loggia-cabinet visually extended by the diagonal arrangement of the parquet boards.Natural wood panels and beams of bleached oak create the desired style, in the dining area or in the parent's room.An interesting detail: from the same material, but not painted headboard is made.It contrasts with the rest of the wooden furniture factory rooms and forged metal racks, creating a stressed man-made and easy accent in the interior.

kvartira_v_stile_provans29 kvartira_v_stile_provansz0 kvartira_v_stile_provans31

Photo Children's room in the style of Provence

visual division into functional areas in this project is achieved through a variety of light sources in each zone and the laying of ceramic tiles with stylized ornament in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

kvartira_v_stile_provans32 kvartira_v_stile_provans33 kvartira_v_stile_provans34


hallway furniture is mostly in the classical style.A variety of sweet items such as windows, open shelves, couches, decorated boxes, girl's dresser, small elegant tables and kitchen chairs.Armchair and sofa in the living room, workplace, children also performed in a simple and traditional style, upholstered in sturdy natural fabrics.

general, a properly selected textiles and creates a design apartment in the style of Provence.Homespun tablecloths, homemade lace lampshades, heavy linen curtains and collect Roman curtains of coarse linen in the nursery.Useful and grandmother napkins and embroidered panels.

combines historic floor lamps, sconces and chandeliers, candle-like, with simple modern spotlights.Compulsory supplement - picture with a retro story in frames, wooden blinds, wicker baskets and wildflowers.

Mediterranean interior with a modern twist.The apartment is in the style of Provence

interior of second homes is fundamentally different from the first project and photos of the apartment in the style of Provence - it is a striking example of the current interpretation of this trend.There used while traditional colors, but bright, deep and rich: a strong wooden floor wood color, the same shade of furniture in the hallway and bedroom, as well as dark brown solid holstyanye curtains and the sofa in the living room of the modern form.No traditional lightness and airiness of the interior.In this way, the functionality of the room wins.It remains the same sense of brevity, mixing different eras and there is no rustic simplicity.


apartment in the style of Provence.Photo

kvartira_v_stile_provans7 Kitchen-Living in Provence style.Photo

kvartira_v_stile_provans5 kvartira_v_stile_provans6 kvartira_v_stile_provans9 kvartira_v_stile_provans8

small kitchen area demarcated checkerboard floor tiles and finishing using a whitewashed brick is combined with a dining area.Modern set of deep gray color with a simple strict facades, shop windows and dark stone countertop, is at an angle.Unusual solution for these small spaces - island work area.Total declared concept - an apartment in the style of Provence is maintained in the kitchen with white linen curtains with the selection.But the dining room is made entirely in the spirit of the Mediterranean - the classic white chairs and a table, a traditional sideboard.


apartment in the style of Provence.Photo interior design

kvartira_v_stile_provans2 kvartira_v_stile_provans3 kvartira_v_stile_provans4

bedroom has some of the details of this style: beautiful mirror handcrafted, white candle chandelier, a renovated ancient couch and traditional images.But finishing the walls and ceiling moldings, colors and furniture design rather corresponds to a low-key British classics.An unusual accent color - bright outdoor carpet with Afro-Asian influences.


apartment in the style of Provence - a children's room Photo

kvartira_v_stile_provans17 kvartira_v_stile_provans16

original combinations in which this apartment is made in the style of Provence, the most fun in the children played with.Furniture correct shape and color: beige with blue trim library shelving, display cases, wooden open shelves and a built-in couch combined with a heavy bottle-green armchair and ottoman.A wall with a checkered pattern in pastel colors meets all the canons of style and makes the interior more interesting.Bright accents - sconces and chandelier though with the same traditional patterns of unusual colors - red, green and blue.These combinations make the room a daring, colorful and a bit ironic.


apartment in the style of Provence.Photo hall kvartira_v_stile_provans12 kvartira_v_stile_provans14 kvartira_v_stile_provans15


WC in the style of Provence.Photo