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August 12, 2017 18:06

Children's room for a teenage boy of 12 , 13 , 14 years .Interior Design

Children's room for the boy's adolescence - is the embodiment of his interests and hobbies.Therefore, to make a decision on how it will be issued, preferably together with a teenager.The boy is unlikely to want to make it too many decorative elements and bright colors in his room.The most appropriate style for space - constrained Nouveau or the high-tech variety.

musician teen room design

Photo 1 - Design musician teen room

Rooms Features teenage boy

Community in the age of 14 has a leading role, and the young owner of the room is sure to behost of friends whose interests coincide with his hobbies.Audiophiles will appreciate the posters hanging on the walls, and high-quality sound system.Fans of the sport will enjoy a room, painted in the colors of their favorite team and decorative details in the form of cups, footballs.Fans of racing will be happy to consider the wallpapers with the image of sports cars.

The square shape of the room design

Photo 2 - The square shape of the room from Audrone design Ambrazene

smaller in the teen room furniture and more light, the better will be underlined in the specific details of the interior - the color of the wallpaper or paint the walls, designer lamps, photos in unusual framework and vinyl stickers, stylish blinds or roman shades.

Cool design for teen room

Photo 3 - Quiet room design for a teenager from Dmitry Nosov

Furniture for teen room

Room for a teenager in the style of a pirate ship

Photo 4 - Room for a teenager in the pirate ship style ofAnton Sukharev

Embroidered inscription on pirate style

Photo 5 - embroidered inscription on the pirate chair

Chest for things in the room for a boy

Photo 6 - Chest for things in the room for a boy

Handles enclosure made ​​of leather

Photo 7 - Handles enclosure made of leather

Even the mostsmall in size boyish room can be divided into several zones: a bedroom, study, games room, storage area of ​​things.In the area of ​​sleep is usually placed bed with high quality orthopedic mattress (it will help to develop intensively the body maintain good posture).If the space of the room is not too large, as the bed is suitable sofa, that day will serve as a place for receiving guests, and at night - provide a healthy sleep.It should take care of quality filler couch, functionality and understated design, in harmony with the general interior solution.

Design bright teen room

Photo 8 -Design light teenage rooms

Cool design for teen room 14 years

Photo 9 - Cool design for the room of a teenager 14 years from Alexandra Fedorova

Study hardly enjoyable 14-year-old boy.To increase interest in learning, parents can equip a training area large multifunctional table with lots of shelves and drawers.The computer can be located both on the desk, and separately, on the computer.This will help your child not to be distracted during homework to chat with friends and entertainment.The larger the table provided in the boxes, the better - teenager wants somewhere to keep their little secrets.

Zone entertainment - most important place in the room, according to the teenager - it is better to issue in accordance with its desires and passions.Sofa, chair, bag, chairs, shelves and shelves - all this should serve the interests of the boy, while creating a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation.In this area it is important to the color scheme, as well as interesting design refinements that will impress guests teenager.

Design teen room in modern style

Photo 10 - Design teen room in the modern style of Vitali Bilata

Design teen room in modern style

Photo 11 - Design teen room into

contemporary style area for storage is equipped with comfortable and spacious wardrobe or chest of drawers.And in order not accustomed the boy should be able to quickly and without too much hassle to clean up the room before the arrival of guests.This is facilitated by a wide and deep shelf of the cabinet drawers.A lockable compartment chest allow it to hide in small teenage secrets.

the walls and floor in the room of 14-year-old

When decorating the walls of children's teenage boy should be noted that for the repair is better to use not very expensive materials.This is due to the fact that in a short time hobbies of 14-year-old teenager can change, and design in a particular style will no longer correspond to the interests of the grown-up boys.Drawing and color of the wallpaper or paint can be both bright and pastel colors.The best solution - to select the zone for entertainment, decorate the walls with posters, vinyl stickers, photo wallpapers, or even design in graffiti style.

Finishing materials for floor and are varied.Here much depends on the overall style of the room, and the financial capacity of the parents.It can be a durable laminate, linoleum democratic, friendly and practical carpet flooring.For the flooring, you can spend much more money, because usually flooring has restrained colors and a minimum of decorative elements.

Interesting design solutions

Making room of a teenage boy of 14 years depends on his hobbies.It is important to all: and lighting, and decorative elements, and separate sitting areas with a certain color.

Lighting child should be sufficient, it is better if it is multilevel.As a ceiling light fixtures is recommended to use large simple geometric shapes.Wall lamps and floor lamps will be beneficial to emphasize the design of the walls, and bright reading lamps will save sight during school hours.

Light beige design teen room

Photo 12 - Light beige design teen room

interesting to look at teen room posters and pictures featuring favorite actors, singers, musicians and athletes.The shelves and racks can be placed decorative objects - balls, cups (if the boy is interested in football), racing car model (for the sports fan racing).excellent quality at an opportune fit pasted on a wall map or a compass.Tips for parents of a child will serve as a hobby, and, well, if the teenager will choose decorations for her room.

Room for a teenager in the style of pop art

Photo 13 - Room for a teenager in the style of pop art from Vyacheslav Chomutov

Bed for a teenager in the style of pop art

Photo 14 - bed for a teenager in the style of pop art

room for style teenagertech or high-tech is to use a minimum of decorative detail.Popular materials - metal, glass, plastic.Highlight of the interior will add amazing neon salt goose or floor lighting, furniture of unusual shape.

sports fans will take delight room, decorated with items that match the subject: huge posters with the image of heroes-athletes, scarves and caps fans.It is interesting to look walls painted in the colors of their favorite team.

Room for a teenager in a marine style

Photo 15 - Room for a teenager in a marine style from Xenia Rozantseva

Sport zone in the room in a nautical theme

Photo 16 - Sports zone in the room in

Wardrobe in the room sea style

marine style Photo 17 - Wardrobe room sea style

Sea theme in the room teen suit boy who dreams of adventures.The central element of decor can be a play area, a stylized under the bridge, with the steering wheel.Winning will look Mural with sea views.

The young traveler necessarily need a map of the world on which it will run routes upcoming trips.On the shelf you can put a book shelf great travelers, and on the walls - pictures of exotic places on the planet.

Whatever room for a teenage boy of 14 years, the main thing - it must be appreciated by the owner and his guests to be comfortable and functional.