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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design studio kitchen .Photo modern design projects by renowned architects

Article Contents:
  • Kitchen Design Studio.The modern idea
  • Design studio of modern kitchen with breakfast bar.Photos of actual project
  • design studio bright kitchen with breakfast bar.Photo of successful design project
  • Designed large studio of modern cuisine.Photo of successful interior
  • studio kitchen interior design in the American style.Photo of successful interior
  • Kitchen Design Studio 30 sq.m. to place a bedroom
  • Design kitchen-living room in the panel house 121 series.Photography project from Moscow

Chasing it always missing square meters all become increasingly turn to the options with combining rooms.Particularly popular was the option of combining the kitchen with living room, which has acquired the name of the studio kitchen.

Such a solution in the design of the apartment has its positive and negative sides.Let's start with the positive.

kitchen Advantages studio:

  • first and indisputable advantage of such a combination can be considered an extension of the space, which is so often lacking, especially in small apartments.
  • United space allows to combine communication with family or friends and cooking.In addition, the hostess will not feel a servant, running from room to room.
  • have caring mothers playing kids are always supervised.

Disadvantages of the studio kitchen also has :

  • Which would not have been pleasant odors during cooking, I do not really want them to spread throughout the apartment.To cope with the lack of help modern powerful drawing, and it is not at 100%.
  • Not pleasant, and the noise of household kitchen appliances.A little apart from him can be listening to music or watching your favorite TV series.
  • necessary to adhere to the constant purity.Unwashed dishes in the kitchen or a dirty floor will greatly attract the attention of those present.

Kitchen Design Studio - a modern idea.Photos successful project

Modern kitchen design studio, presented in photos, in a contemporary style, as evidenced every element of this interior.

clumsy wall decoration, outdoor concrete slabs on the ceiling, steel foundation loft style studio in this kitchen.A striking accent became a turquoise couch in the center of the studio kitchen.A natural complement are modern curved floor lamp and a coffee table krukly.Kitchen set is made in two colors.The upper part of the white and the lower - the gray.

studiya_kuhnya studiya_kuhnya2 studiya_kuhnya3 studiya_kuhnya4

Photo modern kitchen studio

Modern kitchen design idea to the studio included the use of modern lamps.

As the lighting used small lights above the work surface in the kitchen and a chandelier over the dining table.

Design studio of modern kitchen with breakfast bar.Photos of actual project

small kitchen studio is decorated in post-modern style.The basis was the black color, which is diluted with blond highlights.Black wooden flooring one wall nice contrast with the bright ornament opposite wall.

function performs an improvised wall bar, which can not cover tight partition coupe.The interior of the studio kitchen with breakfast bar quite laconic.Stools of industrial metal fulfilled contrast function and at the same time become an excellent complement the overall design.

Wooden kitchen set, made in black, executed in two opposite styles - retro and modern.It became part of the unifying geometric gray apron.

kuhnya_studiya_foto8 kuhnya_studiya_foto7 kuhnya_studiya_foto6 kuhnya_studiya_foto11

modern kitchen studio.Photo

Kitchen design with bar counter in the apartment studio completes the second part, which serves as a living room.Black color contrasts perfectly with white, giving the interior refinement.

Particular attention was paid to the lighting, which lasts a day and at night.The room has two windows and hanging lamps, located on the ceiling.It is possible to adjust the light direction of flow.

design studio bright kitchen with breakfast bar.Photo of successful design project

photo design studio kitchen with a breakfast bar in modern style can be seen below.Elegant and fashionable make this room simple colors, such as white with brown and gray shades.In addition to the beauty studio conveys the atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

kitchen is equipped with an L-shaped work surface, which also serves as a bar.Contrast complement racks black are high chairs that complete the overall design of the design.To conserve space in kitchen is equipped with a kitchen unit in the tone of the overall design of the kitchen space.All equipment is built.The darker colors decorated floor kitchen area.

kuhnya_studiya_foto12 kuhnya_studiya_foto13 kuhnya_studiya_foto14 kuhnya_studiya_foto15 kuhnya_studiya_foto16 kuhnya_studiya_foto17

Interior kitchen studio with a bar.Photo

in the dining area quite peculiar design.Wooden flooring finds its place on the walls.Bright paste, modeling greens, dilutes the monochrome style dining room decoration.

kitchen design studio with a bar is complemented by a small number of decorating elements: painting on the wall, planked design of parallel walls of the living area.Bright spot TV stands.

Large French windows provide daylight studio.Artificial lighting is also thoroughly thought through and presented various kinds of lighting fixtures.We use several kinds of point and suspended luminaires in specific areas of the kitchen-studio.

Designed large studio of modern cuisine.Photo of successful interior

design project studio kitchen below will be lucky for connoisseurs of industrial aesthetics.Loft with soothing hints of Art Deco became the basis for the design of the interior.

concrete beams on the ceiling dining areas reflect the specific style, metal ceilings favorably complement the overall style of the ceiling.Industrial motives are viewed in the choice of ceiling lights.

long vertical wall of steel radiators not only continued the theme of the ceiling beams and reinforced sound style, but also set off the tall windows of the kitchen-studio, which is in the interior of the three.

Light interior elements are not just hanging lamps of various shapes, and floor lamp.The role played by decorative lights.The geometric chandelier in the living room area has become a reflection of the geometry of the floor covering and kitchen fronts.

kuhnya_studiya_foto18 kuhnya_studiya_foto20 kuhnya_studiya_foto21 kuhnya_studiya_foto22 kuhnya_studiya_foto24

photo kitchen studio

herringbone parquet living area is made in dark colors.This ornament is combined with sophisticated diamonds kitchen area.
Gray pearl color became the main for finishing gloss kitchen fronts.Porcelain angular insertion of the panel stressed the theme of geometry in the design.

Furniture picked up in art deco style.Made of natural materials, and also bears the geometric motifs.

studio kitchen interior design in the American style.Photo of successful interior

modern kitchen studio is decorated in a classic American style.The main color appears gray and shades.For harping general ideas used contrasting dark colors that enliven the interior and at the same time serve to separate zones.

Features planning helps to avoid the feeling of tightness, even in the presence of a large amount of furniture.

Kitchen studio has an American-style bar, which in addition to its direct function plays the role of makeshift walls for visual separation zones.

The kitchen area has a glossy surface of the floor, her apron and kitchen interior.This technique allows you to expand the space of the room is illusory.Wooden cabinets chocolate hue, in contrast, have a matte surface.Vertical cabinets conceal from the eyes of the entire household kitchen appliances.

kuhnya_studiya_foto29 kuhnya_studiya_foto28 kuhnya_studiya_foto27 kuhnya_studiya_foto26 kuhnya_studiya_foto25

photo studio kitchen in

classic American-style kitchen area smoothly into the living room area.The first thing that catches the eye, it is a wooden floor dark chocolate color.Making the walls with decorative brick perfectly complements the style decision and complements the wall-bookshelves.
Kitchen Design American style in the studio profitable complementary coverage apartment.In his capacity as the use of chandeliers, spotlights, floor lamp in the form of studio spotlight.

Kitchen Design Studio 30 sq.m. to place a bedroom

Beat colorful combination of noble English style combined elements of classic and mix of British cuisine in the design studio of 30 sq.m.The apartment is very little idea and design studio includes a bedroom.

Location elements thought out to the smallest detail.

Small kitchen equipped with entering in dark tones with gold accents.Large steel extractor hood over the entire working surface reliably protects the apartment from kitchen odors.Bright finish apron sets the game space.

brick walls decorated by painted huge clock, which has become a real complement the clock, and a few pictures.

Two huge windows with thick curtains light fill the space with daylight studio.In a night-time light sources are lamps, floor spotlights pi.

kuhnya_studiya_foto34 kuhnya_studiya_foto33 kuhnya_studiya_foto32 kuhnya_studiya_foto35 kuhnya_studiya_foto37

floor is decorated in the same style floorboard. Additional decorative elements in the form of cubes on the floor and set the flag room of the English mood.

Classic sofa becomes a barrier between kitchen and sleeping space, which is decorated in dark colors.

Design kitchen-living room in the panel house 121 series.Photography project from Moscow

interesting combination of Scandinavian and minimalist style can be seen in the next photo studio kitchen in the panel house.

color combination is based on the contrast of white and gray colors, which diluted with black accents and a textured wooden furniture.
Throughout the design seen laconic combination of geometric motifs repeated in the combined areas.The strict geometry of kitchen furniture is continued in the design of living and dining areas.An additional part of the two areas becomes a bar, which is a continuation of the kitchen units.

kuhnya_studiya_foto42 kuhnya_studiya_foto41 kuhnya_studiya_foto39 kuhnya_studiya_foto38 kuhnya_studiya_foto43 kuhnya_studiya_foto44

Parquet Floor dark gray color spreads across the surface of the kitchen studio, combining space.

Each zone provides a kind of light, which is also designed in a geometric theme: cylindrical fixtures in the kitchen and living area are complemented by round hinged above the bar, which compensates for the lack of windows;dining area is illuminated by hinged semi-circular lamps with lampshades.