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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose an office chair for the chief .Fundamental rules

Cabinet considered the head, so to speak, the face of the company, it is considered as the main indicator of prosperity and success of any organization.

On executive chair, as is customary, pay more attention than even the desktop and the organization of the order on him.After all, the head of the chair determines his status, his position and importance.In this connection, to the selection of the chair for the head should be approached responsibly and carefully.


Conventional separation of office chairs

ofise_kreslo4 Speaking on probation, all types of bosses seats are divided into the two most common types: classic and modern.For classical chairs are typical: traditional forms and style, wooden items, upholstery leather.For modern chairs characterized by emphasis on structures and mechanisms, chrome-plated metal, refined fabrics, high quality synthetic materials.

What materials give preference when selecting an office chair head

in various stores and catalogs provided a huge selection of office chairs for executives in texture, finish, style and color.But most managers prefer leather chairs.No specific reasons for this not practical leather chairs, convenient, look solid and attractive, and quite easy to care for.In addition, there are now many options upholstery when so beloved leaders skin delicately combined with a strong and high-quality fabric.At one time we ordered the chair on http://www.Vera-Mebel.Ru/.Large selection of quality seats with leather upholstery.

to chair chief should focus on such material in a trim micro velor .This fabric has a high quality of performance, it is eco-friendly and breathable.In addition, from a variety of tissue micro suede - one of the strongest materials, as well as possible suitable for upholstery chief chair.He did not fade in the sun, it is not erased and is easy to clean.


According to the latest statistics are now most in demand in office furniture upholstery uses such material as "alcantara".It is a synthetic material that looks and feels reminiscent of suede.This fabric is afraid of water, does not crumple and not salted and therefore, is very simple and whimsical to clean.A variety of colors are very pleasantly surprised.

The guide when choosing an office chair for the chief

main parameter when choosing a chair for the chief to be convenience.The chair must support your back, in particular - the lumbar region, and in any case, the person sitting in it should not be in it deeply "impressed".

All great demand are beginning to use the chairs for executives equipped by some orthopedic systems and mechanisms.These chairs are specially designed for those who are almost all the time by sitting, not on the road.Special seat adjustment system, and materials - all to ensure that as much as possible to reduce the impact of sedentary work on the back and spine.A man adjusts the seat as it is convenient, but not as good for his back.In the manufacture of chairs models take into account such factors, so the chair initially takes the desired form and correct all the "bad" settings of its owner.

Consider floor Chief when buying an office chair

Also, when choosing a chair you can to focus on the gender of your head.

  • chiefs - men often give preference to large leather seats, trimmed with expensive wood or metal plates of high quality materials.It is negotiating various business meetings and makes them more serious and businesslike.
  • Leaders - Women, by contrast, prefer small, elegant armchairs.And they are not "fixated" on the leather chairs.In the offices of women - managers can often find chairs with armrests of high quality fabrics in a well-executed performance, finished with chrome inserts.

most important thing - if you choose this piece of furniture as a chair should be remembered that it must necessarily be a high back to support the entire back and not some part of it.The armrests, height and angle of the seat must be adjusted.All this together will provide greater comfort and productivity of your head work.

Thus, you can safely say that in a huge range of office furniture, choose a presentable and safe seat for your indispensable chief will not be difficult.Now manufacturers offer a chair, where even the model of economy class not inferior to the comfort and appearance of expensive classic armchair made of natural materials.

In all of this we should not forget that expensive office furniture in the office of your boss - it's not all guarantee success to our customers and partners.Considerable importance is also the rational use of space and the cabinet properly design solution for interior collection, and of course compliance with all existing furniture any one chosen style.