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August 12, 2017 18:06

Living in the style of Provence .How to arrange the living room in the style of Provence .27 photo

Provence style in interior design living

Provence style is directly related to the atmosphere of comfort, peace and calmness of rural life eponymous French resort.Provence Style in an interior room in the first place for those residents of cities, which suffer from the domination of urbanization, the city noise and intense rhythm of life.Features are to create a style landmark on natural materials, natural motifs and natural colors.To the living room atmosphere in the style of Provence resonated with the situation of the French southern villages, when decorating the room is recommended to observe certain features of style.

Living in the style of Provence - Photo 01

Living in the style of Provence - Photo 01

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premises Planning

complexity of living in Provence style plan is to scale floor area.If the registration is subject to a spacious living room of a private house, then there is work on the layout will not cause difficulties, and literally every design decision can be embodied.

For a small room in a typical layout of the apartment will be more complicated.On the advice of experts in the field of design, style of Provence in the interior of the small dimensions of the living room is intended to increase attention to detail is the interior, including articles and accessories, stylistically corresponding to the selected direction.And serious alterations are advised not to carry out, and it is better to carry out decoration, focusing on the extent of the available space and the existing situation.

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Provence in the living room .A photo

Provence in the living room.Photo

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Color landmarks

Living in Provence style is characterized by the use of various color palette, but all used shades requirement applies juiciness, saturation and light muted, creating a burn effectin the sun.Preference should be given to natural light shades and pastel tones.To make the style of Provence in the interior of the living room more "liveliness", it is recommended to include in the color palette of colors that are associated with the same French city: lavender, turquoise, green shades (abundant there) and solar panel.

important nuance of color selection guidelines is to compile their successful combinations.For example, for a room furnished with upholstered light cyan and light beige shades, the best one will be the wallpaper, curtains and carpets are designed in pastel colors.If the room is designed in pastel colors, the interior can be diluted with a bright accessories and household items.It is living in the style of Provence is characterized by a choice of more saturated and intense colors in comparison to other dwellings.

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Another quality that distinguishes the style of Provence from other areas is the inclusion of plenty of floral motifs and shades of green.This is due to the eponymous resort, just drowning in greenery and flowers.That is why the floral motifs - almost a mandatory element of style, and therefore the living room in the style of Provence can be decorated with wallpaper with floral motifs decorate the home textiles (curtains, screens, etc.) with floral patterns, add flower arrangements and so on.It is desirable to add othe not only in the form of patterns, but also in physical performance - Ikebana, vases with flowers and topiary.

Features Lighting

basic principle when creating a lighting system, according to which the living room is made in the style of Provence - a soft, diffused light is low.It is achieved by means of appropriate lighting devices - chandeliers with hand-forged and floor lamps (with floral prints or striped), elegant lamps and so on.It is important that the entire living room light system in the style of Provence consisted of main and local sources.

Lighting living room

living Lighting

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Materials interior trim

Provence style in the decoration of the living room requires for interior decoration only materials otvechayuschihe criteria of naturalness and sustainability.The floor can be finished with ceramic tiles, parquet or natural board.For the walls is not recommended to use the wallpaper, it is better to apply the plaster is desirable coarse texture.In some places the walls may be partially left while maintaining a visible masonry brick or stone.It is desirable to choose these materials in bright colors.

Living in Provence style is well combined with decorative elements in the form of forged items and, especially, if they are carried out manually, and they are given the effect of aging.As the cost of natural materials are now relatively high, they can be replaced by synthetic analogues, for example, as flooring laminate can be selected to mimic natural wood.However, when choosing such simulators must also observe the safety criterion.

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But today, the brilliant elements of plastic, high-tech glass, chrome and metal parts in Provence style in the interior of the living room should not be, so such materials should be eliminated almost completely.

furniture and textiles

Living in Provence style should be mainly wooden furniture - rattan chairs, furniture with carved legs, complemented by intricate patterns.For items of furniture can also be applied to the criterion of artificial aging: shabby drapes, scraped paint, and so on.The style of the furniture forms must also be focused on rural motifs - chests of drawers, cabinets, or even an old trunk.When furnishing the room should be completely abandon the "trendy" designs in the form of wardrobes, and the like.

In addition, the living room decorated in the style of Provence can be supplemented with bright accents in the form of a mural on the doors and furniture.Stamped in this case, as a rule, are the floral motifs.

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cloth and textiles - an important component when decorating rooms.Therefore, the selection of curtains, rugs, pillows, tablecloths, napkins and other things necessary to approach very carefully.The material for the manufacture of such items of interior should be just natural fabrics: cotton, linen, wool.But the objects themselves must be different bright colors.The shape of window curtains must be simple, augmented ruffles and ruffles.As the figures in the home textiles is recommended to stop the choice on the cell lines, floral motifs.

Following these recommendations, even in a small apartment living room you can create a unique atmosphere of comfort and tranquility of the French Provence.

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