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August 12, 2017 18:06

Smart home systems .Who needs such a system and what is the advantages?

Article Contents:

  • 1 technology "Smart Home»
  • 2 SmartHome - equipment and capabilities of the system
  • 3 Control
  • 4 control panel (console)
  • 5 control Center
  • 6 management "Smart house" - entertainment features
  • 7 As the installation of the system is a "smart house»

technology "Smart home»


Householdand engineering processes in the working space of the house is necessary to arrange in such a manner as to clearly and consistently apply the team and track their performance.The "Smart House" is relevant where energy resources are widely used, where the number of communications is constantly growing, and just need to order them.

With the help of technical means of centrally controlled:

  • lighting scenarios with a lot of light, and algorithms;
  • ventilation and cooling, multi-zone climate control;
  • connection of various kinds;
  • heating and water supply;
  • safety and security systems;
  • blinds and shutters, automatic gates;
  • switching on and off all the multimedia equipment;
  • opening and closing of automatic doors.

installation of "smart house" carries out constant monitoring of serviceability of engineering and municipal systems, lightning respond to information leakage, smoke cable network, disruption of water pipe.

We will gather in a single engineering complex all the communications equipment and the apartment, a private house, the office, you will just have to manage comfortably, without making any effort.Consult and can be ordered on

SmartHome - equipment and systems capabilities

control module consists of a few keys, it can be represented as a gadget, screen, wall panels.You can run the script from anywhere in the home, remote adjustment offers maximum comfort in the management.

«Smart House" to buy - is to make a good investment.You get the energy savings of 25 to 40%, control over consumption of other resources (water, heat).And indeed the installation of the system becomes more accessible today, because while the energy rise in price, in the "Smart House" is becoming less price, especially if it be connected at the construction stage, in parallel with the laying of engineering runs.

If you look "smart house" in the components, there are several components:


These include environmental parameters sensors and control devices.This fire-fighting equipment, sensors and electrical integrity of the water supply networks, protection devices, monitoring and blocking unauthorized access to the premises and others.

control panel (console)

Stationary consoles on the big screen or small portable displays.Also control the system allow the new laptops, smart phones and tablet PCs there.

Control Center

Implements relationship between the components of the control and regulates the exchange of information with external resources, delivers signals to the host computer or tablet, according to emergency.

management "Smart House" - entertainment features

foundation installation equipment is "multi", which distributes video and audio signals on the premises.Video and audio equipment of the highest level including the Internet, IP-telephony microcellular.You will always have the connection with mobile devices, web-server, network storage.For home theater installed special insulation based on the deployment of furniture.

How is the installation of the system "Smart Home»

After the conclusion of the contract for the system development, we make a draft and coordinate it with your designer room.Perhaps the management of all networks in the home or separate zones and devices.If you want to create a Wi-Fi zone, connects satellite TV, SAT receivers are configured.See with your own eyes the advantage of "smart house" system, consider the possibility of different scenarios and make your order!