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August 12, 2017 18:06

Kitchen studio in high-tech style with a predominance of black in the interior

spacious lounge, executed in black and white, is actually a studio kitchen.The interior uses only clear and direct lines of regular geometric shape.Proper and competent incarnation of high-tech style.

The black color in the interior of the kitchen studio 2014

Photo 1 - The black color in the interior of the kitchen studio 2014

Furnish studio kitchen

Decorating rooms deserves special attention. Walls , painted in white acrylic paint, harmoniously combined with black accents.With the help of the wall skirting silver bezel is rectangular, like a picture frame.With glass apron working kitchen area into a real work of art, the appearance of which resembles the sea waves.

ceiling color divided into two zones of regular geometric shape.The decoration used duplex plasterboard ceilings.

High-tech interior of the kitchen in the studio.Blinds in the interior of the living room

Photo 2 - High-tech in the interior of the kitchen studio.Blinds in the interior of the living room

On floor kerimicheskaya laid tile for the kitchen with a black border around the edges.Complement the impression of large dark plinth, clearly indicating the boundary between the walls and the floor.

little diluted black - white background bright picture of the city at night, hanging on the wall and golden hues that are present in the lamps and curtains.

furniture in black interior in the style of hi-tech

Furniture for kitchen studios to visually divide the room into zones.For example, the kitchen uses white chairs and wood table with a black top and chrome legs, on a black background of kitchen furniture.In the living room on the other hand, used the dark chairs and sofa on a background of white walls and black inserts on which the plasma TV.

Built-in kitchen appliances .The black color in the interior

Photo 3 - Built-in kitchen appliances.The black color in the interior

The kitchen uses built-in furniture.Hood disguised as a cupboard and highlighted in white.The main focus of the furniture is on the table in the living room and kitchen.The glass surface, decorative carved legs, the use of gold and silver, genuine leather: all this gives you a feeling of solemn events of the holiday.In such furniture to relax and unwind.

lighting in the interior of the studio kitchen

feature design of the interior (the abundance of dark tones) requires competent room lighting.For this purpose, as point built-in lights and chandeliers.In, you can use wall sconces and floor lamps in the stylish living room as additional lighting.Day lighting is achieved in part through three large windows.

The black furniture interior kitchen living room .Pictures for the interior

Photo 4 - black furniture interior kitchen living room.Pictures for the interior

Elements decor living room in black colors

high-tech style allows you to use bright and eye-catching decorations.In confirmation of this note is harmoniously integrated into the interior of the bright and colorful picture, brown and golden curtains on a hidden ledge.Since this style emphasizes minimalism, there are no other elements of decor.

Strict forms and straight lines, a minimum amount of furniture, and the predominance of black and white.The design will be enjoyed by organized and practical people who love order and at the same time have a sense of style and desire of luxury.

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