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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design bedroom 12 square meters.m . Modern interior of a bedroom.A photo

Article Contents:
  • best plan bedroom 12 square meters.m., designed in 2016 by professionals
  • Design modern bedroom 12 square meters.m. The combination of black and yellow colors in the interior of the bedroom
  • Beautiful design bedroom 12 square meters.m. in 2016. The colonial-style photo project
  • Design bedroom 12 square meters.m. in the panel house.Photo project
  • Design bedroom 12 square meters.m. with a table instead of a window sill.Photo project
  • Design bedroom 12 square meter room with a balcony
  • second variant bedroom 12 square meters.m. with a balcony 2016
  • Modern interior of a bedroom 12 sq.m. in the Khrushchev
  • Design modern bedroom 12 square meters.m. for a young couple.Photo project

question lay 12 m bedrooms quite relevant, since bedrooms a room of this size there are in the homes of almost any type - panel and brick, old and new buildings of Khrushchev.We invite you to familiarize yourself with the different design options for a stylish bedroom 12 square meters.m., of which you can get ideas and inspiration to create your own project in 2016.


Bedroom 2016. Photo

best plan bedroom 12 square meters.m., designed by professionals

Proper design layout bedroom 12 square meters.m. will create a cozy room, get a harmonious combination of areas for sleeping, working and storage space.Consider 5 bedrooms thumbnail options with an area of ​​12 square meters, which include the basic elements of the traditional bedrooms:

  1. Double bed .The range of bed width of 160 - 250 cm for a small room is preferable to stop the choice on all bedroom furniture with mattress sizes up to 180 cm for a good night together that is enough and the saved portion of the space you can find a useful application...
  2. wardrobe .In the absence of a separate dressing room, it is necessary for storing bedding accessories, clothes and other things.
  3. Bedside tables .Can be used as supports for the books, gadgets, put makeup on them, put the mobile phone at night.
  4. Chest .It is convenient to use for underwear and small items toilets.
  5. TV (display) - if you want
  6. Dressing table - if desired.

proposed design methods adapted to the interior of the square bedroom area of ​​12 square meters.m. with different aspect ratios, so you will be more convenient to use them as a basis for your own project, if there is such a desire.Drawings and photos clear enough to illustrate the idea of ​​the designer, so to describe each of them will not.We consider only the advantages and disadvantages, and focus attention on the most important nuances.

plan Bedrooms 1


Advantages: symmetrical arrangement of objects.

Disadvantages: not very roomy closet, no place to place under the TV cabinet or chest of drawers, a passage between the wall and the bed with a monoblock turns narrow.

Accents.Make sure the TV is firmly fastened to the wall, corner cabinet near the entrance to the bedroom in order to avoid injuries, you can smooth out a small rounded or angled shelves with cut edges, the space between the cabinet and pedestal should be enough to smoothly open the sash.

Planning bedrooms 2


Advantages: symmetry, the presence of the cabinets, pedestals shifting function on the shelf, mounted behind the bed, it was possible to optimize the space as much as possible.

Disadvantages: you can judge for yourself from the photo design modern square-bedroom 12 square meters.m., with a very noticeable visual layout imbalance due to the fact that the furniture is located along one wall.

Accents: to harmonize the space, you can use the bold design bedside wall: You can use the massive decorations or dark-colored paints, it is better to choose light colored furniture, then it will look less bulky.

Planning bedrooms 3


Advantages: spacious wardrobe, favorably placed in a niche, the proportionality of the design elements of the stylish bedrooms of 12 square meters.m

Disadvantages:. commode set is not symmetrical to the bed.

Accents: true will be installed on the sliding closet doors.To look more spacious bedroom, choose a small size furniture.

Planning bedrooms 4


Advantages: symmetry;a lot of storage space.

Disadvantages: complexity, Pile design.

Accents: you must carefully consider the method of placing furniture near the bed, taking into account all the parameters to achieve maximum harmony and composition of lightness.

Planning bedrooms 5


advantages: plenty of space for clothes, bed, installed in front of the window, looks very stylish.

Disadvantages: some "tightness" of the space on the left side of the bed.

Accents: As windows play a significant role in the design, pay attention to their decor - choose designer radiators and related textiles, make sure that the curtains were thick and the sun did not shine in your eyes in the morning.

Perfect in every way to create a design option is difficult, because the need to save space, forcing to choose what is more important to keep and what to reject.The final decision depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Design modern bedroom 12 square meters.m. The combination of black and yellow colors in the interior of the bedroom

In the photo, an interesting piece of modern interior bedroom 12 square meters.meters in black and yellow tones, the fashion in 2016.Bright yellow paint harmoniously balances the color black, the result is a very stylish and unusual decision.This design will be important for the bedroom, located on the west or north side, make it brighter and warmer.

spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroivsh spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv7 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv8

Modern bedroom 12 square meters.m laminated on the wall.Photo

TV and wardrobe are located in wall niches.This arrangement allows the elements as much as possible to save space.White walls and ceilings contribute to an increase in visual room.Dense light-colored textiles harmoniously fit into the overall picture of the interior.It will serve as a protection against the penetration of sunlight in the morning.

mirror with a narrow cupboard to store things carry decorative and practical functions simultaneously.Like the lamps, serving concise adornment visit and at the same time providing additional lighting over the bed.What would be very handy if you, for example, will want to read.

The bedroom cozy but its functionality is limited to the possibility of bedroom vacation as stipulated by work area or other additional zones.

Beautiful design bedroom 12 square meters.m. in the colonial style.Photo project

Interior square bedrooms designed in colonial style, combining the motives of many cultures.The project has been in the top ten bedrooms 2016.Cozy, stylish, practical.Bright wooden furniture, items which are used in a minimum amount, refines and refreshes the room.The walls are decorated with black and white pictures in the tone of the visit.

spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv9 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv10 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv11 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv12

Modern design bedroom 12 square meters.meters.Photo

Large monitor on the wall brings a touch of progressiveness.A large crystal chandelier blends perfectly with the broad baguette, decorated with embossed pattern.Plain Beige textiles made of natural fabrics stresses visits flavor.Highlight unique features beautiful design bedroom 12 square meters.m. give the floor and hanging lamps.

Design bedroom 12 square meters.m. in the panel house.Photo project

plan apartments in the old prefabricated homes a few limits in the choice of design style.However, it is always possible to find a solution.The bedroom on the photo looks elegant and at the same time very simple.Walls the color of cocoa and green curtains complement each other perfectly.

spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv14 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv15 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv16

This design bedroom 12 square meters.m. in the panel house is perfect for rest of a young couple.Free space is involved with the maximum practicality, the design used in calm, natural shades.Passed one color line, used furniture to a minimum.No bright accents, nothing radical, dominated by serenity and equanimity.Typical modern minimalism.

spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv17 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv18

The photo bedroom design 12 square meters.m. in the pre-fabricated house, you can see how neat and well-arranged furniture.On the wall opposite the bed, did not hang the TV.Instead, the TV did the original wall lamp.

Also, we created another version of the color of the interior bedroom 12 square meters.m. This design option is more light and airy.Photo: see below.

remodeling - apartments - in - panel - house 4-1 remodeling - apartments - in - panel - house 4-2 remodeling - apartments - in - panel - house 4-4 remodeling - apartments - in - panel - house 4-5 remodeling - apartments - in - panel - house - h -sh

bedroom 12 square design.m. with a table instead of a window sill.Project Photo

also in the design of a small bedroom can be used such architectural solution, as the transformation of the sill on the table.The photo bedroom of 12 square meters.m. in the high-tech style.Each interior is sustained crisp geometric shapes.Dense wallpaper simulating drawing of wood flooring, linoleum on the floor, the ceiling over the table, blinds - all done in a single beige and brown colors.

room space is used wisely and sparingly.Such restraint in the design has been achieved through the installation of built-in shelves and cabinets.Ample cupboard under the table and big boxes, located at the head of the bed provide additional storage space for bedding, working papers and other things, not concealing at the same living space.

spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv19 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv20 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv21

Photo stylish bedrooms

The project used accessories, typical of high-tech - black-and-white pictures, panels with embossed pattern and metallic floor lamp.Soft accents enliven the interior created by a combination with eco-style - they create a bright green color side of the rack, built over the table and a pot with a flower.Space probed for an office, area for sleeping and storage ceilings.

spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv22 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv23

Due to the large windows in the daytime room full of light, night time lighting provides built-in ceiling lights and floor lamps.

Design bedroom 12 square meter room with a balcony

offer to evaluate the design of the bedroom 12 square meters.meters with balcony, built in a modern classical style.The interior space can be seen the desire for symmetry, maximum consistency and ease of use of the space.

serene colors and lights with dim lights, soft, nice carpet, spacious stylish bed create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation to adjust.

spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv24 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv25 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv26 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv27

Bedroom 12 sq.m. with balcony.Photo

Textiles made of thick fabric is chosen to match the walls and bed accessories.Day light in the room thanks to the large windows in the evening, you can use one of three options - a chandelier, placed in the center of the room, the ceiling side illumination or bedside lamp.

spacious closet - a compartment with mirrors on the doors of furniture is part of the bedroom suite and stylish details at the same time.Such an elegant and comfortable bedroom with a balcony will appeal to many.

second variant bedroom 12 square meters.m. with a balcony 2016

spalnya_12_metrov spalnya_12_metrov2 spalnya_12_metrov3

Modern interior of a bedroom 12 sq.m. in the Khrushchev

Modern interior of a bedroom 12 sq.m. You can create and Khrushchev.Bedroom ranked fifth in the ranking of the bedrooms in 2016.In this embodiment, the design is dominated by white and brown.Making extravagant and well ordering the same time, a logical and symmetrical.The accessories are not so many, but they belong to different styles and different rooms set the mood, introducing slight randomness to the overall picture of regularity and practicality.Symmetrical patterns and night lamps - classical elements, a pair of birds - eco style chair illustrated in oriental motifs and unusual ball and wants to be considered a high-tech.

spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv28 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv29 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv30

photo bedroom of 12 square meters.m. in the Khrushchev

The multifunctional wardrobe with lots of shelves, cabinets and drawers guaranteed fit not only your wardrobe, but also bed linen, towels, cosmetics and many other things.Thick textiles present even on the walls, the main source of lighting - ceiling lights mounted on the ceiling corners.Refined with a rational division of space - a practical and stylish solution for the design of a cozy bedroom in the Khrushchev.

Design modern bedroom 12 square meters.m. for a young couple.Project Photo

cozy bedroom done in shades of gray.Elegant furniture, soft fluffy carpet, big screen one last modifications - attributes of comfort and modernity.A spacious double bed, beautiful bedding accessories, candle holders set up a romantic mood.This design - great design modern bedroom 12 square meters.m. for a young couple.

stylish metal table lamps decorate the interior and provide additional illumination.Stylish compact cabinet is installed along the wall, his comfortable cupboards and drawers can hold a lot of things.Extravagant chandelier and massive candlesticks bring to the interior a touch of shocking.

spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv31 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv32 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv33 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv34 spalnya_12_kv_metrov_postroiv36

elegant textiles - transparent tulle and cotton drapes make a cozy bedroom, somewhat diluting and mitigating the cold workability and interior.