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August 12, 2017 18:06

Design and interior bathroom in Khrushchev : small size , bathroom

The interior design and bathroom in the Khrushchev
  • Features
  • Difficulties repair
  • Increase the area of ​​the room - redevelopment
  • Styles
  • visually expands the space
  • Colors
  • Finish
  • Select plumbing
  • shower with a drain in the floor
  • hiding washing machine
  • Tips for creating modern design

Buildings, called "Khrushchev", make up a large proportion of the housing stock.Most often flat it requires a global re-planning, so you can place all the necessary elements.As for the bathroom, where the situation becomes critical, because the places are sorely lacking.Sometimes you have to sacrifice one or another kind of plumbing.How competently to reschedule the bathroom and how to accommodate everything you need on a few square meters?What Khrushchev in bathroom design is the best?


Unfortunately, the place for the manifestation of fantasy in the bathroom Khrushchev room not so much.That is why you need to carefully consider the location of each element of the room, to make rational use of the available space.

interior feature in this case - the maximum combination of functions in a single element.There should be nothing superfluous, only the most necessary.

On peculiarities of repair in the bathroom and Khrushchev combining bathroom and toilet, see the following video.

best option - to combine the bathroom with toilet.If you allow the layout of the apartment, you can grab even part of the corridor.

Difficulties repair

Khrushchev differ inconvenience original living space. In this space to accommodate all the necessary modern man interior sorely lacking.If a separate bathroom, this further exacerbates the situation.

That is why the best option is to replan - the union of the toilet and bathroom.And although it will not solve the problem completely modest space, but some enhance the ability to maneuver.

So, the problem of lack of space follows the other - additional costs for the dismantling of the wall partitions.

Bathroom in the Khrushchev , with WC

Another problem - an uncomfortable layout communications. The most common plumbing has to be installed far away from the main risers.In this connection it is necessary to do additional wiring plumbing pipes, trying to save space as much as possible.

You can try to hide communication within the walls, while maintaining space.At the same time it will be possible to align the wall, because the builders in the construction of Khrushchev is not particularly worried about the roughness of surfaces.Sometimes it is easier to build the wall again rather than try to align what was.

Bathroom in the Khrushchev

Increase the area of ​​the room - redevelopment

Naturally, the best way out is to combine the toilet and bathroom in one room. If this option is not available for one reason or another, we can only consider the location of the plumbing and pick up the most miniature models.In extreme cases, you can not install a wash basin, and do a tap over the bath.

urgent is to use corner models of sanitary ware. If you use the sink and the toilet without footrests, there is additional space for a washing machine, laundry baskets, different things.However, it is necessary to hide pipes and fixing in the wall that some "eat" area of ​​the room.

Bathroom in the Khrushchev , with WC
Combined bathroom with a shower in the Khrushchev
Remodelling - WC

choosing a style for the interior of a bathroom in Khrushchev, it is necessary to take into account the limitations of the room space.



The best option would be minimalism.In this case, no problem arises with unnecessary details, all strictly and accurately.

seemingly small drawers can accommodate a huge number of jars and tubes.Laconic forms visually expands the space.

Bathroom in the Khrushchev - cabinets shelves


little similar to minimalism - Japanese style.It is ideal for small spaces.As an original decor element can perform the composition of the tiles in the form of branches of cherry.True will have to work hard to find the right tile.

Bathroom in Khrushchev in the Japanese style


lovers of high technology and cool colors can perform a bathroom in style hi-tech.The predominance of glass surfaces, metallic luster, mirrors and original lamps will expand the space.

Bathroom in Khrushchev in high-tech style


Another option - Nouveau.This is probably the most common style in a modern home.Smooth glossy surfaces reflect light and practicality of the furniture is a profitable advantage for a small room.Incidentally, the gray tones and the contrast of black and white are also very cost-effective solution for small bathroom design.

Bathroom in the Khrushchev , with WC

visually expands the space

When it is impossible to further increase the room physically come to the aid of methods of visual expansion space.

A visual extension of the space in the bathroom in the Khrushchev

The bathroom used for this purpose play of light and shadow, accents and some other tricks:

  • ceiling is done in bright colors and glossy surface makes it visually above;
  • vertical stripes on the walls of the room are drawn, and the horizontal - made wider;
  • alternation of colors creates the illusion of increasing the area.The tiles can be positioned diagonal accents of darker color, or lay it alternately frame rectangles of contrasting colors;
  • floor is covered with dark tiles, located on the diagonal;
  • Mosaic allows you to create the illusion of compactness on the protruding elements of the bathroom;
  • light colors expand the space, and when combined with dark creates the effect of depth;
  • mirror surfaces allows visually push the wall;
  • spot lights also help to solve the problem of lack of space;
  • hanging plumbing expands the space by opening the floor;
  • clean lines help to get rid of the feeling of clutter;
  • no small parts and the excessive decoration frees up space not only physically but also visually;
  • glass looks much lighter than other materials, and takes up less space.


Dark colors are known to constrict the space, so you need to focus on the bright and vivid colors. Dark insert can be used to create a depth effect, or highlight areas of visual expansion of space with horizontal or vertical stripes.Emphasis should be placed on the laths.

best combination of colors for the bathroom modest size are light colors with elements of tropical mixes, as well as the maritime theme.The combination of blue, turquoise and sandy colors always look organic and attractive.

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With bathroom interior in white color need to be careful because there is a risk of creating a "cool" design, reminiscent of a hospital ward.To learn how to competently accents, read our article about white bathroom.

Bright en hruschevke

always winning combination of milk and chocolate shades. walls in this case are executed in bright colors with accentual points in the form of dark bands or insertions, and the floor is coated with a dark-colored tiles.The winning combination will be milk walls with dark furniture.

Khruschovka - beige with brown inserts bathroom

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Beige and brown bathroom in hruschevke


Since en Khrushchev very malenkh sizes, you need to give serious consideration to the choice of finishes and ceiling design, floor and walls.

Decorating the bathroom in the Khrushchev


To visually enlarge the space for the height of the ceiling is necessary to select materials in bright colors.The best option - to paint or plastic panels.

Interior bathroom in hruschevke

If ceiling height allows, you can make the glossy stretch ceiling, it will create the illusion of infinity.It would be nice to mount it spotlights.

The ceiling in the bathroom in the Khrushchev


for walls is best to apply the tiles or mosaics. You can use paint, but it requires a perfectly flat surface, and the walls in khrushchovkas, as we know, does not differ flatness.Tile also forgives minor surface defects by applying an adhesive solution.In addition, it can help to visually expand the space by combining tiles zones or alternating colors.

Bathroom in the Khrushchev


color of the floor should be slightly darker than the main.

Bathroom in the Khrushchev - floor darker walls

Tiled floor definitely looks more advantageous as a way diagonally stacking allows visually expand the space.In order not to get hurt on the wet floor, the tiles should be selected with anti-slip coating.

The floor in the bathroom in the Khrushchev

Select plumbing

second crucial moment in the repair of the bathroom - the selection of plumbing.Given the small size of the premises, it is necessary to opt for a compact and practical models.

The bathroom is better to replace the shower.

Bathroom in the Khrushchev

If you are not willing to make such sacrifices, then the best option would be a corner bath.

Remember that even small models can be equipped with bath hydromassage.

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Bathroom in the Khrushchev

can set ordinary rectangular model, closing her false panels with removable elements.Thus, it is possible to use the area under the tub for storing detergents and cans.

rim, tiled, will serve as a shelf for shampoo and gels.

Shelf made ​​of ceramic tile

Conch best choice without footboard. «tulip» Model only take up valuable space under the washbasin.For wall mounting method can be placed underneath the shelf storage, or washing machine.Not a bad option - a corner wash basin with pedestal, especially if the shell - type applicator.It can be positioned slightly angled shelves above the bathtub.

looks light and airy glass sink, though it costs a bit more expensive than usual.

Glass sink in the bathroom

toilet model is also better to choose a suspension. robust installation support the weight up to 200 kg, so there is no fear that the construction will collapse under the weight of a person.

To save space, you can arrange the necessary bathroom sink.

The shell above the bath

Shower with drain in the floor

excellent option in order to save space is a shower with a drain in the floor. Its main advantages: compactness, lack of high-sided (which is important for people with disabilities and senior citizens) and to minimize the risk of flooding the neighbors below.The only thing - the floor is lifted for a dozen centimeters, so you can install a drain trap.

Shower with drain in the bathroom floor Khrushchev

Hiding washing machine

main problem bathrooms Khrushchev - the location of the washing machine. Wrap her in the kitchen, too, does not make sense, because there is also a problem with a lack of space.Therefore, the best option is the hidden location of the washing machine.Of course, the technique of standard size - not quite suitable option.So you should pay attention to the model of a small depth.

Bathroom in the Khrushchev - hidden washing machine

The first option - it is the installation of attachments sink without running boards and installing the machine under the sink. Very comfortable and compact.In order not to suffer the bathroom design, you can make it a built-in cabinet.

Sink with washing machine

second option - installation of the machine on the podium. In this case, it is located above the toilet at eye level and closed false panels.

Washing machine above the toilet

Tips for creating

modern design to build a modern bathroom in a small area, you need to show considerable ingenuity.This room requires a rational arrangement of all necessary elements of modern technology and equipment.

To create a modern design in the bathroom in the Khrushchev is possible to resort to the use of compact models of toilets and sinks. Strict rectangular shapes plumbers look very attractive and extend the capabilities of storage.Due to false panels, or as they are called, the screens under the bath, you can hide unnecessary details, thus creating room for storage of various items underutilized.

Read more in our article about bath screens.They are very functional and would be effective in the organization of storage space in the bathroom.

Bathroom with trim panel

bathroom lighting is important, especially in the basin area.

Lighting in the bathroom in the Khrushchev

Proper use of mirrors and tile layout allows you to zone the room and visually expand the space.

Bathroom in the Khrushchev - the use of mirrors


room If you have a flexible mindset and skills game with color and shapes can fit everything you need, even a few square meters.For example, near the wall of the bathroom can be placed next to her, in front of the door to install a washbasin with integrated washing machine.To the left of the sink is mounted toilet and a free angle can be used as storage space for cosmetics, setting there corner cabinet.

If the space for direct bath is not enough, it is better to replace it with a corner model, or do a compact shower.

In the interior is better to buy nice towels, to create patterns on the wall, to come up with a decorative box or put a bright rug.

Accessories in the bathroom in the Khrushchev

locations and do not have enough, so do not clutter it with unnecessary details.

better to take care of stylish accessories such as soap dish, toothbrush holder, or unusual hooks for towels and sponges.

As you can see, even in a tiny bathroom Khrushchev can arrange everything you need. just need to carefully plan the location of each item and find the optimal model of sanitary ware.Proper use of color and mirrors also help visually expand the space.Bathroom design in Khrushchev should be easy and enjoyable.
I recommend you watch the video, there are many bathroom design ideas in the Khrushchev, who can take him on board.