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August 12, 2017 18:08

Board Formwork - laying the foundation properly

to the board formwork

Requirements For any construction are always needed monolithic concrete structures, so you can not do without formwork.For several centuries for the construction of such structures using wooden formwork.It has established itself well enough to work, and the only drawback is considered to be the inability to use its elements in the future for other jobs.

wooden formwork device is not so high-tech, you only need to follow some rules if its manufacture:

  • thickness Formwork boards must be from twenty millimeters, width - up to two hundred millimeters;
  • one side to be planed, namely the one that is in contact with the solution;this condition is mandatory;
  • Humidity of boards should be at least 25 percent dry before using liberally moistened with water.

Things to Remember when mounting the wooden formwork?From

prepared boards need to put together the required size boards.To connect them use special wooden blocks or scrap from the same boards that go into the creation of these boards.These bars are nailed at a distance of 0.5-1 m from each other, depending on the expected load, ie on the amount of the filling solution.

Particular attention should be paid to the nails, their length is chosen in view of the fact that they could bend and bend the length should not be less than ten millimeters.The best option when a nail is hammered from the inside to the outside formwork.

When assembled rectangular strip foundation, the board formwork foundation take the thickness from 40 to 50 centimeters.Inside the board fixed struts outside - sticks, which are hammered directly into the ground, very close to the boards, receiving a lot of pressure solution.

If there is a need for manufacturing a higher foundation, more than twenty centimeters, then use special panels, the position of which is fixed and similar boards.

A few practical tips

If the decision is that of a board to do the formwork, made, for the manufacture of boards need to pay special attention.They are slipping so that the length of each of them was more than twenty-five millimeters of the side on which it is installed to have an opportunity to bond them L-shaped manner.

When installing boards need to use nails, and in any case, not screws.The nail is bent, whereas the screw may pop out under the pressure of a large mass of the solution.Eaves formwork can then be used for what some rough work, and if you try to leave it clean.

Which board do the formwork depends on technical specifications, developed specifically for a particular configuration of the foundation.But to do this job, you should consider a few things:

  • Firstly, any formwork is mounted on the ground, pre-clearing it from all kinds of garbage.
  • Second, the surface must be perfectly smooth, without pits and mounds, without any possibility to drawdown.
  • Third, form panels to be connected very tight.

device wooden formwork is high quality, if you carefully check the correct installation of the level and plumb.Once the foundation is ready, the dismantled boards must be cleaned of adhering concrete scrapers and brushes of wire.