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August 12, 2017 18:07

What are the wiring faults and how to fix them ?

electric shock, or the second dangerous situation - - fire
an accident may occur as a result of a malfunction of wiring in the apartment.To avoid these two dangerous situations, you need to know how to find the electrical malfunction and eliminate them.Below we look at the main causes of failure of home wiring, and troubleshooting your own hands.

  • causes of accidents
  • What are the failure and what that means?
  • measures to prevent danger

causes of accidents

So the first and most fundamental reason for failure electricians - the desire to save on materials.Specially selected a small section of the cable (as it will cost less) and cheap Chinese accessories, installation by non-professionals.All this leads to the fact that after a short time in the flats fires occur.

Rosette melted photo

The second reason is the old wiring.As a general rule, replace the cable line in the apartment and a private home is carried out once every 10-15 years.During this time, most of the compounds in the distribution boxes are weakened, cable insulation breaks down, resulting in a light and disappears.In addition, before the rate of energy consumption was much smaller, and therefore there was a small section of the cable.Now, with the advent of powerful electric stoves and boilers cross section must be at least 4 mm.kv., in connection with which old wiring is not capable of withstanding such load current.

Obsolete Electronics

third reason - the wrong wiring.Even if you only spent wiring, it may already be out of whack.This is due to the fact that were incorrectly executed wire connection, cable cross-section selected in error (worse if too small) or conductor insulation has been damaged during installation.As a result - current leakage, ignition wiring, failure of appliances, etc.

Damage to insulation

Improper use.It so happens that the wiring is new, but because of the fact that the owners are careless about it, there are all sorts of electrical faults in the house or apartment.For example, pulling the plug out of the socket leads to a situation where the socket falls out of the wall.Much worse, when there is mechanical damage to the cables in the wall when driving in of nails (if you decide to hang a picture) or drilling holes for mounting the TV.

Rosette fell

addition to the reasons wiring fault can be attributed flooded apartment neighbors above, corrosion of wires (often in place of the aluminum compound with copper), as well as the failure of the appliances.Regarding the latter, for example, very often a washing machine has a current in the breakdown of the heating element (PETN).

What are the failure and what that means?

When listing the reasons we have a little touched kinds of electrical damage, but only in general.Now we have a closer look at possible faults of wiring in the apartment and the house, leaving them in a list:

  1. insulation damage, mostly mechanical.As a result, there is a leakage current, and if not installed RCD panel, electric shock can not be avoided.Repair the damage, you can use restore the integrity of the insulation or replacing the damaged area.
  2. damage the conductors.Also, due to mechanical impact as a result of careless installation or repair work.Aluminum wires are very fragile, so twist them or tighten the screw connection must be carefully, otherwise they will break and lost power.
  3. melt the insulation of wiring due to overheating, which in turn arises because of incorrectly chosen section lived or poor contact in the stranding.This fault may cause a short circuit and a fire in the apartment.Eliminate the fault can only be a complete replacement of the cable with a more powerful (if the reason is a small cross-section).Unreliable twisting better to replace a connection terminal WAGO.
  4. Failure of household appliances.If electrical shocks or beating them to hear the smell of burning, urgent need to disconnect them from the network, and start troubleshooting.Otherwise, it may occur an electric shock or fire wiring in the apartment.For information on how to repair household appliances with their hands we tell in the relevant section.
  5. Poor contact in the twisting, as well as in the field wiring connections to the machines, lamps, sockets, etc.Due to poor contact arises heating conductors, melt the insulation and as a consequence - ignition wiring.Eliminate the fault can periodically check all connections and pulling clamp.
  6. Failure of sockets and switches.Each has its own electrical product lifetime, which is typically less than 10 years (usually 6).If the outlet is old, its contacts are likely to have eased, and when you connect the plug overheating can occur, because of which there is a fire in the apartment.With the old switch is not so scary, because due to the wear mechanism of a circuit breaker stops working (light not included).For information on how to repair the light switch, we are told in the corresponding article.About repair outlets can also find a lot of information.
  7. burning-off of the neutral conductor in the panel.Very dangerous wiring fault, which caused crashes electronics in the house, and there is a risk of human shock.Repair the damage can only restore contacts, but you can prevent the danger of setting the relay control voltage in the house or apartment.

also recommend reviewing the helpful video on how to find a short circuit in the wiring:

fault Search in electrical

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It's the most common wiring faults.The last thing I would like to tell - how to prevent the emergence of problems with the electrician.

measures to prevent danger

The first and the most effective way - to set the panel a special protective device.For example, the RCD will help in time to prevent leakage current in the apartment, the circuit-breaker - a short-circuit and over-voltage, voltage monitoring relays - the emergence of two phases in the power outlet, as well as overvoltage.

Automation in the housing panel

next thing you need to take care of - at least once a year (preferably six months) to do an audit of the wiring.This will allow time to detect a bad contact, cable damage or overheating of the conductors.This could also make assessment of the old wiring.It is necessary to be aware of when it is better to replace the entire home electrical outlet.Do not forget about the main signs of electrical problems - cod, sparking plugs, burning smell.If any of these symptoms show themselves, should immediately proceed to the breaking surf.

pulling contacts

And finally - during repair Observe safety.Before you hang the TV on the wall, determine where the internal wiring to accidentally it does not fall when drilling.For information on how to find a wire in the wall, we were told in the corresponding article.In addition, do not forget that joining aluminum to copper is necessary only with the help of special terminal blocks, and perform wiring permitted only at full power outage.

Search wires in the wall

Here we examined the possible wiring faults in the apartment and a private home.Hopefully, the article was useful and interesting for you!