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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to choose the color of the baseboard

How to choose the color of the baseboard floor

Let's see, what is usually selected the color of the baseboard to the floor.You have in mind has already been answered?Of course, you're right - he gets to the tone of the floor covering.It is this version we look at first, but, as though it may sound strange - is not the only option.

to color the floor

In our modern world of color selection border to the floor - this is one of the easiest tasks.In the arsenal of any company-producer is, as a rule, from 20 to 50 shades, which allows, indeed, from the soul to roam.You can select a border color tone identical to the flooring, or to play on the contrast, using a card combined shades that you can easily find on the Internet.

Choosing plinth, contrast the tone of your floor, will allow you to highlight and emphasize your interior.This option is ideal for special and extravagant accents fans, he is still not very popular in Russia, so you can surprise your friends and show them, for sure, a contagious example.

How to choose the color of the baseboard

How to choose the color of the baseboard

to color doors

color selection border to the interior doors are often used in the decoration.In this embodiment, the plinth is a logical continuation of the door and successfully emphasizes the geometry of the room.It is worth noting the floor tone, furniture and other details of the design solution, in this case, may be radically different, which makes the only highlight of the interior.

to the color of the walls

This is one of the classic options of selection.In this case, everything is very simple: if the color of your walls monophonic - pick the most intimate tone curb, if the color or wallpaper with a pattern - match colors to the basic shade of the walls.Choosing this option solutions, you remain 100% th win as your interior, in any case, will look harmonious and stylish.

How to choose the color of the baseboard

How to choose the color of the baseboard

mosaic plinth

If you choose the color of skirting difficult enough, or you want something really unusual and non-standard, this paragraph - for you.Basically mosaic curbs are a few pale and well combined with each other colors, you can pick up in color as the floor and the ceiling or walls.Do not forget the combination of colors.

How to choose the color of the baseboard to ceiling

We talked about how to choose a border for the floor, let's take the above.The selection of a plinth for the ceiling, we would advise to put less experimentation and stick to the basic rules in order to avoid, for example, a visual distortion of the room space.

White skirting

classic white border ideal for ceiling light, but also goes well with most existing shades.It is visually raise the ceiling, making the room more spacious and brighter.

How to choose the color of the baseboard

How to choose the color of the baseboard

wide plinth under tone walls

This type is suitable for bedrooms and other areas, the atmosphere in which implies a close and intimate atmosphere.Wide curb tone wall coverings reduce the ceiling, visually lower it and make the room more comfortable, but small.

decorative moldings contrasting color

If you still want contrasting accents and height of the room allows you to use them - experiment.The bright interior is very impressive it will look dark ceiling border, but remember the main rule: the color must be combined with the color of the floor or other design elements.It is not necessary to enter into the interior too many different shades - may get a bad combination.