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August 12, 2017 18:08

Decorating the house siding

main advantages of registration siding

house Today home siding trim deservedly occupies a leading position among other ways.First - this is a beautiful and modern design, and secondly - the simplicity and accessibility of installation works, thirdly - excellent performance (environmental safety, fire resistance, durability, resistance to large temperature changes and aggressive environments).Fourth - a small weight, so there is no need for additional settling of the foundation.Fifth, the exterior finishing home siding can be done by hand.

Installation of siding

If you decide to make the finish siding house with his own hands, it is necessary to take into account certain factors and follow a certain order of operations.For such installation work, you must prepare the following tools:

Decorating the house siding

  1. scaffolding or a ladder
  2. Roulette, level and construction area
  3. Punch
  4. Hacksaw and metal cutting shears
  5. Hammer
  6. screwdriver
  7. pliers
  8. Screws and nails

Before starting work, you need to carefully calculate all and deliver the required amount of materials to the site.The work should start with the preparation of walls and crates.Its rails are mounted in steps of 30 cm to 40 cm. Decorating the house siding is made outside both horizontally and vertically.

Simultaneously with the establishment of crates generally cover additional wall insulation, such as foam or mineral wool insulation.

Installation start producing with the initial installation of the strip on the perimeter of the house.Keep in mind that carrying out home decoration vinyl siding is necessary to consider his property as the thermal expansion-contraction, so the installation is necessary to leave a gap, thickness 5 - 6 mm.between the corners, parts of fittings, socket strip and J-bars.If the installation is in a cold season, when temperatures (down to -10 degrees Celsius), the gap should be about 10 mm.

Important: nails need to score strictly at an angle of 90 degrees, to prevent their curvature (even one), do not hammer nails up to the cap - leave a gap of about 1.5 mm, attach the vinyl siding is very close to the crate.

Installation of siding

After installation, launch the installation panel is made all the other bands for that fix the panel is connected with a starting (or lower) and push until it clicks into the lock, and then beat her.

When installing the wiring, casings, shutters and other details necessary to drill a hole diameter should be 5 mm larger than the diameter of the fastener.To close the panel end edges, set the outer corner, and around window and door openings J-bar.If the capacity required length panels, then it is carried out with a special profile (H-molding).

Decorating the house siding is an excellent and fairly economical solution, by which any building can be put to a modern appearance and significantly improve its performance properties.