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August 12, 2017 18:07

Ventilation in the bathroom - how to deal with the humidity ?

essence of ventilation in a building

In each house, each apartment has a special ventilation holes that allow you to not only maintain the normal composition of air, and quickly clean up the room odors, particles of steam and gas combustion residues.

Home Builders task - ventilation design, which allows to maintain the normal humidity in the room where it is constantly used hot water.It so happens that architects planned ventilation systems do not cope with the task, in this case it is necessary to seek help from professionals.

Typically, homes used natural ventilation system.The fact that the structure of the ventilation pipe allows you to display the outside air due to the temperature difference outside and inside the house, as well as due to atmospheric pressure.

ventilation grille can be often seen in the bathroom and the toilet, because these places need quality outflow of air.The ventilation gets water vapor, odors, substances produced as a result of a gas stove.The bathroom and toilet humidity always remains elevated.

To answer the question, how to make the ventilation in the bathroom, it is not necessary to be an expert in the field of construction.Do not allow long contact walls or other surfaces with steam, all of which can lead to corrosion and the appearance of mold.

Just look how often after taking a shower on the mirror fogging formed to check the quality of the natural ventilation.

How to fix the problem of poorly ventilated?

quality ventilation in the bathroom and toilet - secured a comfortable life in an apartment.As a rule, the house has a shaft through which the air comes out, approaches to it branched into the kitchen and the bathroom.If drawing power is not enough, you can try to solve the problem.Currently, there are three effective options.

first requires the cost to pay for the work of engineers, they expect the aerodynamics of the apartment and recommend to hold a particular repair.Another option, which allows for a long time to solve all the problems of the whole apartment air conditioning - Installation of a unified system of climate regulation.

If a person is not willing to spend large sums of money, you can spend installation of ventilation in the bathroom on their own, strictly observing the instructions.First of all, at the stage of preparation is necessary to release the hood from the grid, clean it by removing any excess dust, dirt and cobwebs.As a rule, craftsmen put on the hood fan, which helps to quickly remove unwanted air is saturated with moisture.

Forced ventilation in the bathroom - making options

The most important step in the whole process of installing and creating the ventilation bathroom - right choice fan.Going to the pro shop, an untrained person can get lost, but you need not be afraid of difficulties, the practice shows that to meet the challenge can be anyone.

fan powered by the switch starts to operate as soon as the bathroom light is turned on.There are also variants of the fan for the bathroom, equipped with a real clock.Asking work time, the landlord can set up the device as you wish.

To install forced ventilation in the bathroom, you need to hole that done for natural ventilation, insert you bought a fan.His body, along with the engine must hide inside, so keep in mind when buying the hole perimeter.

After installing the device inside you have to close the grille and pull the wiring out of the bathroom or toilet.There she was imprisoned in the circuit with the switch, if you decide to use this option activated, which is very convenient for the toilet in particular.

But there is a caveat when connected directly to the switch, cut the wires from the fan in the overall chain need to transformer which changes the voltage for special malovoltnyh lamps, of course, if there is one in your apartment.

Ticker timer will be useful for the kitchen, with activation through switch - Toilet, with humidity sensor - for a bath.In the latter case, make sure that the fan and wiring were well protected against splashes.

Such installation of ventilation in the bathroom should be in accordance with all the requirements of manufacturers.This option will appeal to those who are well versed in the connected devices.If a person does not have any skills in such a situation, it is best to use for this installation of ventilation.

In fact, you need to take two not too wide of the duct (the pipe), a special filter, located inside the system, and tools for installation.Before you get started, you need to consult with professional builders, they help to determine the best place to create new openings.