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August 12, 2017 18:07

Glass shower - convenient and practical barrier

glass for the shower - what is attractive?

Today it is the most popular partition.This is due to fashion trends, practicality and reliability.In addition, they give the interior bathroom lightness and weightlessness.

as dampers used glass shower partitions, which perform three main functions:

  • delineation of space in the bathroom;
  • prevent spraying water while swimming;
  • they close bathing, which is important in common bathrooms.

Shower enclosures glass divided into two groups: the frame and frameless. Frameless fencing because of its devices become virtually invisible. This creates more space in the bathroom.They are round and straight shapes, and are made of tempered glass.

To install these fences are needed most smooth lines of the ceiling and walls.It provides a free sliding sashes.But

frame guards are in great demand.The base is made of metal, plastic or aluminum.She then chrome plated and covered with a rust inhibitor.The valves and the walls are made of tempered glass, which are transparent and frosted, patterned and colored.Compared with the plastic glass for a long time it remains in excellent condition.

Choosing shower partitions

can consider and mechanics, according to the method of opening the partition are: sliding and swing.Swing shower curtains for may consist of one and two wings.Therefore they need more space.

sliding fences are either 2 or 4-leaf or 3-and 6-leaf.Between them they hold due to the magnetic rubber tape.Keep in mind that the larger flaps, the frame safer but less space inside.To open and close it with the help of rollers.

to select fencing for the bathroom, it is necessary to evaluate all its positive properties.Produce them from Plexiglas or tempered glass.When choosing a glass shower, you need to pay attention to the fact that it is coated with antiplakovym.Then, this partition is not sensitive to water quality and is strong enough.

To date, such glasses made in different versions: transparent, colored, frosted or patterned, it can also be straight and curved.Himself, of course, it is difficult to determine whether antiplakovogo coating, so you need to seek help from a store sellers, where you are going to buy glass.

How to install glass for the bathroom?

To install the glass for the bathroom, you must first check the wall.They must be smooth in the attachment point, unevenness of a floor -. Not more than 1 cm to 1 m for installation must first fix the wall profile.It needs to stand upright against the wall and mark the place for drilling.

Then in these places need to penetrate the top layer of tiles.This should be done very carefully so as not be damaged enamel.Further, the identified locations drilled hole depth, appropriate to the size of dowels.Do not use an impact drill function, because there is the risk to split the tile.

then these holes are hammered dowels, screwed on the wall profile.First, set the fixed wall fences, fixed glass hinges.The screws should be screwed carefully so as not to pinch the glass, because it may result in the burst.Then it is necessary to hang the door guards, after which they should be finely adjusted.When you close the seal must fit snugly to the pallet.