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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to apply the plaster - do not rush to say that you know everything !

What should be plastered and prepare for that tool?

to carry out preparatory work on leveling the surface before the final (finishing) stage of finishing special formulations are often used are called fillers.These compounds are used for sealing of small irregularities, cracks and other defects finish, and are very important for quality appearance.In fact, they are the layer that is applied to a facial treatment: wallpaper, paint, varnish and so on.

Depending on the purpose and types of fillings, divided into compositions for interior applications and for outdoor applications.Fillers can be purchased as a dry mixture or set of components.To prepare the working composition is necessary to add water or mix the components according to the manufacturer's instructions on how to use putty.Very often, manufacturers offer a variety of fillings in the form of ready-to-use pastopodobnoy mixture.

In addition, you can easily prepare their own recipes for a lot of kinds of fillers, using various types of adhesives, paints, polyester resins, cement, gypsum, chalk, soap and other components.

Apply putty properly

As is clear, as the basis for putty can be used gypsum or cement, widely used fillers based polymer compositions.This will determine how to apply putty.Thus, according to the manufacturer's recommendations reducible to prepare surfaces for subsequent wallpapering better use of cement-filling, and for better quality color surface putty plaster or polymer compositions.

quality based flooring compositions have good adhesion, are easy to use, can be used on a fairly wide range of materials.Since the main purpose of the compositions is the alignment of the application is carried out fairly thin layer, providing high efficiency of their use.

Depending on the composition, applying putty technology may involve the use of a variety of spatulas (metal, plastic) or permit the use of special nozzles.

So how to use filler?Its application is carried out by various methods, a thicker layer is embedded in the ground, and damage to the thin edges mandatory considering the subsequent grinding.The first layer is applied along the long side surface in parallel strips.The next layer lies perpendicular sure screed movements.

necessary to carefully align any spatter and irregularities on the surface be sealed.Since consumption is reduced filler, and after drying it easier to achieve an ideal flatness grinding for subsequent painting, gluing, etc.

accompanying surgery for putty

When carrying out surface finishing putty is though an important, but still preparatory operation.If we imagine a master class on plastered walls, its implementation is preceded by a thorough preparatory work for surface cleaning and degreasing various compositions, depending on the base material.

Incidentally, the degreasing may be performed, for example, with a copper sulfate solution (in preparation for painting with water compositions) or acetone (when preparing automobile wing) it depends on what material the surface.

Next - cutting cracks and defects, the initial priming and partial Shpatlevanie.If necessary, the next step is once again applying the primer, such an operation can be carried out repeatedly, including already done before layer fillings.

After drying, grinding compositions performed to remove small defects, and in complex cases and held a new cycle of the finer works on priming and spackling if necessary.So gradually the surface is displayed on the required level of "purity" for final processing.