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August 12, 2017 18:06

Narrow Window : photo , design options

curtains, as well as other accessories in the room, give the interior a finished look, emphasize design features complement the overall impression of the dwelling.Ideally matched curtains can not only beautify the window, but also visually neutralize certain drawbacks, for example, too long and narrow shape of window openings.On peculiarities of design of narrow windows will be discussed later.


rules and subtleties of decorating narrow windows

Windows this configuration have two significant disadvantages: they are visually narrow space of the room and reduce the amount of light entering the room.When making narrow windows must comply with certain rules:

  1. visually expand the window, you can use the cornice.For this construction must be chosen whose width will be at least 50 cm than the width of the window.In accordance with the size of the eaves and curtains must be chosen.In the open form of the curtain will be against the wall, and the glazed part remains fully nezashtorennoy.This will create a wider window, the light will penetrate into the room in a maximum amount.hang curtains with horizontal ornament:
  2. interesting technique can be used in rooms with long, narrow windows and high ceilings.Drawing such a plan will expand the window, but to resort to such a method in rooms with low ceilings is not recommended.
  3. low-lying window can be decorated lambrequins which hides the extra space above the window.Another way to decorate a window - lock ledge almost at the ceiling and hang on it long curtains to the floor.
  4. large area of ​​the room with high ceilings and narrow tall windows sometimes look very uncomfortable.To bring in such premises a piece of comfort, you can play with the curtains.The curtains of bright colors with beautiful large prints in this situation would look very appropriate.Note that the curtains of this type, it is desirable to cut out to fit the window, as many folds hide pictures on canvas.
  5. Sometimes the central focus of the room is the window itself.It may be an unusual frame, beautiful glass or stained glass with a pattern, originally finished slopes.These window curtains to hide in any case impossible.It is best to pick up a light transparent curtains, but when it comes to the bedroom, where it will be difficult to relax in bright light, you can use blinds.When there is no need in the dim light, such blinds are raised and tucked away in an elegant box.
  6. color curtains when decorating windows plays an important role.Fabrics made to select those that will match the style of the room and overlap with its colors.Fortunately look curtains, matched in tone shades, cushions, tablecloths and other accessories.Curtains is important to pick up so that they are not merged by the shade from the walls.In addition, if the walls in the room plain, it is better to give preference to curtains with a pattern, and if there ornaments on the walls, more advantageous in the interior will look curtains without prints.


design ideas narrow window

Design narrow window only then will look appropriate if it will echo the style of the interior space.Consider some ideas decorating narrow windows:

  1. For rooms, decorated in a classic style, it is necessary to select the appropriate curtains at the windows.Strict classical curtains have characteristic features.This should include a rectangular shape, the sliding type and length curtains, which must reach the floor.The classic style is acceptable to use a very long curtains that do not just touch the floor, but also partly fall on him.In such an interior looks different appropriate accessories such as swags, flounces, grabs etc.
  2. windows, decorated in the Italian style, easily fit into any design, from classical to hi-tech.This versatile decor was formed a long time ago, in the days of the Roman Empire, and to this day he has not lost relevance.Italian style has its own distinctive features, most of which - it is perfectly aligned warehouses at the top of the curtains.Dense Italian curtains effectively protect the room from the bright sun, and will look great in any interior.
  3. Austrian blinds in vogue in the 18th century and is still very popular in modern homes.The second title of the curtains - pinking curtains, their distinguishing feature is the luxury horizontal folds, giving the canvas embossed wavy surface.The design of such narrow windows curtains will look appropriate, in addition, they can be combined with long straight curtains to the floor.Austrian blinds look lush and rich, so the minimalist interiors, they are unlikely to find their way.

original ways of decorating the windows

Make room window highlight a variety of ways, and not always the curtains will play a leading role.Consider the unusual ideas that will help identify bottlenecks of the window and turn them into the main interior accent:

  1. Curtains with contrast lining looks very original, in addition, a similar technique has practical value, as it allows to obscure the window and almost completely cut off the daylight.To make lined curtains, pick two contrasting material.Shades of them should go well with each other, one of the fabrics can have the effect of black out, reflecting the light of day.Decide which side of the curtain will be facing into the room, and what - to the window.Place curtains in such a way that the lining slightly peeking out from under the front matter.
  2. Select box, you can use unusual cornice.For this example, you can paint it in any bright color.Find in selling a similar ledge pretty hard, because few dare to such experiments, but you can buy a paint brand of any shade, and perform the work personally.Color cornice necessarily coincide with any part of the room, but not with curtains.With the curtains, on the contrary, the eaves shade should contrast as much as possible.
  3. curtains Fastening can also be original, especially if you use a metal cornice.Elements which will be fixed on a curtain can be made of leather, fabric, wood, plastic, glass, etc.All of these details can be found in specialized shops.
  4. game with contrasting fabrics will also help bring to the interior a touch of freshness and originality.These curtains can be made to order or sew yourself.This process is quite complicated.First, measure the window and calculate how much fabric you may need for sewing curtains.Divide the figure into two unequal parts.For example, for a 10-meter high curtains will need 3 meters of fabric of the same color and material contrast of 7 meters.Fabrics can be chosen from one collection - so they will look particularly harmonious.But in shade, they should be different from each other.
  5. any accessories for textiles, if they choose with taste is underlined not only the beauty of the windows and curtains, but also the interior of the room.Accessories can be purchased at specialty stores or make to order.
  6. In the design of narrow windows looked conveniently curtains made of horizontal strips.Such work requires not only great taste, but also the ability, as fabrics for sewing should be combined in density, structure, composition, special care etc.
  7. narrow window in the room with a high ceiling can be decorated lambrequins which play and practical and decorative roles.Pelmet curtains should be combined with the color and type of material.If you want to use a similar item, please note that the window of this design is appropriate in many, but not all interior styles.For example, for high-tech style, avant-garde, constructivism, minimalism, Contemporary and some other window of this type is not suitable.

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