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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to fix a door in the house

Repair plastic doors

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To easily get to the causes of failure and eliminate it, prepare the proper size Allen wrench and a Phillips screwdriver average.Do not be redundant oiler with lubricating composition and the solvent is WD-40.

definition of the type of fault

Even if the door is simply not close, the reasons could be several: came loose bottom or top mount, the very skewed door, broken handle or lock.Each of these causes requires a different approach and solutions.Tighten and lubricate the upper and lower loops can absolutely anyone, and the same with the replacement pen.Replacing the lock is possible for a person who either already carried out similar work, or is familiar with the technical difficulty.But if the problem is covered in a bending of glass doors plastic construction, fix it without the involvement of a specialist in a dignified manner is unlikely to succeed.

Step 2 Replacing door handle

One of the most common and the easiest to repair damage plastic door handle is a fault.She can crack and just come into disrepair due to wear.The handle shall be replaced only, it can not be repaired.To remove it from the web you need to move the plate in the bottom of the handle, revealing two bolts.After loosening the screws can be removed from the handle holes and put in its place a new one.At the end put in place a decorative plate.

Note!Purchase accessories for replacement is the same firm that the entire door.It will long service life and an adequate job handle and lock all doors.

Step 3 Return the handle to its original position

Sometimes there is a situation that the door handle is rotated in the moment when the door remains open, and it is impossible to return it to its original position.The solution is surprisingly simple: plastic door designs on such case the alarm reset is provided.Below is a lock mechanism metal tab located.If you click on it, then return the handle to its original position.

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Step 4 Removal of permanent rotation of the handle

If the problem is systematic, then the reason for this may be a different strain of the window frame, which could occur due to temperature changes or wear mechanism.The handle is not returned to its original position due to the fact that the tongue is not in contact with the mating plate mechanism.In this case, the plate must be released and to put a pad thickness of 2-3 mm.It will reimburse part of the deformed and return mechanism in working condition.

Step 5 Problem difficulty turning the handle

case that the handle plastic door begins to turn bad.At the same time in order to open or close the door efforts should be made a little more than usual.The most common reason is dry lubricant on the mechanism of the lock.The first thing you need to produce lubrication of all moving parts, using WD-40.If, after this failure persists, the matter may be sagging doors.To eliminate sagging, you must remove all decorative tips on fixing elements and try to adjust the position of the door by yourself, but it would be better to refer to specialists.

Step 6 Eliminating blowing

often happens is a situation that in the winter time felt a whiff of cold air through a closed window or door.This may be due to the fact that not enough termouplotnitel tightly to the frame.In this case, it is possible to further pressing of the key.To do this, find the frame moving objects under the Allen key.With the help of clamps can adjust the density of the gasket to the frame.Tighten the knob to the desired position and you close the door.Do not forget that in the summer, these elements need to be a little relaxed.

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Repair conventional doors

Besides plastic doors doors made of wood can be used in residential areas, plywood and other materials.The design of door products is simpler than that of webs of plastic.But in the repair of these products has its own characteristics.

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Step 1 Repair door hinges

If wooden door does not work well, then, first of all, you need to check the hinges.Check the need for it, there are no loosening of screws.If they are, then they should tighten firmly.Most deformed or rusted should be replaced with new ones.Also, to strengthen the hinge on the door frame can be screwed screws, smeared with white glue.Additional attachments can also be achieved by screwing the longer screws in place of the old.

Step 2 Elimination jamming doors

If interior wooden door is jammed at the top, it is likely the case in the upper bar of the box.To do this, remove the handle bar and a chisel sticking place.It refers to the removal of interfering pieces of wood.After this test is to make the door closing.If the jam has disappeared, the result is achieved.If not - it is worth re-produce the work.

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Step 3 Offset closing strap

Sometimes there is a situation that the lock latch moves and begins to scratch the door frame.To do this, you must move the closing bar a short distance.If the offset is too large, it is necessary to treat the surface in contact with a file or needle files.

Step 4 Getting rid of squeaking

This type of repair is probably the easiest.You just put a small prop under the door and drop to shed a certain amount of grease.Then creaking will disappear, and the door will operate as usual.

Step 5 Removing the arbitrary closing or opening

If she opens the door, it is necessary to put a spacer under the upper canopy.If that's the self-closing, the gasket need to enclose a lower canopy.