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Bath And Sauna

August 12, 2017 18:07

The sheathing bath outside: 27 photo

bath sheathe tree: Photo

Calibrated board - block house - will simulate a real log cabin, what it does very well.

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Cutting board also looks quite organically, but may not serve as a finishing trim.It should be treated with lacquer or protective oils.



Unedged board just seems cheap planed material with decorative doubtful.If it is correct to beat, the unique appearance of the bath is guaranteed.



Wooden wall paneling - finished finishing material.The cost varies depending on the wood species, but the installation is quick and easy.




Imitation timber.If for some reason the room is not built of timber, but it is this kind she would like to make imitation of such finishes - what you need.

Plaster "coat" in finishing baths: photo options

Textured plaster - great design baths.Formulations for exterior finish cold-resistant, durable and reliable.In addition, they can be repeatedly repainted periodically refreshing the look of the building.

Less plaster - her big weight, so this method is not suitable for light frame baths on a weak foundation.Plus, should take into account the strength of the walls, that they are not led by a solid finish.

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painting on the walls of the bath on the photo

painting - an unconventional solution, though it can be done in the best traditions, and in the spirit of modern times.Moreover, national motives should be applied to pre-painted smooth plaster, but modern solutions such restrictions do not.

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Decorative bricks for the decoration of baths: photo

Clinker brick will not only beautify the building, but also to strengthen the walls and, if necessary, insulate them.It can also be used as the primary finishing bath and as a decoration in addition to the other combine material (eg plaster).

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Metal profile for plating baths: photos

Most people think metal is not the most suitable material for finishing baths, but, first, there is no accounting for tastes, and secondly, it can bedictated by practical purposes, and, thirdly, modern metalloprofilny sheet can be painted in different colors, and have a polymeric plating treatment against corrosion.Sometimes it is not immediately possible to guess that this metal in front of you.

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polymeric siding in the finishing bath in the photo

One of the most popular to date materials for covering homes, temporary housing, saunas, sheds, garages, huts, sheds, and other household and industrial buildings weWe left for dessert.

The fact is that today there is a huge mass of variants polymeric siding - different colors and shapes, the different structural performance, simulating a variety of materials.You can choose plastic panels "under the framework", can be "under the bar" or even something abstract.In general, business owners taste.

It is worth noting that even a fairly inexpensive siding is durable in use, and the material well, secondary and higher price categories and all will be for very long.

Plus, installation saydingovyh panels is very simple, the power of even the layman, and the material will protect the building and allows to hide the heaters and communication.

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