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August 12, 2017 18:05

Rockwool Insulation

Insulation Rockwool (Rockwool) - modern high-tech material made in accordance with the most advanced technology.insulation quality is very high and they deserve a better assessment.


  1. What is Rockwool insulation?
  2. Specifications Rockwool
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What is Rockwool insulation?

material exceeds its analogues in many ways.Despite this, Rockwool insulation naturally occurring silicic has a molecular structure.It should be borne in mind that the material can be used even in those cases when it comes to buildings such as hospitals, maternity hospitals and kindergartens.All this is because we are dealing with a safe and environmentally friendly insulation.

technology is often called basalt insulation Rockwool stone wool, because production takes place on the principle of solidification of rocks after an eruption of the volcano.In fact - as a result of rock ore smelting process at a high temperature after cooling becomes necessary properties.Cause and speak boldly about environmental cleanliness.Structure - fiber.The durability is very high, the service life is practically unlimited, possible re-use, but in practice it is extremely rare because of the difficulty of dismantling wool.

main advantage of mineral insulation Rockwool is that it provides the right dual protection: firstly, it is heat-saving effect;secondly, soundproofing.It should be noted that the level of external noise is reduced many times over.The room is always quiet and cozy.As evidenced by the positive feedback about this article.With the high level of noise inside the room (if, for example, a music studio) will not be observed resonating walls as fiber insulator structure absorbs sound waves fully extinguishes them, not allowing the spread of vibration.Let us consider the advantages of the material on.

Specifications Rockwool

We give the main technical characteristics of insulation.As an example, choose one of the most popular products from Rockwool - Facade Butts.Of course, it should be understood that other subspecies have several options changed, but the spread is not significant.So:

  • density - 145 kg / m3;
  • thermal conductivity (λ25 / λA / λB) - 0.037 / 0.042 / 0.045 W / m · K;
  • compressive strength (10% strain) - 45 kPa;
  • peel strength - 15 kPa;
  • vapor permeability - 0.3 mg / m · h · Pa.


first positive feature can define a high fire safety.Logically, a silicon-based material is not flammable.Of course, this is a very important criterion for the insulation, as former heaters were the cause of many fires that could not be stopped because the insulation is always located in the spaces - in the most remote places.Further, when burning rockwool simply melted (at achievement of ultrahigh temperature 1100 ° C and above), and above all - do not release toxic substances and carbon monoxide.In general, this wool does not have the odor that is also a great moment.

Durability insulation Rockwool, as in the photo, is achieved by the fiber material have a specific shape, as if they sprung.This allows you to not experience significant deformation.Experts often say high durability, safety.The material does not lose the properties for a long time.I should add that Rockwool prevents the penetration of moisture through and inward, which suggests that it is not required to use an additional waterproofing.Of course, it is not subject to degradation by biological aggressors.The thickness is not infest insects, possible occurrence of mold, rot and so forth.

also advantages include relatively low cost insulation Rockwool.It is much more profitable to use this material, since the price-performance ratio at the height here.The disadvantages are practically no, the only thing that can be said - the material requires careful treatment and storage.Installation must be carried out carefully, it is desirable to be invited to this professional employee, since only in this case, you can ensure that your home will be protected from the cold quality and background noise.