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August 12, 2017 18:07

The requirements for the panel mounting units sandwiches

Preparations before mounting sandwich panels

installation determines the reliability of the entire structure of the building.It is important to use a high-quality construction materials, professional equipment and wield it necessary to follow the standard fasteners.

The structure of the sandwich panels

StroyInstrument need the following:

  • Electric drill;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Measuring level;
  • Fixing ties;
  • Plummet;
  • clamps;
  • Sawing with small teeth;
  • lifting device.

Components panel sandwiches

Building materials:

  • Panel sandwiches;
  • corners of metal;
  • profile section;
  • mineral wool;
  • Self-tapping screws with rubber sealing layer;
  • fixing anchors;
  • adhesive strip;
  • sealant made of silicone.

Inside the sandwich panels

function sandwiches - finishing the roof and walls of the building.A separate part of the house has features of mounting (wall panels are mounted in a vertical or horizontal position).Horizontal - the most common.Him and take a closer look.

Horizontal mounting sandwich panels

MOUNTS sandwich panel for wall construction begins with the bottom.For the cap is mounted horizontal strip - profile or metal bracket (1 mm thickness).Fixing takes place by anchors.Step - 50-60 centimeters for concrete, 50 cm - for wood.The rails need to prepare in advance opening.As the level of the mounting surface is checked (in order to avoid distortions).Between the cap, bar and sandwich panel fits sealant.

mount Technology

foundation of the building and separated sandwich insulating tape.As used mineral wool insulation 2 centimeters in width.
Frame racks are equipped with a sealing tape.It is attached in the center column on the principles of:

  • Intermediate column - 1 piece
  • Node sandwich - 2 pieces

Materials Wall sandwich

Sandwiches are mounted on guide rails so that they are intentionally pressed down sealing layer.In the process you want to use locking tie and lift.Ties are used per panel thickness:
- is used to capture a thickness of up to 10 centimeters in length and 6 meters.

final touches assembly of sandwich panels

mounting After all this work attachment is still a list of actions to perform:

  • Installation of metal skeletons going drilling screws.Early drilling is not required
  • wood-based foundation sandwich panels are installed with screws harvested zasverlovkoy
  • Concrete frame includes fastening thick dowels for concrete materials with zasverlovkoy.It is made with pre-attached panel mounting
  • Step - 30 centimeters.Number - 2 pieces per column separated by 100 centimeters in width panel sandwich
  • According to this scheme are mounted subsequent layers

Use only need high-quality branded panel

Nodes panel mount processed sealing strip (optionally with the use of mineral wool).Since
trim other walls, joints should first mount the panels.Then begin to overlap.

The appearance of the sandwich panels

For details, refer to the video in the next tab: